Activities in  Eckley
Old Settlers' Day

September 3, 1898 - Wray Rattler

The Old Settlers' Picnic at Eckley was attended by a large crowd from Yuma, Wray, Robb and Eckley and the country adjacent to each.  The picnic dinner was spread upon the lawn by the section house, where th large cottonwood trees afforded a most welcome shade from the glaring rays of the August sun.  Seats were improvised from lumber furnished by D. A. Clark, and in the afternoon the company assembnled to listen to a number of short after dinner speeches from some of the honored pioneers of Yuma Co. John Spiers, president of the Old Settlers' Association, acted as chairman and the following officers were elected for the ensuing year:  President, J.P. Speirs, vice presidents, Laird precinct, B.D. Prentice; Wray, J.A.  Kimber; Eckley, N.B. Meek, Yuma, G.W. Dabney; Magee, Mrs. McNichols; treasurer, J.W. Cloyd; secretary J.A. Conley.  After the election of officers, speeches were made by J.P. Speirs, G.W. Dobler, Hon. E.L. Sechrist, M.W. Haver, J.A. Kimber, and others.  Among the chief attractions of the day, were the two match games of base ball between the Yuma and Wray clubs in the forenoon and Yuma and Eckley in the afternoon.  The game in the morning scored about 16 to 1 in favor of Yuma.  The game between Eckley and Yuma resulted in a tie.

The Yuma Pioneer had a different score.


"Hungry people come and be filled.  good meals 25c.  Eckley section houe September 1."






2909 "For the girls - Free gum at the Old Settlers' picnic, August 26, furnished by George Haver."





The Annual Old Settlers Picnic at Eckley, which must have been the 28th or 30th, was held last Thursday, and the same interest and zest was manifested by the assembled throngs that always characterizes these affairs.  Many who were in attendance at the first were in attendance at the last one held.  As usual with Eckley, universal open-house was kept and everyone made welcome.  Speaking, music, amusements of various sorts rounded out a most pleasant day for all.



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