Private Lyle Leo Brown

Pvt Lyle Brown

World War II

US Army
Service Number: 27335108
Born: March 5, 1921
Inducted: October 6, 1942
Killed in action May 29, 1943, Attu, Aleutian Islands
Buried: Eckley Cemetery, Block 5, Lot 26

Son of Frank and Nora Baugh Brown of Eckley.

Lyle L Brown

Wray Gazette August 1, 1943

Local Youth Loses Life in Aleutians
Son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Brown is Reported Killed in Action

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Brown, who reside northwest of Wray and came here from Cheyenne County, Kansas some months ago, were officially notified last week that their son, Lyle Brown, had lost his life in action in the Aleutians. The youth was inducted into the service at St. Francis, Kansas in September 1942. It is not known just where he was located in the Aleutians, but it is presumed that he may have been killed during the Attu campaign. The communications received by his parents stated that the soldier's death occurred in May. He was 23 years old.

Lyle Brown is a grandson of Mrs. Susie Baugh of Wray and a nephew of Heath Brown of this community.

Wray Gazette November 11, 1948

Pvt. Lyle L. Brown, deceased son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Brown of Eckley was returned here by military escort November 2, 1948. He was born March 5, 1921 in Cheyenne County, Kansas. He lived there with his parents until October 6, 1942 when he was called into the service of his country. On May 29, 1943, Lyle was killed in action paying the supreme sacrifice for his country.

Lyle is survived by his parents, Frank and Nora Brown of Eckley, one brother, Alvis of Wray, five sisters; Eleanor Lush of Eckley, Drussill Brough of Rexford, Kansas, Edith Owens of Madrin, Nebraska, Frances Boardman of Wray and Bernice Roe of Eckley.

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