Old Photos of Yuma

September 14, 1917
January 1918 "Wear & Netushil, proprietors of the Yuma Bakery, have purchased the building in which they have been doing business during the past several months."

This photograph is from the Coston Collection. Scanned by Lee Zion
Marked Yuma Bakery, it appears to be one of the business holiday season photographs that Will Coston put together in the early 1920s so it could easily be the Wray Bakery. Anyone know for sure?

Note the boxes and baskets with baked goods on the right that were more than the display cases would hold. A couple of details follow.

Right side:

Back of store

February 1926 "E.R. Netushil, who was proprietor of the Yuma bakery a few years sine, was over from Imperial, Nebraska, Friday of last week."

In 1930 voting of the precinct in North Yuma could be registered "in the vacant store room of the Ritchey building north of the Yuma bakery."

February 1931
March 5, 1931
October 1, 1931
A January 1932 fire was in the 1933 newspaper

September 7, 1933

January 18, 1934

December 5, 1935

July 1936 - Geo. C. Berrier bought the Yuma Bakery from R. H. Potts.
February 17, 1938 "The Yuma Bakery has installed an attractive new neon sign in front of their place of business on Main street."

February 24, 1938
April 21, 1938 "George C. Berrier went to Kansas City Friday night to drive back a Chevrolet panel truck for use as a delivery car by the Yuma Bakery."

June 23, 1938

May 25, 1939
August 24, 1939

May 1940 the Yuma Bakery installed a new automatic electric bread wrapping machine which combines with a new bread slicer, recently installed."
April 24, 1947

May 27, 1948 "Hazel Hall and Bonnie Johnson are new employees at the Yuma Bakery."

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