John and Catherine Shea, Yuma

In 1860 Sidney, Shelby County, Ohio, Michael "Shay" is 56, Catherine 45, with Johana 18, John 16, Dennis15, and Patrick 5.

In 1880 Iowa County, Iowa, John Shea is farming, 39, born in Ireland, Catherine 38 in England. Daniel is 13, Richard 12, Joseph 9, Stephen 7, Julia E. 5, Mary 3, and Edward nine months.

In 1900 Jefferson County, Nebraska, John Shea is farming, born March 1842 in Ireland, with Kate June 1843 England. They have Mollie March 1877 teaching school, Edward Sept 879, and John January 1882, all three born in Iowa.

September 19, 1913 "John Shea, who came to Yuma county a couple of weeks ago from Oklahoma with his wife, with the expectation of remaining for some time visiting with relatives, died at the home of his son, Daniel Shea, northeast of Yuma, last Monday night. Mr. Shea had been failing in health for some time from stomach trouble, and was obliged to stop off twice on the way up from Oklahoma on account of his illness. Mr. Shea was over 70 years of age. The body, which was prepared for shipment by Funeral Director I. J. Owen, was taken to Fairbury, Nebraska, for interment, and was accompanied by the wife of the deceased, his two brothers, Dennis and Patrick, his son; Daniel, and two other sons who had come up from Alva, Oklahoma, when informed of Mr. Shea's serious illness. Another son, who is a miner in the mountains, was unable to get here in time."

John Shea 1844-1913 # 19784565, with Catherine (Flynn) Shea 1844-1922 buried in Fairbury, Nebraska # 19783810.

November 10, 1921
Richard J. Shea 1867-1921 is buried in Custer County, Nebraska # 45259857. "Second of eight children born to John and Catherine Shea"

Joseph D. Shea and Myrtle L. Kendall married on March 21, 1917 in Phoenix.

Joseph D. Shea is in Maricopa County, Arizona in 1920, farming, with Myrtle K. 46 born in Mississippi -.

Myrtle L. (Kendall) Shea 1873-191 is buried in Glendale Arizona # 37426489.
March 30, 1921 "Mrs. Myrtle Kendall Shea, wife of D. J. Shea, who lives northeast of Phoenix, died at the St. Joseph hospital yesterday. She is survived by a sister, Mrs. J. D. Hannels of Glendale and a brother, H. A. Kendall of Prescott. Funeral arrangements will be made later."
He's a miner in 1930 Kern County, California, widowed.

Joe Shea, born November 7, 1870 in Illinois, mother Flynn, died Sept 12, 1943 in Kern County, California.
He's buried in Bakersfield, # 136439470 "Brother"


Daniel Shea cash-claimed a quarter in section 24, 2N 47W, in 1890, and another in section 26 in 1891.

He married Anna Catherine Friday in 1892.

In 1900 they're in Jefferson County, Nebraska. Daniel Shea, Apr 1866, IOWA, Annie Shea, Jan 1871, KY, John Shea, Nov 1893, Phillip Shea, Jan 1895, Cecilia Shea, Dec 1897, and Steven Shea, Mar 1900, all kids born in Nebraska.
Daniel proved up a quarter in 13, 2N 48W in 1905. This was across the road east from the Yuma Cemetery.

Daniel Shea proved up a quarter in 19, 3N 46W in 1913 - this might be another Daniel, or the same one claiming an additional 160 acres.

August 1922

May 21, 1925 "Mr. and Mrs. John Shea went up to Denver Monday morning in order that the latter mght receivee hospital treatment in a confinement case. Mrs. Daniel Shea acoompanied them. The baby died, but it is said that the mother sees to be recovering nicely."

August 1925

August 21, 1952

November 14, 1957
November 21, 1957


George A. Howatt of El Paso County, Colorado, born in Canada, mother Isabel Percival, 25, married Julia Shea, 23 of Jefferson COunty, daughter of John Shea and Catherine "Flinn" in Fairbury, Nebraska.

Julia E. Howatt, born Nov 1875 in Iowa, is in Park County, Colorado in 1900, married two years to George Howatt, a miner born Dec 1872 in Canada. They have Percival Feb 1899 Colorado.

George might be related to Thomas Howatt of Logan County, Colorado.
1900 the Daily Sun of St. John, New Brunswick "George A. Howatt of Cripple Creek, a native of Tryon, has arrived home with his wife and child to visit relatives here. He is a member of a large contracting firm in Cripple Creek."
Written in memory of Mrs. George A. Howatt, who died at Cripple Creek, Col., February 7th., 1901

Julia 1874-1901 is buried in Fairbury, Nebraska # 19819584.

George Alfred Howatt registered for WWI in Gila, Arizona, bonr December 12, 1872, a mine forman, with wife Dolores.

Doris Howatt was born September 25, 1918 in Inspiration, Arizona, dying April 1993 as Chumbley

At the Yuma, ARIZONA hotel in 1925 were " Mrs. L. G. Hunt and family, Miami, Arizona; Mrs. R. Howatt, Miami, Arizona."

1927 Phoenix "Mr. and Mrs. G. A. Howatt entertained Monday evening with a birthday party for their daughter Gloria. Bridge was the diversion of the evening. Gloria received many gifts. Refreshment were served at the close of the evening. "

George is in Pinal County, Arizona in 1930, 56, with Delores 44, born Mexico. Daughters Consuelo 15, immigrating 1916 and Doris born Sept 25, 1917 in Gila County, Arizona.

George Alfred Howatt 1872-1931 is buried in Tucson, Arizona, #53501197. with Dolores (Ulloa) Howatt 1885-1978.

March 10, 1936 Phoenix "Funeral services for Mrs. Isabella J. Howatt, who died in the home of her daughter, Mrs. E. E. Hiller, Saturday morning, will be held in her former home, Borden, Prince Edward Island, Can., and interment will take place beside the body of her husband. Mrs. Howatt had been a resident of Miami for the past 17 years and was active in civic and church work, being a member of the Presbyterian Community church.
Survivors include two daughters, Mrs. Hiller and Mrs. L. G. Hunt: a son, Fred Howatt, Round Mountain. Nev.; and eight grandchildren, Hollis Hunt, University of Arizona; Helen Hunt, Miami school teacher: Mrs. Doran L. Lee, Pasadena, Calif.; Percival Howatt. Dollar steamship line captain: Isabella Howatt, Superior school teacher; Gloria Howatt, Miami school teacher; Consuela O. Howatt, Tubac; and Doris Howatt, University of Arizona.
The body, accompanied by Mrs. Hiller and Mrs. Hunt, will be taken to Canada Wednesday morning."
FindaGrave # 156939184.

In 1881 Prince Edward Island, Archibald Howatt is 36, Isabella 26, with George 8, Freddie D. 6, and Viola 4, all born there.

George's brother Fred:
Fred is in Telluride Colorado in 1900, born July 1874 in Canada, immigrating in 1890.

1902 Colorado Springs "Fred Howatt, a subject of King Edward VII of Great Britain, secured his last papers of naturalization from the clerk of the county court today."

Possibly 1906 Telluride Colorado " Fred Howatt was arrested the first of the week charged with beating up a resident of the redlight named Alice Fisher. At the trial of the case Howatt was sent to jail for forty days by Justice Brown. The judge stated that the beating of women was becoming entirely to common and that it must be stopped. Another charge of robbery was dismissed as it was shown that the money Howatt was accused of taking belonged to him."

1907 "Fred Howatt, who went out to Pueblo a week ago today, returned to Telluride a few days later, and this morning he left for Ely, Nevada."

1908 Fred was elected a vice-president of the Telluride Eagles lodge.

Fred is a boarder in 1910 Telluride, now saying he immigrated in 1882.

Reno, Nevada 1930 "Fred Howatt, miner, employed by the Nevada Consolidated Copper company, was recovering today after he had fallen 35 feet to the bottom, of the Monitor shaft. Both of Howatt's feet were fractured."

Reno, Nevada 1937 " Fred Howatt, who has long been employed as an underground foreman by the Austin Silver Mining Company, is incapacitated for the present by the fracture of two ribs, received while at work in the Buffalo stope of the Jack Pot mine."

Frederick D. Howatt 1874-1952 is buried in Phoenix # 112987683. "The son of Archibald Howatt (1844-1895) and Isabell J Percival (1853-1936) of Prince Edward Island, Canada, Frederick Howatt was a miner in the copper industry. He never married."

July 15, 1947 "High noon wedding vows Saturday in the Tucson home of Mrs. Dolores Howatt, 1121 East Helen street, united her daughter. Miss Doris Howatt, and a Phoenix army air forces veteran, E. L. Chumbley. The newlyweds, now honeymooning in San Francisco, will return... Union High School and Phoenix Junior College....
Mr. Chumbley attended the University of Arizona before entering the army. Since his discharge he has been employed as a territorial manager for the B. F. Goodrich Company. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Miles R. Chumbley of Phoenix."

July 1953 Tucson "Miss Consuelo Howatt became the bride of Joseph Rubinstein in a ceremony performed Sunday afternoon by Judge Lee Garrett. The bride is a graduate of the University of Arizona and has been employed as a teacher in the Tucson public schools. She is the daughter of Mrs. George Alfred Howatt and the late Mr. Howatt. Mr. Rubinstein is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Rubinstein. He has served in the armed forces and is a graduate of the University of Arizona and the University of California at Berkeley. For the ceremony, witnessed only by the families and a few close friends, the bride wore a sheath of white linen lace over linen and carried an arrangement of white carnations. Her only jewelry was a pearl necklace, a gift of the bridegroom's parents. Attending the couple were Miss Isabelle Howatt of Phoenix and Dr. Herbert Rubinstein of Chicago. Miss Howatt was gowned in pleated silk crepe. Parents of the bridegroom honored the bridal party at a dinner following the ceremony. The newlyweds left by plane for Mexico City. After Sept. 1, the couple will reside in Lawrence, Kas., where Mr. Rubinstein is a member of the staff of the University of Kansas library."

June 24, 1939 Phoenix "Mrs. L. G. Hunt, 48 years old, long-time resident of Miami, passed away at 11 o'clock last night in the Miami Inspiration Hospital after a short illness. Funeral services will be held at 4 o'clock Sunday afternoon in the Community Church, in charge of the Miami chapter, Order of the Eastern Star, of which she was an active member. The Rev. Thomas F. Barrier will officiate and interment will be in Final Cemetery.
Surviving are her husband, L. G. Hunt; two daughters, Mrs. Doran Lee, Alhambra, Calif., and Miss Helen Hunt, Miami; a son, Hollis, Yuma; a sister, Mrs. E. E. Hiller, Phoenix; and a brother, Fred Hunt, Nevada; also a granddaughter, Helen Lee, six-week-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lee. "

Viola B. Hiller, and Edwin E. Hiller, both 64, are in Maricopa County in 1940.


We decided to feature a bit of history of Kavanaugh family in this week's ezine to go along with the information we received this week concerning the "Honey Wheat Bed & Breakfast" in Alva, Oklahoma, located at 304 3rd Street (SE corner of Choctaw & 3rd Streets).
A. W. "Fred" Kavanaugh built that two-story residence around 1916. If you are looking for a Bed & Breakfast in Alva, Oklahoma, with great food, stop by the Mathes' Honey Wheat Bed & Breakfast in Alva, Oklahoma.
The following information, history was gathered from "Pioneer Footprints Across Woods County" history book, pages 360-361.
A. W. "Fred" Kavanaugh and Ed Shea came to Oklahoma from Nebraska to go into a business enterprise. They purchased an existing Hardware business from Mr. Matthews and the firm of Kavanaugh & Shea was organized as a partnership in 1906. It was after they operated their hardware business for awhile that Henry Noble's Hardware at 403 College Avenue, in Alva, Oklahoma, was for sale.
Kavanaugh and Ed Shea asked Steve Shea to join the partnership about then and they bought the Noble hardware business. Steve Shea had a cattle ranch in northern Kansas near the Nebraska line -- he sold his land and cattle and joined the partnership. Steve and his wife, Mayme, and daughter Catherine came to Oklahoma in 1908.
Kavanaugh & Shea carried a full line of general hardware, housewares, fine dishes, kerosene and gasoline stoves, buggies, wagons, harness and a full line of horse drawn farm implements.
They sold horse drawn vehicles, farm implements, McCormick & Deering harvestors (International Harvestor Co. Combines). The Case Co. came out with a very outstanding combine about this time so the agency for Case implements was secured.
Farmers at this time had milk cows so DeLaval and McCormick-Deering cream separators were sold in large numbers. Plumbing comprised a large part of the business and a younger brother, John P. Shea, was chief plumber. When Natural Gas was brought into Alva by the Winchester Oil & Gas Co. (later Zenith Gas Co. -- presently Oklahoma Natural Gas Co.) new gas installations and gas stoves and furnaces were a very flourishing business.
Kavanaugh had an education which fitted him for a good office manager and he figured all plumbing contracts. Steve and Ed Shea did most of the selling of farm implements.
The firm celebrated its 20th year in business in 1926, and had a banner year in the sale of Case and IHC Combines. This was many years before the advent of Self-Propelled harvestors -- most of the customers who bought combines already had tractors to pull them. In rare cases however farmers pulled them with either horses or mules or both.
This particular year there was an abundant wheat crop throughout the entire Alva area -- combines were shipped in after the combines were unloaded.
Good business prevailed until the depression of the 1930's. Banks were closing all over the country and prices of farm products declined rapidly. The First National Bank of Alva closed its door and went into receivership around March 14, 1932.
The hardware business suffered as a result of low farm prices and Kavanaugh sold his interest in the hardware and was soon appointed Receiver for the First National Bank. When all the assets were liquidated, Governor E. W. Marland asked Kavanaugh to become the Purschasing Agent for the Oklahoma State Highway Department and his family moved to Oklahoma City. After the Marland administration was terminated, Kavanaugh joined the Metropolitan Paving Company which was organized and owned by his oldest son Al Kavanaugh.
After Kavanaugh's departure from the business, Ed and Steve Shea, Roy Day and Leo J. Brown (son-in-law of Steve Shea) weathered the storm of the depression. Steve Shea had a sudden heart attack and died August 25, 1937 just as the business was beginning to see a silver lining from the clouds of the depression. His wife Mayme had died previously in June 1934. The business continued to operate the Hardware and Service Station, but after Steve's death, the sale of farm implements was discontinued.
In 1945 Ed Shea decided to retire from the business so he sold his interest to Warren A. Brown. Ed died some years later and his wife Maude and daughter Margie Lou survived him.
With that transition the Brown & Brown Hardware was organized consisting of three partners: Warren A. Brown, Leo J. Brown and Catherine E. Brown. This business started October 1, 1945, at 625 Flynn Street w


Stephen Frances Shea died in Alva, Woods County, Oklahoma August 25, 1937, and is buried in Fairbury # 19784561.


John is buried in Oklahoma City 1883-1964 # 59762762, with Clara Ann (Bell) Shea 1892-1966 # 59763327.

Mary is buried in Oklahoma City # 71533786.
"Rosary for Mrs. Mary Theresa Kavanaugh, 81, of 1129 NW 36, will be Thursday, December 25, 1958, 7:30 pm, in Smith & Kernke Funeral Chapel with requiem mass Friday, 9:30 am Friday in Roman Catholic Cathedral of Our Lady of Perpetual Help with burial in Rose Hill burial park.
Mrs. Kavanaugh, widow of the co-founder of Metropolitan Paving Co, died Wednesday at her home following a heart attack. A native of Iowa, she had lived in Oklahoma since 1907. In 1935 she and her husband moved to Oklahoma City. The paving firm was founded in 1942.
A parishner of Our Lady's, Mrs. Kavanaugh was granted the Pro-Ecclesia-et-Pontificie medal by the late Pope Pius XII for her church activities over the years.
She is survived by two sons, Al J., 1701 Drury Lane; and Ed S., 4809 Thompson; a daughter, Julia Kavanaugh, of the home; a brother, John P Shea, 1846 NW 15; 10 grandchildren and 3 great grandchildren.
The family prefers that friends so desiring make memorial contributions to the Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation or to the Associated Catholic Charities rather than other tokens of condolence.
Published in The Oklahoman, Thurs, Dec 25, 1958

Edward Shea Kavanaugh, 85, born March 22, 1914 in Alva, Oklahoma to Alfred W. Kavanaugh and Molly Shea Kavanaugh, passed away on June 30, 1999. He graduated from the University of Notre Dame with an Aeronautical Engineering Degree. He was professor there during WWII. He was the owner and President of Kavanaugh Engineering and Hopo Paving Co. until his retirement. He is survived by his wife Joan; son Kevin; daughter Carol Kavanaugh Tye & husband Ross; two grand daughters Jessica & Rachel, all of Chico, CA; daughter Ellen Kavanaugh-Baer & husband Terry; grand daughter Ashley Shea Weathers & grandson-in-law Sterling A. Weathers, all of OKC."

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