Louise Buchanan, sons George, Kossuth, Dixon, daughters Eleanora (Buchanan) Sherwin, Ida(Buchanan) McClain, 7N 51W and 10N 52W

In 1860 Clermont County, Ohio, W.D. Buchanan is farming 44, with Louisa E. 43. R.A. is 22, W.L. 20, and G.A. 18, all three farm laborers. L. Victory is 14, E. L. 12 (this would be Eleanora), Mary G. 10, Kossuth 8, Gorgon 4 (this would be Dixon), Louisa 2, and A. E. six (months - this would be Arthur Eugene).

Samuel Milton Buchanan, per one tree, died June 23, 1860, and Robert A. in 1866.
In 1870 Clermont County, Louisa Buchanan is 49, Laura 24, Lenora 22, Eugg 20, Korreth 18, Dixon 14, Ida 12, and Eugene 9.

In 1880 Clermont County, Louisa is 60, with Laura 34, daughter Gregg 30, Ida L. 22, and Eugene A. 19.

Louisa E. Buchanan cash-claimed a quarter in 7 and 18, 9N 52W in 1891.

August 1898 "Mrs. A. G. Sherwin and daughters, Lydia and Helen, went to the Cedar this morning for a visit with Grandma Buchanan."

1898 "Mrs. Dick Buchanan and little Ruth came up from Crook this morning for a visit with relatives."

1899 "Dixon Buchanan came up from the Box J ranch at Crook this morning, accompanied by his daughters ; Ruth and Lou."

April 1900 "Grandma Buchanan came in from the Cedar this morning for a visit with her daughter, Mrs. A. G. Sherwin."

August 1900 "Mrs. A. G. Sherwin and daughter Helen went to Crook last night for a visit with Mrs. D. Buchanan."
This might be Dixson Buchanan 1856-1934 buried in Greeley # 65216744. He was in Clermont County, Ohio in 1856, age 4, with W.D. 44 and Louisa E. 43. R.A. is 22, W. L. 20, G.M. 18, L. Victory 14, E.L. 12 and E.L. 10, Kossuth 8, Discson 4, Louisa 2, and S.M six? moths?
Dixon was in Crook, Logan County, Colorado in 1900, 44, with Jennie 43, Lou 14, Clementine 9, Ruth 6.

February 16, 1900 "A special meeting of the Sterling town board was held Saturday evening with all members present except Alderman Sherwin."

Augustus 1848-1911 is buried in Sterling # 44424508, with Leanora 1847-1922 # 44424520 saying she died in Albuquerque, N.M..
Leanora's siblings: Robert Alexander; Leonard William; George Montville; John Randolph; Laura Victoria; Leonora Elizabeth; Thomas Hamer, Mary Grace; Kossuth; Samuel Milton; Dixon; Ida Louise; Arthur Eugene; Julian.

Louisa Elizabeth (Simmons) Buchanan died May 18, 1909 in Sterling, and is buried in Clermont County, Ohio # 16444860.


Laura 1845-1934 is buried in Sterling # 5717024


Rosaline Clark was born 27 July 1855 in Wapallo, Louisa County, Iowa. She died 15 July 1937 at the Masonic Home, Alameda County, California. Rosaline married William Lee Henderson when she was almost 21 years old.

Platte Valley Record Supplement,Sterling, Colorado, 15 Dec 1887,
"Wedding Bells : Henderson - Buchanan wed 7 Dec [1887] were married at Wapello, Iowa.
Mrs Rose C. Henderson, formerly of this place and Mr K. Buchanan of Cedar Creek. These young people are too well known to need introduction to Sterling Society. Their acquaintance and courtship have covered a period of nine years. At times many clouds hovered over their pathways, and it was only about a year ago that the skies finally cleared and certain embarassing obstacles were removed. We extend to the happy young couple the congratulations customary at such times."

1887 Holyoke Colorado

March 9, 1888 "The Omaha Sunday Bee gives a fine biographical sketch of Miss Lizzie Gordon of our city. It is too long to copy although it is well written and Miss Gordon deserves all she gets credit for. She is to be congratulated."

1889 Holyoke

June 25, 1899: Wednesday afternoon, at the home of the bride's sister, Mrs. W.H. Moore occurred a very quiet wedding, that of Miss Lizzie Gordon to Kossuth Buchanan, both of Sterling, Colo. The ceremony was performed by Rev. McNair. The couple left on the afternoon train for their future home in Sterling, where a host of friends await them.
In 1880 Roane County, West Virginia, Lizzie Gordon is 23, teaching, Kate C. Gordon 27, both living with sister Clara G. Moore, 31 married to William H. Moore 34 and their five kids.

William H. Moore is a grocery salesman in 1900 Teller County, Colorado, 54, with Clara 50, both born in Pennsylvania. Jessie B. is 26, Ida M. 24, Lafayette C. 18, all three born in West Virginia, and Hazel G. Nov 18884 born in Colorado.
William married Eva Perry in Pemiscot County, Missouri on April 17, 1905.
In 1910 Teller Couty, William is on his second marriage 64, with Eva 47, both born in Pennsylvania.

William is an orange grower in Riverside County, California in 1920, with Eva H. - with three hired men and a cook.
They're alone in 1930, and W.H. died in San Bernardino County March 25, 1931, age 85.

April 6, 1900
October 1926 Yuma "State Senator J. H. King and K. Buchanan, of Sterling, were visiting in Yuma Wednesday. The senator was here to meed friends and to forward his campaign for re-election in this section. Mr. Buchanan rode the range in northeastern Colorado over three decaates and more since, and was attempting to find the few remaining cowpunchers of the 80's."

Kossuth 1852-1940 is buried in Sterling # 57127182, with Elizabeth G. (Gordon) Buchanan 1857-1939. She had homesteaded so close to Holyoke that the land company bought 80 acres for a town site - she started the Gordon House hotel in Holyoke with brothers-in-law Moore.


Frank Tanberg wrote:

In 1900 Logan County, Dixon born March 1856, married 17 years to Jennie May 1857, both born in Ohio, have Lena Apr 1886, Clementine July 1890, and Ruth January 1894, all three born in Colorado.

Jennie Page was 23 in 1880 Clermont County, Ohio, with widowed mother Mary Page 56.
(Mary A. (Barkley) Page, per # 135332809, is buried in an unmarked plot in Clermont County 1821-1905.)

June 26, 1902 Greeley, Colorado Dick Buchanan passed through LaSalle Sunday with twenty head of young stock for his ranch in Logan county."

December 18, 1902 Greeley

In 1910 Logan County, D. Buchanan is 54, Amanda J. 52, with Ruth 16. They have a staff of six, including Homer and Edith Sheridan as foreman and housekeeper.

March 20, 1913 " Mrs. Jennie Buchanan, of Logan county died at Sterling. Mrs. Buchanan was fifty-six years old and is survived by her husband and three children.

Per # 65216743, Amanda is buried in Greeley 1859-1913.
Dixon is in Denver in 1920, a mine proprietor, 63, widowed, in a lodging house on Larimer Street.

Dixon is in Berkeley, California in 1930, a night watchman, with daughter Louisa 43 and her husband Harry Woodbury 45.
Dixson is buried in Greeley, 1856-1934 # 65216744.

Harry "Woodberry", a carpenter, 25 and Louisa 24 are in Salt Lake City in 1910.
Louisa B. 33 and Harry M. Woodbury 34 are in Salt Lake City in 1920, with adopted daughter Lucile W. 12 (likely a niece, daughter of Angus Woodbury). His step-mother Rebecca R. Woodbury 62 is with them.

Louisa Buchanan Woodbury, born April 29, 1886, died in Alameda County California August 6, 1956.

Mary Clementine Buchanan and Jesse D. Bartholomew married in Logan County October 8, 1909.

In 1920 Clear Creek County, Colorado, Jesse Bartholemew is a silver miner, 33, with Clementine 29, and daughter Dixon 9.

Jesse Bartholomew is widowed in 1930 Contra Costa County, 44,m with a boarder John Cotterello 36, both born in Colorado, father in Italy. They're next to Arthur M. Torkeelson 30 born in IOa and Myrtle 29 in Montana and son Donald 5 born in California. Dixon Bartholomew is 19m, a boarder with the Torkelson
Jesse D. Bartholomew, per one tree, died August 14, 1030 in Contra Costa County, California.
Dixon, daughter of Jesse Bertholomew and Clem Buchanan, married Philip Russell Poirson on February 13, 1932 in Alameda County, California.
Dixon died June 16, 2000.

Ruth Page Buchanan, 21, married Harry G. Loizeaux, 25 in Julesburg, Colorado on June 20, 1915.

Harry Geddes Loizeaux, born August 12, 1889 in Vantion (Benton?), Iowa, is in Texas County, Oklahoma when registering for WWI. He was the manager of a lumber company in Tyrone,m married.

1919 "Harry G. Loizeaux has applied for a charter for the First National Bank, East Moline, Illinois, with a capital of $100,000."

In 1920 Harry is in Rock Island, Illinois, 31, a yard man for a lumber company, single, living with Carl 34 and kattie Mitchell.

In 1930 Warren County, Illinois, Harry is 40, managing a lumber yard, lodging with the Clarence H. 49 and Myrtle 43 Chamberlin family.

"HARRY GEDDES LOIZEAUX b. 12-Aug-1889 IA., d. 28-Apr-1964 Los Angeles County, CA., m. 1955, JESSIE ALICE (DYE) BOUFFARD b. 12-Apr-1905 IL., d. 23-Feb-1986 CA. "
John H. Bouffard 1898-1950 and Jessie Alice Dye Bouffard 1905-1986 had John F. Bouffard in Chicago on April 3, 1926.

Jessie A. Loizeaux 1905-1986 is buried in Inglewood, California, # 79226952 saying she died in Walnut Creek, California.


George W. McClain and Ida L. Buchanan had William Lewis McClain on May 4, 1889 in Sterling.

Ida L. Buchanan cash-claimed a quarter in 18, 9N 52W in 1890.

In 1910 Logan County, north west Sterling precinct, George McClain is farming, Ida L., both 52 born in Ohio. William L. is 21, Laura E. 18, George W. 16, and Leda D. 15, all four born in Colorado.

In 1920 Logan County, George 62 and Ida L. 61 have daughter Lyda Crichton 25, widowed and her son John H. one year. William McCalin 30 is with them, too.

Ida 1858-1938 is buried in Sterling # 55689322, with Georege W. McClaian 1858-1932.

Lyda Crichton is teaching school in 1930 Fort Morgan, with John H. 11. They're rooming with the Charles and Jessie Hunsaker family.

Lyda McClain Crichton 1894-1970 is buried in New Canaan # 173680336.

John Henderson Crichton was born March 4, 1919 at Padroni Colorado to John H. Crichton and Lyda McClain
He's buried in New Canaan, Connecticut, # 173680335, spouse Zula 1919-1977.

Lora E. 28 is married to Roy Earl Conant 29 in 1920 Sterling. He's a railroad laborer.
In 1925 they're in Iowa County, Iowa, with Eloise 5. born January 12, 1920 in Sterling.

"Ray" 49 and Laura E. 48 are in Iliff Colorado in 1940, where hes a govenment laborer. Roy was boarding in 1930 Weld County, a railroad laborer.
In 1947 Roy and Lora are living at 2322 Eliot in Denver, where he is a sectionman for the Union Pacific.

In 1958 they're living at 3267 Lowell Blvd in Denver.
In 1968 they're retired, still at 3267 Lowell.

Roy E. Conant 1890-1983 died in Collier County, Florida.

Eloise Conant Smith died August 23, 1997 in Collier County, Florida.
She's buried in Naples, # 17646613, with Charles C. Smith 1917-2010.


In 1860 Clermont County, Sarah J. Ireton is 16, one of eight kids of Samuel 47 and Nancy 42 Ireton.
In 1870 Sedalia, Missouri, George Buchanan is 28, a clerk in a store, with Sarah 26 and Julian five months, all born in Ohio.

In 1880 Clermont County, Ohio, George is a huckster, blind, 38, with Sarah 37. They have Eugene 10.

Sarah Jane (Ireton) Buchanan is buried in Clermont County, born 1842, per #136191183.


February 1890 "Mrs. George Buchanan arrived home Tuesday from Arkansas City, Kansas, where she has been visiting her son, who is teaching school in the sunflower State. She says the country is nothing like our own Sunny Colorado - that when it isn't raining it is a blowing a 2:40 gale. Glad to get home she was, but no happier than George was to see her."

In 1895 a fire destroyed nearly a quarter of a block of frame buildings September 16. Mrs. D.E. Smith $1,000, J. J. Carlisle, $1000, George Buchanan, $200, Frank Watts $300, M.E. Watts $600, Bank of Sterling $600.

March 23, 1900

George is widowed in 1900 Sterling, born March 1842 in Ohio, a fruit dealer living on Main Street.
June 1900 "George Buchanan has opened his lemonade stand, adjoining Yonge & Conklins grocery, and will furnish you the coolest drink in the city. Patronize blind George."

1900 "G. M. Buchanan, better known as plain Buck, has decided that he must have better sleeping apartments and accordingly Howard Huffman started work this morning, building him one to his taste at the rear of the store. Mr. Buchanan will also have a tin roof put on part of his store building."

George cash-claimed a quarter in 7, 9N 52W in 1891.
George proved up a quarter in 20, 11N 55W in 1901 - that's northwest of Sterling.

George died July 1, 1917 in Cheney, Spokane County, Washington.
He's buried in Spokane County # 54401605, He was the son of Alexander Buchanan and Louisa Simmons. He was the husband of Sarah Jane Ireton."
December 29, 1899 Sterling "George Buchanan is grandpa and the happiest man in Sterling in the bargain. . He received a telegram from his son, J. E. Buchanan, in Denver telling of the birth of a little daughter, A Christmas gift, Pacific time," so the message read. Mrs. Buchanan has been staying with her aunt, Mrs. H. B. Davis for a month past and Gene went to Denver Saturday last to spend the holidays. The Democrat congratulates all concerned."


The Normal Institute at Cheney in 1922 enrollment included Helen Buchanan of Cheney and Mary Buchanan of Sterling, Colorado.

Julian, husband of Alice A. (Probst) Buchanan is also buried in Cheney # 54747692.


Arthur E. Buchanan, age 21, married Alice D. Cox, age 19, on April 29, 1891 in Clermont County, Ohio.


i. Fannie E. Cox, - born August 4, 1856; married Leander Wood.
Children : i. Marshall 11. Clarence M.

ii. Marshal Wilder Cox,- born, October 2, 1858; unmarried.

iii. Horace J. Cox,- born, May 8, 1861 ; migrated west while in his teens and was one of the old time cow boys, undergoing the hardships and dangers of pioneer life in what was formerly known as the great American desert, now one of the most fertile regions in the United States; became an extensive dealer in live stock and real estate ; still a ranch owner, and engaged in the cattle business ; residence, McCook, Nebraska; married Margaret R. McDonald, formerly of Canada, in 1886.
Children : Elisabeth H., Hazel M., Irma E.

iv. Alice D. Cox, - born, December 31, 1863; married Arthur E. Buchanan, of Sterling, Colorado, president of the North Sterling Irrigation District.

v. Jessie J. Cox, - born, June 13, 1869; married John H. Abrams, of Moscow, Ohio, who has been identified with the White Collar Steam Boat line from Portsmouth, Ohio, to Cincinnati, and is extensively engaged in the tobacco trade.

vi. Charles M. Cox, - born, October 3. 1874; unmarried.

Eugene proved up a quarter in 29, 9N 52W in 1890, and timber-claimed another in section 19 in 1894.

Alice D. Cox was 16 in 1880 Clermont County, Ohio, with Pannel T. 50 and Harriet A. 44. Marshall is 21, Horace J. 19, Alice D. 16, Jessie J. 10, and Charles M. 5.

1898 Sterling "Gene Buchanan got in from the west late Saturday night with ten cars of fine two-year-old steers and three cars of horses."

In 1900 Logan County, next to Kossuth in Iliff precinct, Arthur is a stock raiser, born Feb 1861 in Ohio, married 9 years to Alice D. Dec 1863 in Ohio. Harriet was born Dec 1894 in Colorado.

1907 Percheron Stud Book

In 1910 Sterling, A. Eugene is a livestock dealer, 49, Alice D. 46, with Harriett 15 and Mary 8.
They're next to Laura 65 and her brother George W. 68, both born in Ohio.

July 22, 1911 -- Twenty men are accused of having forcibly entered the ranch of J.H. Scott of Sterling, near the Nebraska line, to-day, armed with rifles and six-shooters, routing out two tenants of the land, wrecking the houses, barns, and fences, and removing everything they could carry, including the growing crops.
"Eugene Buchanan, a wealthy stockman, banker, and prominent citizen of Sterling, and Irving ??, one of his associates, are accused of being leaders of 'the mob.In 1920 Sterling, Arthur E. is still a livestock dealter, 58, Alice D. 56, mary 17. Harriet is 25 married to Ray Hyne 26.
DESTRUCTIVE RAID ON HOMESTEAD Wealthy Cattleman and Eight Others Charged With Conspiracy
DENVER, July 22. Charging oppression; intimidation, violence and wanton destruction of property, warrants were- today placed in the hands of Deputy United States Marshal E. G. Jefferds for the arrest of nine citizens of Colorado, some rated as worth 1600,---000 and others ranch hands. The warrants are : sworn; to by M. D. McEnery, chief of , the field division of the federal land office, in behalf of J. H. Scott, an aged homesteader/ of Homestead." Colo., whose ranch.was raided. - The men named In the warrants are: Eugene Buchanan of Sterling, bank director -and wealthy cattleman: Irving Monette, Peetz, Colo., wealthy cattleman; Gilbert Schwartzlander of Peetz, ranch hand; August and John Sindt, brothers, of Peetz, homesteaders; 010 Simonson of Peetz, homesteader; Ruford J Sallesof Winston, 5 cowboy; Frank Miller, of Peetz, cowboy, and J. H. Van Pelt of Winston, ranch hand. The complaint charges that the sole object of the raiders was to drive Scott off his homestead, near the Nebraska line; because it enclosed a "water hole" used by the cattle of Buchanan, Monette and others for more than a quarter of a century; that when Scott refused to sell or move off a conspiracy was formed to wreck his place and drive him out of the country. Armed with rifles, the complaint continues, the raiders appeared at the Scott homestead at daybreak, destroyed houses, barns, fences and growing crops and carted off movable spoils ln large wagons. The damage is placed at $5,000. The filing on the homestead was made by Edward Scott a son, who was killed. The elder Scott, more than 70 years old, and a civil war veteran, took advantage of the federal laws which permitted to complete the entry and not live on the land. Accordingly he put Floyd and Walter Blair on the land to improve and cultivate it. The next morning the raiders appeared; drove the Blalrs away and destroyed the property."
Eugene, a farm laborer, and Alice are alone in 1930 Sterling.

" Mary Buchanan McMillan's history of the Arthur Eugene Buchanan family and their battles to establish a successful ranch on the Colorado prairie of the late 1800s. 121pp. illus with B&W photos.. "

Harriet Adelia Hyne, born December 2, 1894 in Colorado, died February 19, 1957 in Napa County, California.

Mary Alice Buchanan was born March 24, 1902 in Logan County, dying October 7, 1998 as McMillan.

David E. McMillan, 28, married Mary A. Buchanan on October 27, 1925 in Sterling.
In 1930 Mary is in Stevens County, Washington, , 24 married to David E. McMillian 32.
In 1940 Mary is in Stevens County, Washington, age 38, married to David E. McMillan 42 and two daughters. They're living with David's father Colin R. McMillan, 82.

She's buried in Colville, Stevens County, Washington # 41902747.

Mary G. Buchanan cash-claimed a quarter in 19, 9N 52W in 1889.

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