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Two Geographical Features of Washington County

Fremnt Butte-Flat Top

Fremont Butte is a physical and historic geographical prominence of northern Washington County located at latitude 40.2488687 N and longitude, 103.3088299 W., 6 miles north and 5 miles west of Akron Colorado. The butte was seen by John Charles Fremont on his trek up the South Platte River in 1843.

Flat Top is is a physical and historic geographical prominence of southern Washington County located just north of its southern county line with Lincoln county at Latitude 39.576653 N, Longitude 103.597171 West. It is just west of County Road 71 about 10 miles south of Last Chance (on US Highway 36). Its elevation is 5406 ft. (1647 m.). Near the prominence there was a Flat Top School from 1915-1921.

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County Coordinator

Daniel B Cooley is the new Washington County Coordinator. If you have any questions or suggestions, or wish to contribute Washington County material, please email me at dbcooleyw@gmail.com. Also, please report problems and provide specific details. It's the only way I'll know how to make this site more useful to you.

This site was created by Lee Zion. We were saddened by his untimely death in June 2008. Please see the wonderful memorial to Lee on the Colorado GenWeb site.

The former Washington County coordinator was M.D. Monk who continues to host the COGenWeb pages of Logan, Kit Carson, and Yuma counties.

State Coordinator

Our Colorado USGenWeb State Coordinator is Gail Kilgore. If you would like to contribute to the Colorado USGenWeb project by becoming a host of one of the county pages contact Gail at gail.kilgore@gmail.com

Assistant State Coordinators

Colorado USGenWeb Assistant State Coordinators are (click for email address):

Billie Erin Walsh
Colleen Pustola
Linda Simpson


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Carl Lindahl's Farm Location Project

Washington County resident Carl Lindahl has started an ambitious project to map the locations of past Washington County farms and identify them by owner. Here is Carl's message and website address:

I am working on a project to id and map places in Washington County where people live and have lived and with some annotation. Am in the process of interviewing people in the different areas of the county that know some of the history. Many of the old time places are being farmed over and I feel it is important to locate and id those places. Here is the link for my map. If you have any questions, corrections please let me know.
People who Lived in Washington County Colorado
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Washington County COGenWeb Main Menu

A Short History of Washington County Colorado The county was organized on February 9, 1887 about five years after the first B&MR (Burlington & Missouri River) locomotive steamed through Akron in mid 1882

Washington County Veterans Veteran burials in Washington County and elswhere with a connection to the county, Gold Star veterans, and veterans who served in World Wars I and II.

Washington County Post Offices and Postmasters
From 1883 through 1961 with township/range/section coordinates for each post office

Historic Washington County School Districts
Several District numbers, 88, 89, 90, and 91 have unknown names Please help with any WashCo school knowledge you may have

Washington County Place Names and Map
A Lee Zion original with a wealth of detail such as the old railroad camps of Xenia and Pinneo

Washington County Land Survey Township and Range Locations
This is simply a grid overlay on a map of Washington County See the PLSS tutorial for an explanation of the system used in Colorado

The Public Land Survey System (PLSS) used in the United States
An excellent PLSS tutorial by Lee Zion

Washington County Historic and Pioneer Photos Project
This section contains donated photos of people and places in Washington County with special emphasis on photos and biographies of Washington County pioneers as follows: Calvin Chapman, Cary Doggett, John Mosby, Anna Bancroft and Gordon Bullock, Eli and Rosann (Conely Heath Nels and Josie Oman, John J. and Alice Bates Woods, and the Newsom and Hill families.

Washington County External Resources
Washington County Museum, Neighboring county COGenWeb websites, Genealogy Links, Colorado links

Colorado and Washington County Vital Records
State and County agencies to write to for official records, Birth, Death, and Marriage

Miscellaneous Washington County School Information
Class lists, graduation photos, school board members, plus excerpts from the Akron Pioneer Press,etc.

Surnames in Washington County Cemeteries
from the Washington County Cemeteries book

Cemetery Maiden/Married Name Cross-Reference
compiled from the index to Washington County Cemeteries

Northeastern Colorado Lookup Volunteers
Arlene Glenn, who has access to lots of Washington County resources,
will gladly look up information for you

Washington County Researcher Registry
Researchers are those that have associated themselves with a particular surname. Check on this page for WashCo surnames of interest then contact the researcher directly if you need or have more information

Surnames From 100 Years of Washington County History
Flash! Arlene Glenn now has access to this book. Check the Lookup Volunteers page.

Washington County Newspapers
From 1885 to the only currently operating newspaper, The Akron News-Reporter

The Colorado Historic Newspaper Project
You can find a searchable, digital version of the Akron Pioneer Press here
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List of Pioneer Family Histories
The Pioneer Book of Washington County Colorado Vols I and II

These volumes contain histories of pioneer families all having lived in Washington County prior to 1900

"The History of Burdett, Washington County, Colorado" as related by Dorcas Harvey in 1919
"In the year 1870 there was one William or Bill Burdett settled on Rock Creek, and had his shanty built of buffalo hides, of which there were many running wild on the prairie at that time...."

"The Life-and-Death Story of Hyde", Washington County, Colorado by Regina Carpenter
"The first lots in Hyde were sold in May 1886 by the Lincoln Land Co. The price varied from $100 to $500."

History of Otis, Washington County, Colorado
"Otis in the Olden Days" by Joan Gartin
"Until the railroad pushed west, it was difficult for most people to move out here in the plains to establish homes. In 1882, however, the Burlington & Missouri River Railroad track was laid through Otis and connected the plains areas with Denver."

Index to Original Land Patents in the Cope area and the southeast corner of the county
T3SR51W, T3SR50W, T3SR49W; T4SR51W, T4SR50W, T4SR49W; T5SR51W, T5SR50W, T5SR49W

Miscellaneous Washington County Names
Surnames covered: Ball, Butts, Davis, Dunton, Irwin, Jamison, Kendon, Lett, Llewellyn, McCollister, Muntzing, Payne, Pelton, Pickett, Smith, Stokes, Warner, Whitlake, Wilcox, and Yeamans.

Washington County Migrations
The national Migrations Project is defunct. There is only one county in-migration so far.

Stories, Histories, and Obituaries
Donated stories of early Washington County pioneer life, family remembrances, and obituaries.

The USGenWeb Archives Project Washington County Colorado
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Volunteer Census Projects
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