Old Photos of Wray

Kiowa Street
Kiowa Street (now 3rd) looking east.
Scan of original postcard donated by Marion Monk. Card has no postmark but dates prior to 1925.

That's the Pickett building on the right (the Tyo theater awning juts into the print). Bank of Wray on the right. On the far side of Main we can see the 1st National Bank and the Gazette office on the other two corners. The Wray telephone exchange is beyond the Gazette which is why that line of poles on the left carries so many wires and seems to deadend.

The "Cafe" in the far left was operated in the 1950's-1960's by Jennie Heins  as the J & J Cafe- most of the buildings on that side of the street were destroyed in the later tornado. (Thank you Joan Roskop).

October 17, 1971 a tornado struck a trailer park in the main street business district.  It also destroyed the Purple Sage Bowling Alley.  No one was killed, but nine people were injured.

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