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Allenspark Est. 1896; named for Alonzo N. Allen who discovered gold nearby in 1864; stage stop bet. Ward and Estes Park Community, 2000 population 496
Altona Originally called Modoc (1874-79), Altona was a post office [Peter Haldi Postmaster] and business point near mouth of Left Hand Canyon until 1916.  Occupants: George Bader and Samuel Arbutnot, pioneers.  Search for Arbutnot Surname.  Elevation: 5599 ft., latitude: 400802N, longitude: 1051656W Ghost town
Balarat Post Office (1879-1887) - Community.  Elevation 7480 ft., latitude: 400933N, longitude: 1052345W Ghost town
Big Five Present day:
  • Gold & silver mine; longitude: 400424N, latitude: 1053024W
  • Inactive coal mine; latitude: 395804N, longitude: 1051117W
  • Ghost town
    Boulder Early history (source unknown): "First called Boulder City.  Elevation 5,535 ft. County seat of Boulder County, located near foothills, in North Boulder Valley on Boulder Creek. In 1871 population was 600, 1873-750, 1875-2,100, 1877, 4,000.  Boulder is the County seat and the home of the University of Colorado. The population has grown to 94,673 (2000 US Census). County seat; home of the University of Colorado; population in the year 2000 - 94,673
    Canfield Post office 1878-1906; station on D&BV railroad 1¼ miles west of Erie; latitude: 400313N, longitude: 1050427W Ghost town
    Cardinal Once a wagon stop mining camp on the Coon Trail established in 1870 by Sam Conger and surveyed by J. D. Peregrine. There was a post office, assay office, boarding house, saloons, and several stores. In 1872 the population was 1872 [?] and increased to 1,500 between 1878 and 1883. A post office from 1905-1919. Elevation - 8980; latitude: 395811N longitude: 1053250W. Ghost town
    Caribou   Ghost town
    Copperock Post Office 1892-1915 Ghost town
    Crisman Post Office 1876-1918; elevation 6360 ft.; latitude: 400227N; longitude: 1052139W Ghost town
    Davidson Post Office 1873-1878
    Station on C.C.R.R. 8 miles from Boulder. Davison Coal and Iron Co. and Escelior Coal Co.; Robert Smith, general merchandise; W.A. Davison, coal; J.E. Jones, hotel.
    Ghost town
    Delphi Post Office 1895-1898 . . . see Wallstreet  
    Eagle Rock (aka Eagle Creek) Mining camp [hotel, M. Boneber] Mines: Equator, Melbourne, Paymaster, Milan, Little Belle, Wheeling, Whole, Golden Eagle, Lone Star.
    Post Office 1876-1877
    Eldora Est. 1897, Inc. 1898; previously known as Eldorado; elevation - 8641 ft.; latitude: 395655N; longitude: 1053348W. Community
    Eldorado Springs Est. 1930; previously known as Hawthorne; elevation - 5762 ft.; latitude: 395557N; longitude: 1051635W. Community; 2000 population 557
    Erie Straddles the Boulder/Weld County line. Original townsite was in Weld County.
    Gold Hill   Community; 2000 population 210
    Gorham Post Office 1899-1942 (see also Marshall) Renamed
    Gresham Post Office 1895-1912; elevation 8444 ft., latitude: 400825N, longitude: 1052554W Ghost town
    Highland RR Stop 1892-1959 map; elevation 5136 ft., latitude: 401420N, longitude: 1050458W Community
    Hygiene (Previously called Pella, North Pella) Established in 1861; Post Office established 1883; Reverend Jacob S. Flory built Hygiene, was the first postmaster and first publisher. Elevation 5097 ft., latitude: 401119N, longitude: 1051049W Community
    Jamestown (Previously called Camp Jimtown, Jimtown; aka Elysian Park) Est. 1867, Inc 1883.  Early history (source unknown):  "One of oldest mining towns in Colorado on James creek, 5 miles northeast of Gold Hill, 8 east of Ward, 10 northwest of Boulder.  Population 700, with stores, saloons, not merely a community.  Peabody Mineral Springs: hotel and baths, C.F. Pease; Morley & Co., general merchandise; Willard Mills."  Elevation 6929 ft., latitude: 400656N, longitude: 1052317W Community; 2000 population: 205
    Keysport Early (source unknown): "1870 Keysport was on Beaver creek, in Grand Island district, Boulder county, 2 miles from Caribou, 16 miles from Central, and 18 miles from Boulder City. [names: Alfred Tucker, E. Sexton, John Anderson, JS Beaman, J. W. Daniels, Henry Deschner]." Ghost town
    Lafayette Est. 1889, Inc 1890, founded by Mary Miller and named for her husband Lafayette Miller Community, 2000 population 23,197
    Liggett RR Stop-1969 map; elevation 5059 ft., latitude: 400242N, longitude: 1050800W Ghost town
    Longmont Early history (source unknown): "Next to Boulder City, the principal town in Boulder county. Terminus of the Colorado Central R.R., Julesburg Division. Daily mail and express. Western Union and Atlantic and Pacific Telegraph Lines. Tri-weekly stages to la Porte, Ft. Collins, and Cheyenne; daily to Erie. Population, 800. Distances: To Evans or Greeley, 30 miles; Erie, 10; Long's Peak, 30; Estes Park, 32."  Est. 1871, Inc 1873; elevation 4942 ft. Community; 2000 population 71,093
    Louisville As found on Boulder County Almanac, "The city's roots can be traced back to coal mining in 1877. The town was founded in 1878 when Louis Nawatny platted his farmland into city blocks and named the community after himself. Thirty mines eventually opened." Elevation 5337 ft. Community; 2000 population 18,937
    Lyons Early (source unknown): "Coal mining town and trading point for farmers on the Colorado Central Railroad. 12 miles from Boulder. [CC Welch, Jay Gould, David Kerr, G. W. Eggleston, James Minks.]" Mining Camp as early as 1858; Est. 1882; Inc 1891; elevation 5362 ft. Community; 2000 population 1,585
    Magnolia Early (source unknown): "Center of a new mining district in Boulder county, 10 miles from Boulder City. Principal lodes: Magnolia, Alabama, Riter, Downs, Keystone, Atlantic, Little Darrt, Jefferson, Dunraven, Queen Victoria." Post Office, 1876-1920; elevation 7238 ft.; latitude: 395938N; longitude: 1052153W. Community
    Marshall Early (source unknown): "Old-mining town with post office, 5 miles southerly of Boulder. Developed by Joseph W. Marshall, William L. Lee, Mylo Lee and AG Langford." Est. 1860-1878; elevation 5509 ft.; latitude: 395720N; longitude: 1051345W Community
    Nederland Early (source unknown): "Called Brownville in 1870, in 1875 the name changed to Nederland. Also called Middle Boulder, on the road between Boulder City and Caribou, and at the forks of the road to Central. Daily mails and express. Western Union Telegraph. Daily stages to Central, Caribou and Boulder. Population 500. Principal mines: Lone Star, First National, Boulder County, Trogan and Washington Avenue lodes. Distance to Caribou, 4 miles; to Boulder, 16; to Central, 15." Est. 1871, Inc 1874 (some sources say inc. 1859); additional variant name: Tungsten Town; elevation 8233; latitude: 395741N; longitude: 1053037W Community; 2000 population 1,394
    New Market   Ghost town


    Early (source unknown): "Settlers claimed lands as early as 1859, but the town was not established until 1872. 'Ni-Wot' is named for the leader of a band of Arapaho Indians, Chief Ni-Wot, meaning left handed. He is said to have evoked a curse--that those who came to winter here, even if they subsequently left would always be lured back. The curse is legend. The lure is real. Niwot's location, 4 miles from Boulder, below the Front range is in a calm weather pattern, snow will fall on both sides and miss Niwot. [settlers: P T Hinman, his P M Hinman and W Caywood & Sons, and Sylvanus Budd. On the Colorado Central Railroad.]" Post Office established 1873; RR station 1875. Community; 2000 population 4,160
    Orodelfan Post Office 1876-1881, also called: Orodell, Maxwell's Mill, Hortonville, Hunt's Concentration Works Ghost town
    Pella Original townsite located near present day Hygiene Ghost town
    Rowena Est. 1894; Post Office PO 1894-1918; elevation 7372 ft.; latitude: 400437N; longitude: 1052320W Community
    Salina Early (source unknown): "Mining town in Boulder county. Daily stages to Boulder, Gold Hill and Sunshine. Population 100. Reduction Works. H. G.. Sartore, general merchandise." Post Office 1874-1925; elevation 6581 ft. Community
    Santa La Saria Latitude 395746N; longitude 1053034W Ghost town/Inactive mine
    Sugar Loaf  Early (source unknown): "Mining district in Boulder county, 10 miles west of Boulder." Post Office 1867-1944; elevation 7842 ft.; latitude: 400101N; longitude: 1052424W Community
    Sunshine Early (source unknown): "The mining town in the eastern limits of Gold Hill mining district, in the foot hills, at the elevation of about 6,700 feet above sea level, six miles from Boulder City. Daily mails, express and stages to Boulder. Population, 800. An excellent newspaper, the Sunshine Courier, Bruner & Cairus, publishers, is printed here, and has done much to advertise this rich mining section. Distances: Boulder, 6 miles, Denver, 40; Gold Hill, 2 ½; Salina, 1; Jamestown, 8; Caribou, 16; Central City, 35." Post Office 1875-1913, Inc 1885; elevation 7160 ft.; latitude: 400357N; longitude: 1052158W Community
    Superior Est. 1896, Inc 1904; elevation 5490 ft.; population in 1990 was 255; in 2000 it was 9011 Community
    Tungsten Post Office 1916-1949; reached a peak population of 20,000; elevation 8002; latitude: 395819N; longitude: 1052832W Ghost town
    Valmont Early (source unknown): "On the Denver & Boulder Valley Railroad, one mile from Colorado Central. Daily mail and express. WU Telegraph line. Population 500. Distances: to Boulder 3½ miles, Erie 9, Davidson 4½." Post Office 1865-1901; elevation 5183 ft.; latitude: 400155N; longitude: 1051250W Community
    Wallstreet Originally named Delphi; name changed in 1898; Post Office 1895-1921; elevation 6878 ft.; latitude: Photos Ghost town
    Ward Early (source unknown): "1867-Population 1000, 8 miles north of Caribou and 6 milesabove Gold Hill.  Population 400.  Smith's Hotel, Ni-Wot Mill of fifty stamps; the Baxter, Long & Ulverson, Weist's Snider, Sivyer, J. Ellingham & Co., Ward Mining Co.'s stamp mills.  Mines:  Columbia, Celestial, Neillson and Humbold."  Est. 1863 as Ward District; renamed Ward 1894, Inc 1896; elevation 9160 ft. Community, 2000 population 169

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