Washington County, Colorado

Surnames From "100 Years of Washington County History"

100 Years of Washington County History
ISBN 0-88107-140-4
Published in 1989 by Curtis Media, Inc.
530 Bedford Rd, Suite 112, Bedford Texas 76022

The index from the book was copied and submitted for publication by Rae Seeman. Rae obtained permission to publish this index from Curtis Media Corporation and we thank them as well.

Note from the Coordinator: It may be well nigh impossible to find a copy of this book. Curtis Media went out of business before 2004. Its assets were bought by Hennington Publishing Co in Wolfe City Texas but I called the Hennington phone number found online and it is a non-working number. I think Hennington has disappeared too. Where can one find a copy of this book? I haven't an answer. It has an ISBN number so the Library of Congress has a copy. The Akron Museum Association probably has a copy but I found that organization defunct in 2011. Drop me a line if you know anything. DBC

Arlene Glenn recently notified me that she has access to a copy this book in the Yuma County Museum. She will will do lookups for you and she asks that you reimburse her for expenses incurred including mileage from her home near Otis to Yuma and back. More details on the Lookup Volunteers page.

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100 Years of Washington County Colorado
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