Colorado Map

Yuma Co., Colo. School Districts ca 1925

School locations shown are ca 1920.


The map shows the Yuma County school districts by district number as they stood about 1925. For a listing of school districts by name, see Yuma County School Districts. A similar map was published by the East Yuma County Historical Society in their book East Yuma County History and was used with their permission to compile this map.

The school locations shown in each district are from the 1922 Standard Atlas of Yuma County. I did not show the schools located in the towns of Yuma and Wray. I also did not try to show where school houses stood prior to or after the 1920s.

The coordinate information along the edges of the map provides an easy method to locate a named district in the table on the map.

Several school districts in the table are not reflected on the map. You will note that one district (? at F6) on the map is not numbered. I need your help identifying that district name and number.

Place locations from the Yuma County Historical Map were retained on the school district map to provide additional location references. I had to remove the road and place names to add the district boundaries.

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Mount Pleasant Browning Liberty Hale Cook South Logan Starr North Logan Idalia Kayton Newton Boden Ritzies Cement Friend Clark Fox Kirk Red Top Pioneer Golden Gate Joes Consolidated Elk Unified Columbine Fair View Valley Unified Dewey Ridge Mildred Ash Grove Lansing West Burney Bunker Hill Antelope Beecher Island Pleasant Hill Mount Hope Progressive Lincoln Valley Wild Cat Unified Center Unified Abarr Unified 116- ? Mount Olive Fairview White Eagle Unified Bald Eagle Unified Sunnyslope Happyville Champion Valley Bunch Grass Prairie Ridge Riverside Vernon Glendale Radnor Sunnyside South Willow Fairview Liberty North Willow ? Help! Pleasant Valley Graham Union Ridge Star Laird Wray Union Valley South Independence Model Prairie View North Independence Sunnyside Robb Eureka Unified Star Eckley Sunnyside Pioneer Hope Progressive Valley Pleasant Valley Fairview Hill Top Columbine Barnes Pleasant View Schramm South Valley Unified West Valley Pleasant Valley Unified Yuma Unified Brand Hammond Pleasant View South Alvin Happy Valley Waverly Blach Unified Prairie View Pleasant Hill Hill Top South Star Morning Star Sunnyside Mount Hope Plainview Unified Bryant Unified Buffalo Grass North Star Wages Cement Hillside Prarie Valley - Thomas Pleasant Valley