Old Photos of Wray

Wray Depot and Tracks c1925
Photograph donated by Dallas Riedesel.

Photo shot looking west from Main Street. Train station, platform and express office on the left. Signal tower just to the right of the station so the station agent could flag down trains or tell the crew the blocks east and west were clear. Note the coaling tower on the main line behind the station and the raised center siding so that row of cars full of coal could unload in a hopper to refill the tower. Railroad water tower behind the cars feeds the water standpipe in the foreground between the tracks so the Eastbound could take on water while the passengers boarded. A similar standpipe was west of the station for the Westbound. That's a switch signal stand next to the street.

Allen Smerchek contributed this photo of his aunt Georgia Smerchek, on a driving trip in 1929 from Kansas to Colorado to visit relatives.

(Georgia Fern Smerchek was born at Blue Rapids, Kansas on April 23, 1904 to Dwight Smerchek and Rosa L. Skalla. She died as Georgia Brenner on January 2, 1992. Her mother had died in 1926.)

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