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Yuma County Pioneer Photographs:

George W. and Francis (Borden) Nelson

George might be the one in 1870 Hancock County, Illinois, with James 40 and Brigett 38, both born in Ireland. Mary is 9, John 7, George 5, and Henry 3, all four born in Illinois.
In 1880 Hancock County, Illinois, George is 14, with parents E. J. Nelson 50 and Bridgett 48, both born in Ireland. Mary is 18, John 16, George 14, Henry 12, and Cathrine 9.
(John Nelson, son of John Nelson and Bridget McKimb, a farmer, married Ella Hayes on December 18, 1887 in Jackson County, Iowa. Both were residents of Cottonville.

George W. Nelson of Knox County and Louisa L. Thomas of Saline Township were married December 17, 1900 in Ralls County, Missouri.

George's first wife - and Opal's mother - could be Louisa Thomas born October 1878 in Missouri, living with parents Benedict J. 66 and Lucinda 57 Thomas in 1900 Ralls County, Missouri.

Louisa, buried in Knox County, Missouri 1878-1901, married George Nelson January 8, 1900 in Ralls County.
George W. Nelson of Knox County married Francis M. BORDEN of Monroe County on November 20, 1905 in Monroe County.

Fanny was in Monroe County in 1880, age 4, with parents Isaac A. 40 and Clarissa B. 33, farming. Ernest is 9, Carrie B. 7, Fannie 4, and Mary C. stwo months. Belinda Hagan is with them, 27, a servant.

In 1900 Monroe County, Isaac is farming, born April 1840 in Rhode Island, with Clara January 1847 Missouri. Mary F. born April 1876 in Missouri - no occupation, Lula July 1881 Missouri, and Earnest October 1870 Missouri.

November 1904 Monroe City

1908 Monroe City "Mrs. I.A. Borden and Miss Stella Fitzpatrick left Friday morning for Baring, Mo. to visit Mrs. Borden's daughter, Mrs. Frances Nelson."

Isaac Addison Borden 1840-1916 is buried in Monroe City # 106582481. (Findagrave says he was born in Massachusetts but served in the Confederacy_
So is Clarissa (Abell) Borden 1847-1928 # 106582449.
April 13, 1916 "Mrs. George Hays, who came to attend the funeral of her father, Isaac Borden, returned to her home in Arapahoe Nebraska."

In 1910 Knox County, Missouri, George W. Nelson is a rural mail carrier, 42, second marriage of four years to Fanny, 33, born in Missouri. Fanny hasn't had any kids. Opal is 8, born in Missouri, and niece Ruth McCreevy is 10 born in Missouri.

January 26, 1912 Yuma "Having secured the services of J. E. Laturno, tonsorial artist, we are now ready to do all kinds of first class barber work. Haircutting a specialty. Baths and laundry in connection.
G. W. Nelson , Proprietor"
February 23, 1912
August 1912 "Mrs. G. W. Nelson and Miss Mina Enos are in Denver this week buying their fall and winter millinery stock. See their ad on the last page of this issue."

Alma Jewell was born January 31, 1890 in Nuckolls County Nebraska to James S. Jewell and Ora C. Milner, dying October 1956 as Alma Jewell Laturno.
James S. Jewell died in 1917, and sis buried in Yuma # 50842380, with Ora dying in 1959 # 50842384.

April 13, 1916

March 30, 1916

January 2, 1914 Yuma
January 9, 1914 "Harry Stephens and Nelson Tribbett this week purchased the G. W. Nelson barber shop, closing the deal yesterday. J. E. LaTurno will have charge of the business for the new owners, while Mr. Nelson, with Mrs. Nelson, will devote his full time to their store and bakery."

July 16, 1914 Monroe City, Missouri
In 1913 Monroe City, G.W. Nelson was an agent for New York Life.
- 1914 Monroe City, Missouri "G. W. Nelson was passing out cigars Monday all because of the arrival of a fine 8 1-2 pound son at his home Sunday."

A number of the schoolmates and young friends of Miss Opal Nelson paid her a surprise visit last Friday evening, at the home of her parents, Mrs. and Mrs. G.W. Nelson.  Games were played and refreshments were served, and the young people had a very jolly time, in spite of the fact that the fun was tinged with sadness at the thought that Miss Opal was soon to leave for Canon City to attend school.  Those present were Mrs. Crichlow, Consuela Fisher, Ethel Hunt, Betheen Flack, Lorna McChesney, Verna Plank, Verna Cayou, Pearl Clark, Hezel Groves, Etta Bradley, Maude Nickerson, Miss Minn Enos, Mrs. J.A. Haith, and Opal Nelson.

In 1920 Yuma, George W. Nelson is a salesman in a general store, 52, born in Illinois, with Frances 43 born in Missouri, Opal 18 born in Missouri.

April 15, 1920 "Miss Opal Nelson was called home from Mt. St. Scholastica Academy at Canon City the latter part of last week, owing to the serious illness of her father, G.W. Nelson."

April 22, 1920
May 1920 "Mrs. R. L. Hagan, who had been visiting her sister, Mrs. G.W. Nelson for a few days, departed on the afternoon train Monday, bound for her home at Monroe City, Missouri."
This is Carrie B. Hagan, who was 48 in 1920, living in Monroe County with her husband Richard L. Hagan 57.
Carrie "Berden" had married Richard in Monroe Couty on January 17, 1894.
Carrie 1872-1966 is buried in Monroe City # 107035579.

George W. Nelson 1867-1920 is buried in Yuma # 74070938.
"His daughter, Opal Nelson, married Charles Richard Phayer. Charles later married LaVerne Tucker and both Charles and LaVerne are buried in a Denver area cemetery."

1921 "Mrs. Fannie Nelson, who had been visiting with relatives and friends at Monroe City, Missouri during the past few months, returned to Yuma on the noon train Monday."
Fannie was in Otis in 1921, Denver and Golden in 1925.

August 1, 1929
In 1930 Englewood, Colorado, Francis is widowed, 53, born in Missouri, with step-daughter Opal L. Phayer 28. a beauty operator, and her husband Charles R. Phayer 26, a barber.

1939 "Funeral services for Mrs. Charles Phayer, nee Opal Nelson, a former resident, in Denver."
May 25, 1939

Frances M. Nelson died in 1963 and is buried in Yuma.

Opal Nelson was teaching in the Otis schools in 1923.

Opal Nelson married Charles R. Phayer on August 31, 1926, recorded in Denver.
Charles R. Phayer married LaVerne Castleberry on August 27, 1939, recorded in Arapahoe County.

In 1940 Denver, Charles is a barber, 37, LaVerne 38 born in Kentucky. Mary Lou Phayer is 7, born in Colorado, and LaVerne's duaghter Jo Anna Castleberry is 12, born in Colorado. They have a lodger Josephine CMcCullough 65, widowed, born in Arkansas.

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