Yuma County, Colorado

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Yuma County Pioneer Photographs:

John and Ambrosia (Stafford) Swan, son Emory Swan

In 1880 Ringgold County, Iowa, Ambrosia Stafford is 2, with James C. and Elvira Stafford, both born in Indiana.

John A. Swan, son of Thomas Swan and Margaret Hamilton, married Ambrosia Stafford in Monroe County, Iowa APril 27, 1897.

In 1900 Monroe County, Iowa, John A. Swan born Nov 1871, married three years to Ambrosia Nov 1877, have Eugene E. October 1898. Ambrosia's borther Fred May 1882 and seamstress sister Maud Staff-rd Nov 1871 are with them. All five were born in Iowa.

In 1910 Monroe County, John and Ambrosia are 32, with Eugene E. 11. Her mother Alivra R. Stafford 60 is with them.

John and Ambrosia are still farming in Monroe County in 1920, with Eugene 21.

Alvira 1850-1921 is buried in Monroe County # 62740161, with James C. 1848-1909.

March 1925 Yuma

March 18, 1937
July 3, 1940

Eugene E. Swan, 25 of Wray, and Ruth Ann Cadwalader, 19, of Yuma, married in Wray June 1, 1924, recorded in Yuma County.

Ruth was in Hastings, Nebraska in 1920, 14, with parents W.E. 56 and Orta O. 49 Cadwalador.

William E. 1863-1947 is buried in Hastings, with Orta O. 1870-1931. His first wife Emma 1867-1896 is buried in Juniata, Nebraska.

March 1925

1927 "Mr. Floyd Cadwalader and son, of Ogden, Utah, were visiting with the gentleman's sister, Mrs. E.E. Swan, four misles south of Yuma, a few days last week."
This must be Lloyd, a half-brother of Ruth. He was in Ogden, Utan in 1930, married with seven kids.

In 1930 Yuma County, Eugene is 31, farming, with Ruth A. 25 born in Nebraska.

Emory E. Swan and Ruth A. Swan divorced in Yuma County in 1937.

Ruth Swan married Edwin M. Cameron on Sept 10, 1938, recorded in Washington County, Colorado.
This is a different one - Ruth M. Cameron 1917-2001 and Edwin M. Cameron 1918-1972 are buried in Greeley # 65217060.

In 1940 Ruth Swan 33, divorced, is living in Hastings, Nebraska, a clerk, with son Howard 3. Ruth is a niece of Ralph 60 and Bess Rippeteau 55.

Bess Rippetoe was the sister of Orta O. Stephens Cadwalader - Orta was in Rooks County Kansas in 1880, age 9, with Wililam and Hannah Stephens, both er.
Bessie was with William and Hannah in 1900 Juniata, Nebraska, age 13.

Bess 1886-1977 # 67858434 and Ralph 1879-1945 are buried in Juniata. So are William H. Stephnens 1846-1924 # 58336001 and Hannah 1846-1936.

January 1947

May 3, 1951

October 8, 1953

December 1954

December 1961

April 1, 1971

Eugene E. is farming in Yuma County in 1930, 31, with Ruth A. 25 born in Iowa.

In 1940 Eugene is farming in Yuma County, 41, with Gladys R. 25. They have Janice Leona Swan 1.

June 1958

August 1958

January 14, 1965

May 10, 1979

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