Frank M. and Mary (Bryson) Barmore  - see also George and Sarah (Bryson) Horrum

In 1870 Gage County, Nebraska, Frank is 7, with parents H.C. and Mary J.

Horace and Mary E. are in Gage County in 1880, with Caroline 19, Frank 7, William 15, Charles 13, Walter 11, Florence 7, and brother Edwin 41, born in New York, a tinsmith.

In 1885 Gage County, Frank is 23, a farmer, boarding with the Kauffman family.

September 9, 1886 F.M. Barmore, 23, married Mary C. Bryson , 20 in Gage County, Nebraska

Thanks to William Utermohlen, who wrote " Barmore family 1890: This photograph includes the family of Horace and Mary Barmore, plus the wife of son Frank and his two oldest children. As the youngest child, John, was born in June 1890 and seems to be about six months old, it appears it was taken about Christmas 1890. The back row is Carrie, Will, Florence, Charlie, Frank, Mollie (Frank's wife) and Walter. Horace and Mary are seated, with Frank's sons Mel and John. As I understand it, Mary wanted just the parents and children to be in the photo, while Frank insisted he wouldn't participate unless his wife and children were also included, which may account for some of the expressions that are apparent."

Frank cash-claimed a quarter in 9, 7N 48W in 1890.

In 1900 Clackamas County, Oregon, Frank M. born Sep 1862 in Michigan, married 13 years to Mary C. June 1866 Nebraska, have Melvin C. Aug 1887, John W. June 1890, Frank V (daughter) Oct 1893 and Mabel C. June 1894, all four in Nebraska.

April 16, 1910 

In 1910 they're back in Gage County,   With John, Frankie, Mabal C., and now have Irene. M. 6, Lora E. 5, and newborns Eunice and Eugene.

F.M. Barmore (she must have given her husband's name) is widowed in 1920 Gage County, with Irene, Lora, and the twins.

In 1930 Gage County Mary is 63, with just the twins.

Frank - Sept 11, 1862 - Mar 1, 1916 and Mary C. (Bryson) Barmore 1866-1942 are buried in Highland Cemetery Gage County, Nebraska.


VIRGIL and Mary Jane (Gardner) BARMORE

In 1880 Virgil A. Barmore is in O'Brien County, Iowa, with parents David R. 34, Ohio, a grocer,  and Mary F. 32 Wisconsin.. He's an only child, 13.

He was a resident of Spirit Lake, Iowa for 16 years, coming with his parents in the spring of 1882.  He entered the drug business with E.C. Renke in 1888 and later worked in the Brownell drugstore.  He located at Lake Park in 1898 buying a drug store there and seven years later moving from the county.

In 1900 he's a druggist in Lake Park, Dickinson County, Iowa, saying he was born in Iowa, Feb 1871.  He's living with his widowed mother Mary F. born July 1847 in Wisconsin.

Virgil married Mary Jane 'Minnie' Gardner Sep 19, 1900 in O'Brien County, Iowa

In 1900 Cherokee County, Iowa, Minnie Gardiner, born Oct 1873 in Illinois, parents in Ireland, and Elena Gardiner September 1875 Illinois, Ireland, Ireland , are both teachers, boarding with the Kettie F. Gage family.

Virge A. Barmore cash-claimed a quarter in 4N 50W - that's Washington County, but only a dozen miles from Frank's.

1907 Yuma  "V.A. Barmore of Burdett transacted business in town Thursday."

1910 Yuma "Mrs. Minnie G. Barmore bought two lots last week in Lougee's addition. The sale was made by E. Loring.  A house will be erected at once."

In 1910 Yuma Virge A. "Barmon" is 36, born in Illinois, a carpenter, married ten years to Minnie G. 36, Illinois.  They have Eleanor 7, and son Marion 3, both Iowa. 

1910 Yuma "Mrs. Miller, Mrs. Barmore, and Mrs. Cole were among the visitors at the program held in Room 1 this week."

1911 "For Sale - three residence lots with small house.  Enquire of V.A. Barmore."

They're in Emmet County, Michigan in 1920, Eleanor is 16, daughter Marian 13.  Minnie died Sep 14, 1926.  Her father was John Gardner, mother Anna, both from Ireland.

Virgil died April 17, 1962 in Petoskey, Michigan.

In 1930 Oakland County, Michigan, Marian B. Welbes, a teacher, 23, born in Iowa, is a lodger in the Charles Sweet home, married but no spouse, first married at 22.

In 1940 Winnebago County, Illinois, George H. Welbes is a salesman, 32, born in Michigan, Marion 33, Iowa, with Diane 9 Michigan, Elinor 4, Iowa, and Patricia 2 Illinois.

Marian Barmore Welbes, born August , 1906 in Iowa, died October 24, 1985 in San Diego County, mother's name Gardner.

She's buried, per 32013682 in Panama City, Florida.  So are George Henry Welbes 1908-1957 # 32013681 and Patricia Ann Welbes 1937-1956 # 32013683.