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Yuma County Pioneer Photographs:

October 16, 1914 - the Yuma Pioneer reported that a committee consisting of J.B. Campbell, J.W. Gardner and W.F. Ryan was appointed to solicit subscription for a creamery - the long article cited the success of the new Sterling creamery - paying 30 cents per pound for butter fat, compared to the 24 cents paid in Yuma.

October 23, 1914 the Pioneer reported that the subscribers to date were:

J.B. Campbell, Jas. Gardner and Son, Geo. Dodd, Ryan & Eberhart, Dawes & Jackson, Chas. B. Marvin, Fisher & Dunkin, E.S. Dakan, Richey Hardware Co., H.C. Hoch, Geo H. Yost, D.J. Smith, W.T. Johnson, Edw. Selander, Henry Gummer, H.J. Neikirk, Chas. Chrismer, Richardson Bros, Claude Tribbett, D.J. Neifert, W.M, Evert, J.R> Ray, A.M. Donald, H.E. Railsbach, Chas. C. Zwirn, A.L. Honey, Jess Mayberry, L.Z. Curry, Lee Korf, Wenzel Blach, Ferdinand Mathies, Carl Landauer, Fred Korf, Peter Nordholm. Wm.J. Ray, Chas. Arnold, J.H. Berry, Everest Hamilton, J.a. Borwer & Son, F.H. Loveland, E.W. James. Carl Pagel, Bert Striker, and Henry Meier

November 6, 1914

In all probability, the Yuma co-operative creamery will be ready for business by New Year's Day, 1915; provided, of course, the weather man does not dish up an unusual brand of weather.  A meeting of the subscribers to the capital stock of the proposed company was held Monday and a committee, consisting of A.B. Dawes, George Yost and W.F. Ryan, was appointed to select a site for the location of the building.  Several offers of land were made, but the committee decided that the best location was the vacant lots just south of the oil tanks and two blocks east of the Red Cross Drug Store.  Work on the foundation was started yesterday.  The main building will be 40 x 25 feet, with an engine house 12 x 26 on the north and a covered driveway on the south side.  The work is under the direction of J.S. Fletcher, of Colorado Springs.

From the Yuma Pioneer  January 22, 1915

The new Yuma creamery building and its butter making machinery has been accepted by the building committee and the construction company has been paid.  The stockholders of the company will meet in this city next Wednesday, January 27, to elect its officers and for the transaction of such other business as may come before it.  The meeting will be called to order at 1:30 o'clock, p.m.

January 29, 1915


The Yuma Co-operative Creamery Company is now practically an actual fact, the only thing still lacking being the filing of a copy of the articles of incorporation with the Secretary of State, and that will certainly be a consumnmated (sic) deed within a very few days.  An expert creamery man, one who has been specially educated for the business and then has had practical experience in other creameries, will be here on or before February 15, and within a very short time thereafter - a week at most - the farmers of Western Yuma County will be delivering their cream at the doors of the Yuma Co-operative Creamery.

The subscribers to the stock in the new company met at Petrie's Hall Wednesday afternoon and A.H. Names called the meeting to order.  A.B. Dawes was selected as temporary chairman and J.W. Cochrane acted as secretary.

The proposed articles of incorporation, as prepared by committee appointed for that purpose, were read and after a few minor amendments had been made, were adopted by a unanimous vote.  The articles of incorporation provide for a capital stock of $10,000 and the business of the company is to be under the control of a board of directors consisting of five members, to be elected at the annual meetings.  The board of directors have the authority to elect all officers.  The annaul meetings of the stockholders are to be held on the first Tuesday following the first Monday of January of each year.

Five stockholders were elected to serve as directors for the first year, as follows:  Roy Richardson, Joseph L. Kraut, J.W. Cochrane, W.F. Ryan and A.B. Dawes.

The Board of Directors met immediately after the adjournment of the stockholders, and elected the following officers.  President, A.B. Dawes; Vice President, W.F. Ryan; Secretary-Treasurer, J.W. Cochrane, Manager, A.H. Names.

February 26, 1915 - The Yuma Co-operative Creamery, after many vexatious delays caused by a defective well, will commence to receive cream tomorrow morning.


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