Publication: Yuma Pioneer (Yuma, Yuma County);  Date: Feb 24, 1911;  Section: Front page;  Page: 1  
Picture shows members of Ladies Aid, as they were ready to serve cherry pie at a Washington's Birthday Tea.  This event was held in Cole's
Opera House, as was most activities during the week, and Church and Sunday School on Sunday.  Note interesting advertisements on stage
curtain in background, also faces of people peeping behind curtain.


The Pool Room was operated by Frank C. Saal, who came from Johnson, Nebraska about 1910.  He was also a barber, and didn't care too much for Yuma weather.  He moved to Lincoln, Nebraska in March of 1911.

Stephen M. Reece came from Illinois, and was a M.W.A. lodge officer in Yuma.  His son Roy was accused of a murder in Edison, Nebraska in 1908 (don't know the outcome).  His daughter Pearl was a schoolteacher, and married John Lindgren in 1910.  There was a Reece farm 4 miles north, 3 miles west of Yuma - and Stephen - along with John Deering, was a witness for a Moser homestead.  Stephen bought the livery stock of Tuttle in October 1910.