Private Alvin G. Munson

Alvin Munson

World War I

Battery B, 10 Field Artillery
Service Number:
Born: January 2, 1895, Humboldt, Nebraska
Killed in action: October 13, 1918 France
Buried: Humboldt Cemetery, Humboldt, NE

Son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Munson of Humboldt, Nebraska.

Pvt Alvin Munson

Humboldt Leader - Thursday, November 14, 1918

Reported "Killed in Action"
Alvin, Son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Munson, Makes Supreme Sacrifice.

"Deeply regret to inform you that Private Alvin Munson, field artillery, was killed in action October 13th."

Such was the message received by Mr. and Mrs. Frank Munson, who live northwest of town, from the War Department on Sunday afternoon. He is the first of the Humboldt boys to sacrifice his life on the field of battle, and while the casualty list will be coming for another two weeks or more we trust other parents may be spared the grief caused by a like message. The news of peace came in the wake of the death message and the joy brought by the news of the deliverance of the world from the horrors of war was tinged with sorrow for these parents and all those who have made a like sacrifice. Those who will rejoice in the homecoming of their boys will remember with reverence the parent's whose sons will never come back and (who) will only realize it in full measure when the survivors come home and "their boy" is not there.

Alvin left here with one of the earlier draft contingents and was serving with Battery B, 10th Field Artillery, which had been in the midst of severe fighting for some time, although its exact location was not known. He gave his all to his country and his name will be engraved on the nations roll of honor as one of those who died for the liberty of the world.

The Leader joins with the entire community in extending sympathy to the bereaved parents.

Humboldt Standard - Friday, November 15, 1918

Makes Supreme Sacrifice
Alvin Munson Reported to Have Been Killed October 13.

"Killed in Action." That will be the epitaph chiseled on the tomb of Private Alvin Munson, son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Munson of this city. Thus while we are all rejoicing over the downfall of the German beast and hailing the advent of the time when German militarism and frightfulness has been crushed, our gladness is turned to mourning because of the supreme sacrifice which some of our boys were compelled to make. Lacking in detail but freighted with a meaning that reaches to the depth of a mother's heart, the message from the government to the parents reads:

"Deeply regret to inform you that Private Alvin Munson, field artillery, was killed in action October 13."

Alvin was a member of Battery B, 10th Field Artillery, and had for some time according to the information received, been in the thickest of the fray, although the exact sector in which his company was operating is obscure. On October 3 Alvin wrote a letter to his parents in which he said that he was in the best of health and spirits and intimated that some good news would soon emanate from the field of strife - but alas, to the folks at home the anticipated glad tidings were changed to mourning, but they weep not alone. The whole community bows in humble reverence to the brave soldier lad who has laid his life on the alter of freedom. Peace to his ashes.


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