Yuma County, Colorado

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Yuma County Pioneer Photographs:

Cyrus T. and Edna M. (Cox) Muirheid, Guy and Grace(Richerson) Muirheid, Yuma

In 1900 Harrison County, Missouri, Edna - born Sept 1887 in Iowa, is with parents Charles 52, Jad N. 42, Fred 25, George 22, John 19, Arther 17, Logan 15, Millard 10, Nellie 7, and Glen eight months.
In 1900, Cyrus is also in Harrison County, born May 1884, with Frank P, 47, Amanda 44, Artie C. 14, Osmer H. 11, Guy A. born June 1891, Alta 6, and Nannie 2.
(Omer H. Muirheid 1888-1934 is buried in Cushing, Oklahoma # 59107028.)
(Artie Cordelia (Muirheid) Cox 1886-1979 is buried in Harrison COunty # 14886712.)

In 1910 Osage County, Oklahoma, Cyrus T. is 25, born in Missouri, Edna M. 21 Iowa, with Thelma O. 3 Missouri, Ethel B. 1 Oklahoma, and father Frank P. 55 Illinois.
In 1920 they're in Harrison County, Missouri, Cyrus 35, Edna M. 32, Thelma O. 13, Ethel B. 11, and Marcus 9.

October 13, 1927 Schramm items "Glen Cox and family are here from Utah visiting his siser Mrs. C.T. Muirheid this week."
In 1930 they're in Yuma County, with only Marcus.
November 2, 1933
January 17, 1957 "Mr. and Mrs. C.T. Muirheid moved recently to their home on South Cedar street in Yuma. Their son and family, Mr. and Mrs. Marcus Muirheid and children of La Salle have moved to the farm and the children, Terry Lee, Sharn, and Clayton have enrolled in the Yuma schools."

Edna Mae 1887-1958 is buried in Yuma
July 2, 1964

In 1940 Yuma County, Marcus D. is 29, Beulah 22, and Rozita two.
Marcus 1910-1981 and Beulah Rosetta (Gain) Muirheid 1918-2001 # 74057718 are buired in Yuma.

Ethel (Muirheid) (Stansfield) Sidwell 1908-1987 is buried in Yuma, - so are husbands Maurice Stansfield 1907-1964 and William Sidwell 1921-1971.
Thelma Opal Silbertson, born Aug 21, 1906 in Missouri died Sept 6, 1988 in San Joaquin County, mother Cox, father Muirheid.
She was in Los Angeles in 1940, 30, with Louis Silbertson 28 and Merwyn 4.

Guy registered for WWI with an address of Bethany, Missouri, born January 19, 1891 in Darlington, Missouri, a farm hand, with a wife and child.

Guy C. 28 and Grace E. 24 are in Harrison County, Missouri in 1920, with Noble F. 7 and Guy F. 1.
They're in Yuma County in 1930 - Guy 39, Grace 33, Noble 18, Guy 11, and Cleo E. 9.

June 5, 1969

1930 "Miss Edith Zech and Noble Muirheid were married at Wray Thursday, Dec 4. The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Zech of northwest of Yuma. The groom is a son of Mrs. Grace Muirehid and is employed at the East Side Meat Market."

May 29, 1958

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