J. B. Byars Store

In 1905 J.B. Byars was the manager of the Ramsey store in Rocky Ford, Colorado.

Thanks to Rollie Deering for the 2016 photo.
"J.O. Adams, manager of the J. B. Byars Company store in this city, was attending to business matters in the state capital the fore part of the week." - Yuma Sept 28, 1922.

May 1926
December 23, 1926

January 3, 1929
January 21, 1929
June 13, 1929
July 15, 1929
"1929 marks the year the well-known J.C. Penney Company opened a store in Holyoke when the company bought the interest of J.B. Byars Company. "
Feb 21, 1929 "Fred Bowman has rented the small room between the postoffice and Byars store from the Yuma Investment Company in which he will conduct a barber shop. This gives Yuma five shops and a man should now be able to get his chin scraped without any unnecessary delay."

March 21, 1929 The Yuma J.B. Byars store was one of 104 stores that J.C. Penney bought, adding to their 1,212 dry good stores.

April 21, 1938 "J.O. Adams, the first manager of the local J.B. Byars store, came in from Osborne, Kansas to attend to business matters and greet old friends."

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