Sergeant Donald R. Twedell

SGT Twedell

World War II

US Marine Corps
Company A, 6th Marine Regiment, 2nd Marine Division
Service Number: 00299633
Born: March 15, 1915 - Bethany, MO
Inducted: October 5, 1940 - Denver
Died of wounds received November 23, 1943 at Tarawa
Buried at sea from USS Doyan 24 Nov 1943
Memorial tablet at Honolulu Memorial, Hawaii
Memorial marker in Yuma Cemetery, Lot 161 north add, Yuma

Purple Heart

Son of Mr. and Mrs. Ross Twedell of Yuma.

Memorial Marker Hawaii

Memorial TabletHonolulu Memorial

Yuma Cemetery

Yuma Pioneer January 6, 1944

Sgt. Donald Twedell Dies of Wounds Received in Tarawa Invasion.

A message received by Mr. and Mrs. Ross Twedell Monday from the war department announced the death of their son, Sergeant Donald Twedell, who was seriously wounded as the United States forces invaded the Japanese-held island of Tarawa. No other Information was given the local people, but it was stated that a letter would follow. The young man was buried temporarily at an unannounced place.

Sergeant Twedell, who was born March 15, 1915 near Bethany, Missouri, and who came to Colorado in 1930, enlisted in the marines on October 5, 1944. He served in Iceland for nine mouths and on October 18, 1942, he was sent to New Zealand. During January and February of last year he served his country on Guadalcanal and then returned to New Zealand for a rest. After November 1 of last year he was actively engaged in several battles with the Japs, falling as the marine raiders stormed the beaches of Tarawa and wrested that island from the enemy.

Besides his parents, Sergeant Twedell is survived by three brothers, Gerald, who is a Corporal in the Army; Merle, a Marine Second Lieutenant; and Harold, who resides in this community, and a sister, Elaine.

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