Yuma County, Colorado

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Yuma County Pioneer Photographs:

Frank and Adelia Wilson,

Frank, born in 1885 in Oregon,  filed for a homestead near Abarr in 1910.  Adelia Buckingham, born 1885 at Atlanta, Kansas, worked in Oklahoma, and arrived by train in Wray May 9, 1917, and they were married at Rev. Dr. Brown at his parsonage.

Leon was born in 1918, Howard in 1919, Bob in 1921, and Marion in 1927.

Leon married Lucile Hathaway Ferguson in 1939 at Imperial, Nebraska, and worked in auto repair in Yuma.  They have Rosalyn (married Clint Hansen), Loretta (married John Snider), Leona (married Kenneth Hargadin), and Loren (marrried Ellen).

Howard was killed in the Pacific in WWII.

Bob married B.J., and they had three sons.  Evan was born June 10, 1950, Neal July 21, 1952, and Kris July 23, 1958.  Bob was the Wray postmaster, and then in banking.

Rollie Deering tells "Kris enrolled as an Ag Economics major but was able to take his liberal arts electives as a video class (a new technology then).  When he took the class the instructor arranged for them to go out for some shooting of  Centennial.  When the class departed, the Centennial director invited "anyone who wants to come out on Saturday will be welcome."  As it turned out Torch was the only one who showed up.  He struck up covnersation with several of the staff and left behind his name and address.  Several months later Torch received a call inviting him to come out to Hollywood to work as a flunky"

Kris' camera work was nominated for Emmy awards in ten different years, and won in 1996.  Rollie says Kris was last working on the Jimmy Kimmel show.




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