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Yuma County Pioneer Photographs:


William G. Ramsey

Birth 21 Jan 1870 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Death 14 Dec 1945 in Yuma

Lenna S Byers, born March 5, 1873 in Patterson, Hardin County, Ohio

Died February 3, 1956 at a nursing home in Wray.


Lenna's parents John Byers 1844-1928 # 17076253 and Harriet Elizabeth Byers 1849-1927 # 17076242 are buried in Wray.
Birth 5 Mar 1873=Patterson, Hardin, Ohio Death 03 FEB 1956 Wray, Yuma, CO

They were married about 1893, and had

Veda B Ramsey B: 1894
Leda S Ramsey B: 1894
Ada Muriel Ramsey B: 1897
Ora Josephine Ramsey B: 1899

William homesteaded a quarter southeast of Wray, proving up in 1897, and another quarter cash-claimed in 1893.

In July 1899 the Laird column in the Yuma Pioneer "Born - to Mr. and Mrs. W.G. Ramsey, Friday, July 28, a bouncing baby girl.  W.S. says he would be happier if it had been a boy.

Mrs J. Byers wisited with W.S. Ramsey Tuesday.  She was looking after the interests of her grand daughter"

1905 the Laird column noted "The dance at Wm. Ramsey's was well attended."

In 1900 they were farming near Laird, and in 1910 were in Wray, living on Kiowa Street.  William was running a general store.  They have added Clifford, 6, and Gladys, 3.

   December 1908

In 1909 and 1910 W.G. Ramsey advertised many times in the Wray Rattler - groceries and tobacco



July 1911

At the 1911 fair in Wray - W.G. Ramsey sponsored a premium
He also served on the Wray Town Board



August 1913 the Pioneer's  Wray column "W.G. Ramsey and daughter, Miss Ada, came down from Yuma Saturday and is spending this week in their home at Wray.  Mrs. Ramsey is giving personal attention to his farm south of Yuma this summer and has spent but little time in Wray.
In 1920 W.G. Ramsey was on the plat map for a quarter in 18, 4N 46W - originally claimed by Joseph J. Rutzer.
Rattler of May 21, 1914 has a photo of Veda - part of the high school graduation


July 1914 the Misses Ada, Ora, and Gladys Ramsey and Messr. Clifford Ramsey were among the guests at David Smith's 58th birthday party at his home ten miles northeast of Yuma 



  September 1914

July 1915 the Laird column "Mrs. Wm. Ramsey, of Yuma, is visiting her sister, Mrs. N.H. Rife, and brother, Harvey Byers, this week"
May 1917 - the Wray Rattler "Bill Ramsey thinks he has put one over us, as he is now a firsttime granddad."
1922 "Mr. W.G. Ramsay of Yuma was a Wray visitor Saturday"
May 1918 the Rattler "Glady Ramsey is down from Yuma this week visiting her sister, Mrs Jas. Mason."
They must have been doing well in August 1917, as the Ramsey's and a daughter took a train to Cheyenne, Wyoming to "take in the Frontier doings."
In 1920 he's running a general store in Yuma, living on Warren Street (renamed later to Ash Street).
Ada is a teacher,  Ora a saleslady in a general store, and the two youngest are in school.

In 1922 he owned a quarter in 4 N 46 W, and three quarters joining it in 4 N 47 W.  C.D. Ramsey had two quarters in 4 48 W (wonder if William put it in Clifford's name....)


in 1930 they're on South Ash Street in Yuma, still running a general store - no kids. 

Clifford L. Ramsey is in Fremont County - about 200 miles southwest of Yuma.  He's a farmer,  married to Marie, 28, born in Missouri.  They have Lorraine W (a son) 6, and Dean C.,  sixteen-months. Both boys born in Colorado.  In 1940 they're still in Fremont County, and Clifford is a truck driver (with his own line).  The listing has Sarah M., so Marie might be here middle name. They've added Thomas M. 9, Ruth L. 6, and Mary L., 4 (wonder what happened to Dean)

One web listing has Clifford born June 6, 1903, dying December 1, 1978.

There's a Lorraine Ramsey born June 20, 1923 in Denver in 1993 in an Ancestry index, living a5 230 S. Weir Drive


1937 W.G. Ramsey and Lena lived at 623 South Ash in Yuma - he was Justice of Peace

They don't have occupations in 1940 - still on Ash Street.

William and Lenna are buried in the Yuma Cemetery, Veda and James Mason in the Cope Cemetery.


November 22, 1945 # 59792043.

February 9, 1956 # 59792042.

Ada RAMSEY Bailiff wrote that "Ada lives in Yuma, Gladys and Ora in Glendale, California, and Clifford in Canon City, Colorado."

The West Yuma History book says that Ada taught country schools for four years, married John Bailiff, and their daughter Ila Jean was born in Yuma August 27, 1927.  During WWII they lived in Vancouver, Washington, where Ila finished high school and worked at a printing company.  Ila married Jay Andrews.   After the war the Andrews and Bailiffs moved back to Yuma and operated a propane company.

John was buried in the Yuma Cemetery in 1971, Ada in 1996, # 48448187.




Ora Josephine (Ramsey) Loring July 28, 1899-April 25, 1986 is buried in Los Angeles # 85908152.

Clifford L. Ramsey 1903-1978 is buried in Canon City # 110792940, with Sarah Marie (Clevenger) Ramsey 1901-1971.

Gladys (Ramsey) Harper 1907-1986 is buried in Los Angeles # 85888002, with Archibald Robert Harper 1905-1995.

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