Old Photos of Wray

Chief Street looking North 1900.
From the W.B. Coston Collection. Scanned by Lee Zion.

The man standing in the middle of the street is George Shillings and the one standing on the left side of the street behind the team is W.H. Brazee according to what Will wrote on the photograph. Looks like a busy day. Note that the bandstand wasn't built until later. A detail of the west side of the block is below. A second detail of George Shillings with his team follows that.

Note the second story balcony and outside stairs to reach some hotel rooms in the brick store on the left. All those wooden structures north of this brick building burned to the ground in the 1908 Chief Street fire. The brick building still stands on the corner of 4th and Main today.

Greyscale image of George Shillings with the team and wagon is below.

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