Old Photos of Yuma

The Holyoke State Herald in 1890 reported " The Morrow Brothers were in town this week. They go to Yuma to build the new brick
bank building of Reed Brothers at that place. They are both good boys and excellent workmen. We wish them success."

Looking west from Main and 2nd -  Mustain's grocery occupies the first floor now.  Some details are:

The second floor window with John Abbott (attorney and state senator)

Jim Brophy says that the clothing store next door was also owned by a Mustain - brother of the grocer.

the second floor window with flower pots

The building was originally one floor - the second added later.

The pylon in the street says "Keep to Right"

Note the three boys standing in front of the bank.

Card was mailed October 6,  1920 to W.H. Stafford in Red Oak, Iowa from Vera Heitman?

"We arrived in Yuma Monday about 6 p.m.  We had good roads most of the way and had very little trouble with the car.  Our furniture is not here yet but look for it in a day or two.  We think we are going to like it here very well.  The people are all very friendly."




William H. Stafford is in the Montgomery County, Iowa 1920 census - he's 71 years old.

Rollie Deering wrote "Bitterman's barbershop was there when I was in high school.
Webb Martin's law office was further west, then the stairs to the second
floor.  Dr. Fox had his dental office on the Main Street side of the second
floor;   There was a fire in the building at one time, and Mr. Mustain gave my mother some flannel which had been singed."

If anyone knows what the vertical pipe is on the right side. let me know.  The radio station didn't start until 1925, so it's not that.  And it's too skinny to be a chimney?

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