Old Photos of Vernon

Sod School

This sod school house photograph was in the Weaver-Wakefield collection. Scanned by Lee Zion.

    Is this the first (1892-c1910) sod structure for the Riverside School located seven miles northwest of Vernon as hinted at by a note added much later with felt tip to the photo?
    Or perhaps a photograph of one of the (1888-1892/1892-c1930) Glendale sod school buildings three miles east of Vernon which look to have been built to this soddy pattern in other early photographs?
    Or then perhaps its the Radnor district's west sod school building which probably stood on the Josiah Weaver homestead a mile northwest of Vernon until about 1908? Or perhaps the Sunny Side school in the Vernon district which operated until 1905?

If you can identify the school, teacher or any of the students please tell me! I would like to move it to our schools section. Contact Lee Zion.

Detail showing student and teacher's faces is below:

Detail of Students

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