Old Photos of Vernon

This photo was probably about 1911\-1914.  Mrs. Lois Blacker, who contributed the postcard, notes that there are no trees in front of the hotel, and the schoolhouse doesn't have the addition.

Mrs. Blacker wrote - left to right -

grade school

Christian Church  (later used for the first high school)

Building used as post office

Max Ross Hardware, bought from Asa Miller in 1930.  Asa bought it from Bill Proctor, who had a clothing store.

Ort Weaver's pool hall

the little building is Ort's restaurant

Hotel run by Bell and Ort Weaver  - Mrs. Blacker said "They were still alive and living in the hotel as late as 1941, when we moved to Wray."

Mrs. Blacker said "In 1911 the list of businesses in Vernon included 'Miller Bros. General Merchandise.'  Asa bought a clothing store, and a photo on the website shows his harness shop in 1919.  It was a hardware store when my parents bought the inventory along with the building in 1930.  But a vat of oil sat our back and my dad repaired harnesses, stitching the leather on a foot-operated apparatus."

This photograph of the buildings along Colorado Street in Vernon, from the hotel south, was published in local newspapers in July 1976 to advertise the Vernon "Old-Fashioned Sunday Picnic" Colorado Centennial/US Bicentennial celebration. This one came from a Yuma Pioneer clipping in the Yuma Museum.
I would love to have a scan of the original print!

Original photograph dates between 1913 and 1925. From the right: Ort Weaver Hotel, Lyman Weaver Pool Hall, Duckworth's Barber Shop, Vernon State Bank, Miller Hardware, Christian Church parsonage, unknown store front, Christian Church, Vernon School, and on the distant block the Lutheran Church and parsonage.

Photo looking south along Colorado probably taken from the top of the stairs at the Yount General Store.

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