Old Photos of Wray

North Railway 1886

These are perhaps the earliest photographs of Wray. Photographers are unknown.
The photo above was taken from the large sandhill north of town. What is now North Railway St runs across the front of the buildings in the foreground. The Wray "Sod Hotel" is on the right. Land office, Wray Rattler, post office and store are the rest of this business block. Train station on the left. Windmill and water tower belong to the railroad.
What is now Main Street is in the distance across the river with only two buildings - Major Hays' livery stable and the George and Fisher store. Sandstone bluffs south of town are in the distance.

The photo below is almost the same view, but maybe taken a couple of years later. - with some more buildings by the livery stable. and on the road south.

North Railway 1886

This photograph shows the building fronts along Railway looking north to the sandhill in the background.
Sod hotel is out of frame to the left, the tent stands in front of the ?. Rattler office, land office and post office in the middle. Other known early businesses along Railway not pictured were two lumber yards and A.M. Coston's blacksmith.

Photographs from the East Yuma County Historical Society collection. Scanned by Lee Zion.
(I've seen better prints of both of these photographs. Would welcome a replacement! lcz)

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