Old Photos of Wray

Wray 1893 - 8x10 print collected by the Yuma County Historical Society.
Photographer not credited. Original print scanned by Lee Zion

This 1893 photograph of the young town of Wray was shot from the base of the bluff at the top of today's Main Street looking north along Chief Street to the sandhills. Structures along Railroad including the Commercial Hotel (white) and elevator are in the distance. That two story white building on north Chief south of the tracks is the Wray Hotel. Methodist Church on the left. Not a brick building in sight this early. Looks like a new fruit orchard in the near distance.

There is a wealth of detail in these old fine grain prints. Below is a detail of Chief Street - Looks like something is going on!

And below is a closer detail of "downtown". As a guess, it looks like the Wray volunteer fire department is demonstrating a new pumper. A livery stable stands on the northwest corner of down town. A boardwalk with a bridge across the river connects the new business section with the older one.

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