Conejos County
Our Pioneer Heritage

Below are pictures of the town of Manassa, some school houses and the farm of Emil Zaffake.

If you have pictures of Conejos Co. you would like to contribute or a family history with pictures, please contact Connie Perkins


Downtown Manassa

Downtown Manassa in the 20's
Elite Parlor (ice cream parlor), Opera House, Clothing Store.

Bishop's Storehouse

LDS Bishop's Storehouse
Probably in the 20's or 30's.


1st of May Maypole Celebration
Probably in the 20's.

Stake Building

LDS Stake Building
Probably in the 20's or 30's.


Thanks to Dennis Chapman for this photo.

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School Houses

Los Mogotes School

Los Mogotes School House 1919-1920.

Los Mogotes Children

Los Mogotes School Children 1919-1920.

Pine Grove School

Pine Grove School 1918 or 1919, location unknown
Effie Jane Briggs was the teacher, she is the 3rd from the left in the picture. She was almost 25 but looks like one of the children. If you recognize any of the children or know where Pine Grove School is located please contact us
Thanks to Charlene Miller for these photos.
Effie Jane Briggs Miller is Charlene's mother-in law.

Emil Zaffke and his son on their farm near Anonia --1939
pictures taken by the Farm Security Administration

Sheep Herd Zaffke & son with ram Zaffke Ranch