Old Photos of Wray

Chief St 1908

Fourth of July 1908 - From the Coston Collection.
Scanned by Lee Zion

That is the band playing in Chief Street at Kiowa where the crowd is gathered. West side of Chief still shows the rubble from the May 18, 1908 fire that razed the wood framed buildings on the block. Three details from the print are below.

The band in the street. Don't know what the umbrellas indicate, perhaps they are the G.A.R. vets?

Detail of the west side of block. Thats the Webster&Mason and Shumaker buildings on the left. The Pickett building marks Kiowa Street. That white awning on the Pickett building reads Bogs & Bogs. The sign left of it reads "Going out of Business Sale".

East side of Chief. Can't read very many of the signs here. The sign just behind the street light reads "Bank" to the left is a "Confectionary".

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