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Yuma County Pioneer Photographs:

Samuel and Lydia Jane (Sullivan) (Mahasker) Shipp

In 1855 Ontario County, New York, John Sullivan is 27, Sarah (Campbell) Sullivan 32, both born in Ireland, with Julia 2, and Anne newborn, Michael Sullivan is 50.

In 1870 Cambria County, Pennsylvania, Henry Masaker is 53, a laborer, born in New Jersey, with wife Mary E. 30, born in Pennsylvania. They have Liddy J. 11 born in New Jersey. A laborer for them is Samuel Shipp, 35 born i nPennsylvania.
Lydia and Samuel married in Blair COunty Pennsylvania October 31, 1871.

On May 8th 1878, Samuel Shipp traded part of his furniture for a four wheeled hand wagon. This was loaded with a few choice possessions and with his wife and baby started walking west to the "Land of Opportunity." They said goodbye to their home state of Pennsylvania and proceeded over the Allegheny Mountains, moving at the rate of 8 miles per day. They slept in stables going through Ohio or vacant houses they found along the way, or in the tent Mrs. Shipp contrived to make out of their bedding materials. On July 5th they reached Fort Wayne, Ind. The long trek had been telling on his wife and the care of the baby, so they stopped there for a short time, recovering from the sickness which Mrs. Shipp was complaining of. Then on again…and through eastern Illinois they made 27 miles a day on good prairie roads. A man who befriended him in Forrest, Illinois, gave him a horse (valued at $100) which helped speed their travel. Without difficulties they reached Burlington, Iowa, but here his wife became ill again. The doctor who cared for his wife helped find a job for him in Henry County at Rome, Iowa. He began work August 22, but became poisoned someway and lost his eye sight so couldn’t work. He rented a house and sent for his wife from Burlington. Their first child died there on October 16, 1877.
On February 13, 1878, his wife gave birth to their third daughter. They decided to try and get to Nebraska again, but found their horse mired down in a swamp after hunting for him for three days, so this stopped their plans for traveling for awhile. He found work on the railroad and on June 18th, received a pass to Hastings, Nebraska where he joined a friend named Walker. He helped him get work at grading on the railroad. After working a month he took out papers on the SW 1/2 section 32, Township 6, Range 17 in Phelps County, Nebraska. This was south of the Oscar Post office. He worked for Simon and Martin until September 1, 1878, and then brought his family to his claim in Phelps County. Since it was late to begin crops he returned instead to the railroad. He could get no pay so they made a dugout on their claim in Phelps County and spent the winter there. Early in the spring of 1879 he began work for another grading company, but again was cheated out of his pay. In March of 1879, he returned to the claim and plowed up about four acres of prairie. He built a 6 X 8 dwelling house, on the claim in 1878 but in October of 1878, it was burned out by the prairie fire. Neighbors helped the Shipps build a new sod house 14 by 20 and friends from the east sent them $100, with which he put in 3 windows, two doors, a board floor and a shingle roof, and put down a well which cost him $30. Later Mrs. Shipp accepted a three months teaching job in a private home, receiving $20 a month. This helped put the family back on their feet and gave them a good start with their prairie life at last.

In 1880 Phelps County, Nebraska, Samuel is 50, Lydia 24, Mary J. 6, Ida 2, Father Henry Mosaka 85 and mother Mary E. 42 are with them.

"According to family history, the Masakers were Lydia Jane's foster parents."
In April 1882 Samuel applied from Nebraska for an invalid pension, for service in G., 11th Pennsylvania Cavalry. His wife Liddia J. Shipp, applied for a widow's pension in 1904 from Oregon.

In 1885 Phelps County, Nebraska, Samuel is 55, farming, born in Pennsylvania, with wife Jane 28\9, Lesile 11, Pennsylvania, Mibey 7 Iowa, Johnny 5, Nebraska, Seymour 3 Nebraska, Bessie 1 Nebraska, and Albert one month Nebraska.
An infant of Sam Shipp is buried in Yuma, dying 1888.

Also in 1888, Samuel Shipp of Yuma Colorado was a contributor for the Logan Monument Fund of the G.A.R., honoring John A. Logan.

He and Lydia couldn't have gone to Oregon, where Irene Catherine Lura Shipp was born Jul 9, 1888 (I suspect they applied for a birth certificate for her there, and she really was born in Yuma)
The certificate says her father was Samuel Shipp, mother Lydia Jane Sullivan Masakes.
Samuel cash-claimed a quarter in 25, 3N 48W, about eight miles north of Yuma, in 1891.

Samuel was a member of the 1897 Yuma G.A.R. Post.

In 1900 Multnomah County, Oregon, Samuel born Nov 1829 in Pennsylvania, married 28 years to Lydia Oct 1855 New Jersey, have Mary May 1874 Pennsylvania, Ida Feb 1878 Iowa, John July 1880 Nebraska, Daniel Feb 1882 Nebraska, Bessie Jan 1884 Nebraska, Berthaa March 1885 Nebraska, Lura July 1887 Colorado, Rosetta L. Jan 1890 Colorado, Minnie M. Oct 1882 Idaho, Emma L. Dec 1893 Oregon, Rugh A. March 1897 Oregon.
The 1905 Portland directory has Lydia J. (Wid Samuel) living at 844 E. 34th. Lura C. I. boards there, and so does Samuel E. , teamster. Irent is a packer for Western Bakery, boards 749 Ellsworth.

Samuel 1829-1904 is buried in Portland # 51975718, with Lydia Jane (Sullivan) Shipp 1855-1913 # 51975719.

In 1911 William S. Chatfield sued Samuel and Lydia J. Shipp for land in 25, 3N 48W.

Rosetta "Rose" Clara Shipp, born 22 Jan 1890 in Yuma County, Colorado, Died 2 May 1966 in Seattle, King County, Washington.
1st Husband: 81252420- Henry William Keller
In 1930 Portland, Henry is 42, Rose 40, Lawrence 20, and Oriel 15.
In 1940 Portland, Rose Barrett is 50, living with daughter Oriel Simmons, husband Mark Simmons, and their three kids. Mark's sister Ruby Adams, divorced 31 is with them, too.

2nd Husband: 83780336- Robert Hatt
(Maxine Carolyn Haworth married Marvin George Helzer in Clark County WSashington October 19, 1956)
Donald Haworth married Donna Kragerud in Multnomah County in June 1856.

John William Shipp 1880-1943 is buried in Pocatello, Idaho # 43134074.

Samuel E. Shipp born about 1882 died September 8, 1957 in Cowlitz County Wshington, father John E. , mother Sarah Jane Sullivan
He's buried in Longview, 1882-1959 # 152583696.

Minnie married Vernon Thomas White 1874-1956 # 91059936.
In 1920 Marion County, Oregon, Vernon is 44, Minnie 28, Vernon A. 8, George B. 7, Oriel C. 2, and Annie D. newborn.
In 1930 Portland, Minnie A. is 38, with Vernon G. Croquette 18, a laborer. Vernon's half siblings are Oriel C. 12, dorothy A. 10, Mary E. 8, adn Milton JT. 3.
In 1940 Washington County, Oregon, Minnie PARKER is 48, widowed, born in Idaho, with Dorothy White 20 Oregon and Milton White 13 Washington.

Vernon Choquette 1911-1971 is buried in WSashington County, Oregon, per # 158220970.

Ida Mae Amelia (Shipp) Dunn 1878-1943 is buried in Portland, # 61422190..

Emma Lenna Shipp married Claude Hedgepeth in Oregon January 21, 1912.
In 1923 Claude M. (Lenna) live at 1031 E 32nd, Portland.

Oriel Violet Shipp of Multonomah County, Oregon married John Pruyn of Elizabethtown, Kentucky, in Pierce County, Wshington Nov 28, 1917.

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