Courtesy of the Idalia Lions Club - from the 1987  Idalia Centennial publication.

Pictured are the three Conrad brothers who built the mill.



Louise Barnhart's obituary said that her father, Philbert Smith, worked at the Idalia flour mill in the late 1920's. "One day at school a terrible snow storm was going on, so the teachers had to send them home. Her dad found them with frost bitten hands and faces. So he made them a one horse rubber tire cart for them to take to school. Louise was dad's boy and she had to help with everything outside. By then she had 2 sisters and a brother in 1930. Her dad built them a house out of brick. Louise's neighbor, Ira Barnhart helped with the farming and later became her husband in 1933. Ira and Louise worked for her dad for 18 months and then went to work for Harley Rhoades."


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