Washington County, Colorado

Maiden/Married Name Cross-Reference for Pat Oestman's Washington County Cemeteries

Notes from the originator of this listing, Lee Zion

This is a supplement to Pat's Washington County Cemeteries name index pages compiled by Lee Zion and is not intended as a stand alone listing. This listing cross-references the maiden and married surnames of women in the index.

For example, Pat's index entry: Hedges, Lula M. (nee Horn) Lewis is indexed in this list twice:

Both entries should be understood to point to: Hedges, Lula M. in the book's original index.

Some middle names may have crept into the cross-reference. From the index entry alone there is no way to tell if "Banker, Mary Cannon" is a first and middle name or a first name and a surname from a previous marriage.

Copies of the "Washington County Cemeteries" book (now in the second reprint) may be obtained from Pat Oestman for $30.00 including postage. Her address is:

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Married Name Cross-Reference for Pat Oestman's Washington County Cemeteries

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Maiden/Married Name Name in Index
Abbott, Leanah J. Keiser Yeamans, Leanah J.
Abrahamson, Carrie Larson, Carrie
Adams, Amy L. Lukkehoy, Amy L.
Adams, Dorothy N. Vaugh, Dorothy N.
Aden, Clarice M. Spear, Clarice M.
Adkins, Irene E. Erickson, Irene E.
Ahlin, Beda M. Strand, Beda M.
Ahll-Scrivner, Thelma Reese, Thelma
Akes, Della Weir, Della
Albers, Mary L. Rinne, Mary L.
Alberts, Bertha L. Smith, Bertha L.
Albin, Mary F. Barnhouse, Mary F.
Albright, Sadie J. Huff, Sadie J.
Alexander, Emma J. Thompson, Emma J.
Alexander, Laura M. Wood, Laura M.
Alexander, Myrtle L. Pratt, Myrtle L.
Alishouse, Minetta J. Foutz, Minetta J.
Alishouse, Rebecca Mumma Smith, Rebecca
Allen, Georgia E. Hoyer, Georgia E.
Allen, Winifred P. Ogg, Winifred P.
Allerman, Martha D. Dressel, Martha D.
Alley, F. Estella Llewellyn, F. Estella
Alsop, Ruth J. Hoover, Ruth J.
Amick, Barbara E. Etter, Barbara E.
Amick, Ida M. Mercure, Ida M.
Amick, Nora B. Budd, Nora B.
Ammons, Minerva B. Cross, Minerva B.
Anderson, Alice B. Matthews, Alice B.
Anderson, Clara W. Olson, Clara W.
Anderson, Dora S. Mountain, Dora S.
Anderson, E. Marie Schmidt, E. Marie
Anderson, Edna R. Shaffer, Edna R.
Anderson, Harriett M. McFarlin, Harriett M.
Anderson, Mable L. Wrape, Mable L.
Anderson, Maria Erby, Maria
Anderson, Mary C. McCammon, Mary C.
Anderson, Mary E. Hayes, Mary E.
Anderson, Mary L. Kelley Myers, Mary L.
Anderson, Rosa L. Rapp, Rosa L.
Anderson, Ruth T. Hafer, Ruth T.
Anderson, Velma M. Nitzel, Velma M.
Andrews, Gertrude M. McCloud, Gertrude M.
Andrews, Grace V. Cass Mickelson, Grace V.
Andrews, Maude B. Wood Sneath, Maude B.
Annabel, Ethel E. Stein, Ethel E.
Annabel, Georgia P. Hansen, Georgia P.
Annabel, Nellie E. Stanton, Nellie E.
Appenzeller, Elizabeth Read, Elizabeth
Appenzeller, Elsie M. Forbes, Elsie M.
Applequist, Stella M. Pohlman, Stella M.
Areford, Sadie B. Dutton, Sadie B.
Arends, Tedaha H. Ruhaak, Tedaha H.
Arnold, Esther L. Cox, Esther L.
Arthur, Effie L. Mack, Effie L.
Arundle, Carrie H. Barrett, Carrie H.
Arundle, Carrie W. Barrett Reed, Carrie W.
Arundle, Mamie Barnhouse, Mamie
Arundle, Minnie Eggleston, Minnie
Ashley, Virginia A. Shugart-Ashley, Virginia A.
Atio, Louvia A. Darrell, Louvia A.
Atkins, Goldie B. Varney, Goldie B.
Attebery, Anna M. Compton, Anna M.
Attebery, Rosa Nickerson, Rosa
Atwood, Clara E. Larue, Clara E.
Auld, Mable E. Vincent, Mable E.
Auld, Pearle F. Vincent, Pearle F.
Austin, Eldara V. Shane, Eldara V.
Austin, Glenys M. Jackson Small, Glenys M.
Avery, Edna Carr Waitley, Edna
Axtell, Elma E. Fincher, Elma E.
Axtell, Mary Highland, Mary
Ayers, Betty J. Nugent, Betty J.
Maiden/Married Name Name in Index
Badman, Florence T. Venrick, Florence T.
Bagel, Mary E. Coats, Mary E.
Bagley, Hattie Alexander, Hattie
Bailey, Ethel O. Dickson, Ethel O.
Bailey, Harriet O. Raff, Harriet O.
Bailey, Mary J. Lowry, Mary J.
Baker, Agnes T. Martin, Agnes T.
Baker, Elizabeth B. Schinkel, Elizabeth B.
Baker, Mamie Schinkel, Mamie
Baker, Mamie M. Roberts Reichenecker, Mamie M.
Baker, Maria McCorkle Weaklin, Maria
Baker, Minie M. Davisson, Minie M.
Baker, Ruth L. Chryst, Ruth L.
Ball, Bertie Hudson, Bertie
Ballard, Lela B. Dunbar, Lela B.
Ballard, Margaret A. Ingle, Margaret A.
Banker, Estella E. Cummings, Estella E.
Banner, Amy A. Dolifka, Amy A.
Barber, Anna M. Felkey, Anna M.
Barlett, Anne K. Both, Anne K.
Barnett, Elizabeth S. Whitehurst, Elizabeth S.
Barnett, Mary O. Stratton, Mary O.
Barnett, Ruby C. Retheford, Ruby C.
Barnhouse, Edna M. Sears, Edna M.
Barnhouse, Thelma R. Kessinger, Thelma R.
Barr, Mabel O. Angus, Mabel O.
Barrett, Carrie W. Arundle Reed, Carrie W.
Bartell, Anna C. Brown, Anna C.
Bartlett, Edna M. Jones, Edna M.
Bartlett, Nellie G. Highland, Nellie G.
Bartlett, Sarah J. Matthews, Sarah J.
Bartsch, Martha M. Feyereisen, Martha M.
Bassett, Mary E. Ball, Mary E.
Bauer, Anne Mack, Anne
Baughman, Rachel E. Rader, Rachel E.
Bays, Mary S. Rasmussen Miller, Mary S.
Bays, Sarah Cunningham, Sarah
Bean, Ida E. Gilbert Henry, Ida E.
Beason, Bertha E. McCreath, Bertha E.
Beckwith, Margaret M. Dogett Sackrider, Margaret M.
Bedsaul, Mabel M. Presler, Mabel M.
Beecher, Kathern A. White, Kathern A.
Beechler, Susan B. Thorp Reigle, Susan B.
Beeman, Cristena S. Knutzen, Cristena S.
Behrendsen, Clara A. Bailey, Clara A.
Behrendsen, Edna Trautman, Edna
Bell, Laura Edkins Wigfield, Laura
Bell, May B. Hobbs, May B.
Bell, Sarah E. Parker, Sarah E.
Bender, Amelia Quint Meath, Amelia
Bendle, Clara M. Bullock, Clara M.
Benson, Anna B. Gertson, Anna B.
Berges, Dorothy R. Young, Dorothy R.
Bergman, Margaret E. Green, Margaret E.
Bevelhimer, Beulah F. Neal, Beulah F.
Bianchi, Margaret J. Horn, Margaret J.
Biby, Virgie M. Clements, Virgie M.
Bickel, Caroline Wenz, Caroline
Bishop, Blanch M. Hafer, Blanch M.
Bishop, Mary A. Tolle Lynn, Mary A.
Blaase, Cristina Shea, Cristina
Black, Mary A. Wood, Mary A.
Blake, Ruby J. Stewart Wong, Ruby J.
Blakley, Mary C. Carr, Mary C.
Bliss, Violet M. Myers Mahaney, Violet M.
Blood, Julia A. Phelps, Julia A.
Bloomgren, Roberta J. Schaffert, Roberta J.
Bluhm, Adaline Heidermann, Adaline
Bohern, Luella B. Edwards, Luella B.
Bohern, Milly A. Keasey, Milly A.
Bolander, Rosetta Carey, Rosetta
Boldenow, Louise R. Rehder, Louise R.
Bollon, Mary E. Bagley, Mary E.
Bond, Susie E. Compton Hinton, Susie E.
Bonham, Inez E. Rogers, Inez E.
Bonnett, Virginia Buckmaster, Virginia
Booram, Rosella B. Harvey, Rosella B.
Boring, Hazel A. Elliott, Hazel A.
Borland, Dorothy E. Stackhouse, Dorothy E.
Borland, Maude J. Davis Warner, Maude J.
Bosselman, Marie Stuben, Marie
Boswell, Cora E. Freed, Cora E.
Both, Gertrude A. Wood, Gertrude A.
Bowers, Lillie O. Prescott, Lillie O.
Bowman, Hettie Snyder, Hettie
Bowman, Pearl Kincheloe, Pearl
Braddy, Melvina Grooms, Melvina
Brannan, Ruth A. Dickson, Ruth A.
Brasheur, Mildred Kaufman, Mildred
Brenig, Clara I. Fallert, Clara I.
Brenneman, Catherine Schultz, Catherine
Bretting, Mathilda A. Shugart, Mathilda A.
Brewer, Irana Riggs, Irana
Bricker, Margaret C. Jackson, Margaret C.
Brinkerhoff, Katie Wind, Katie
Britton, Edith G. Riemenschneider, Edith G.
Bromley, Erma R. Davis, Erma R.
Brooks, Thelma L. Willis, Thelma L.
Brown, B. Ellen Baker, B. Ellen
Brown, Edith B. Willis, Edith B.
Brown, Kittie C. Madden Younger, Kittie C.
Brown, Margaret J. Weir, Margaret J.
Brown, Sarah J. Nutt, Sarah J.
Brown, Viola M. Ross, Viola M.
Brown, Willie P. Hottinger, Willie P.
Browning, Lucy C. Bennett, Lucy C.
Brunker, Elma E. Rhenburg, Elma E.
Brunker, Mary E. Graves, Mary E.
Brunker, Mary J. Axtell, Mary J.
Bryant, Lila E. Shepard Wrape, Lila E.
Buchanan, Martha B. Irwin, Martha B.
Buchholz, Dorothy C. Jamison, Dorothy C.
Bue, Gertrude Tveitnes, Gertrude
Buis, Emeline M. Attebery, Emeline M.
Bullock, Margary L. Stivers, Margary L.
Burch, Vesta A. Conner, Vesta A.
Burgess, Hattie Linn, Hattie
Burgess, Lena Bell, Lena
Burget, Donna L. Perry, Donna L.
Burkhard, Eldora Laybourn Jordan, Eldora
Burkhart, Anna Furgason Hall, Anna
Burt, Ida M. McFarlin, Ida M.
Burtis, Ruth Wells, Ruth
Burton, Anna P. McMillion, Anna P.
Burton, Retta L. Wellman, Retta L.
Busel, Sary Dalton, Sary
Bushey, Phoebe J. Reynolds Owens, Phoebe J.
Busker, Greta M. Jansen, Greta M.
Butler, Jennie B. Williams, Jennie B.
Butts, Elsie A. McGehee Ross, Elsie A.
Maiden/Married Name Name in Index
Caley, Frances I. Fick, Frances I.
Callahan, Stella Bishop, Stella
Campbell, Alice E. Raybourn, Alice E.
Campbell, Marion M. Rapp, Marion M.
Campbell, Rebecca E. Amick, Rebecca E.
Cannon, Martha Banker, Martha
Carlson, Britta T. Walton, Britta T.
Carlson, Mable E. Rains, Mable E.
Carlton, Jessie Gibson Stoner, Jessie
Carman, Clara B. Marshall, Clara B.
Carnes, Anna E. Whitaker, Anna E.
Carothers, Gladys A. Wulf, Gladys A.
Carothers, Shirley L. O'Brien, Shirley L.
Carpenter, Elva L. Johnson, Elva L.
Carpenter, Mary C. Lisle, Mary C.
Carr, Edna Avery Waitley, Edna
Carson, Jospehine G. Kidney, Jospehine G.
Casey, Florence Combs, Florence
Casey, Theresa LaMoine Johnson, Theresa
Caspers, Tena M. Holthus, Tena M.
Cass, Grace V. Andrews Mickelson, Grace V.
Castleberry, Rinnie M. Williams, Rinnie M.
Castor, Theresa T.M. Palmer, Theresa T.M.
Catlin, Sadie C. Morton, Sadie C.
Cawthra, Ella L. Keim, Ella L.
Chandler, Alice G. Thoma, Alice G.
Chapin, Ila Hannah, Ila
Chapman, Clara Hinton, Clara
Chapman, Lillie B. Roszell, Lillie B.
Chase, Lillian C. Holt, Lillian C.
Cherry, Lorene M. Ruhaak, Lorene M.
Chezem, Josphine Oman, Josphine
Chilton, Alta Higinbotham, Alta
Chizek, Lena E. Fisher, Lena E.
Chizek, Mary E. Moschel, Mary E.
Chord, Ida M. Roberts, Ida M.
Christofferson, Anna S. Kincheloe, Anna S.
Christofferson, Dagmar Roberts, Dagmar
Church, Saxie L. Chadwick, Saxie L.
Clamer, Nettie R. Cope, Nettie R.
Clare, Mary C. Markham, Mary C.
Clark, Acta C. Bentley, Acta C.
Clark, Anna M. Parrish, Anna M.
Clark, Grace I. Rorabaugh, Grace I.
Clark, Margie N. Ishiguro, Margie N.
Clark, Rachel K. Martin Mitchell, Rachel K.
Clark, Sarah G. McCaffrey, Sarah G.
Clatworthy, Leah A. Allen, Leah A.
Clausen, Wypka M. Piening Kays, Wypka M.
Claypool, Kathryne E. Greb, Kathryne E.
Clayton, Lula M. Weir, Lula M.
Clemo, Lillian L. Plato, Lillian L.
Clifford, Kathleen B. O'Neil, Kathleen B.
Cline, Cara F. White, Cara F.
Cline, Ida M. Steen, Ida M.
Cline, Jessie V. Gray, Jessie V.
Cline, Ruby E. Jesse, Ruby E.
Clinkenbeard, Isabel N. Cowan, Isabel N.
Cloud, Lova D. Koch, Lova D.
Coats, Anna M. Jackson, Anna M.
Cockroft, Sophia A. Gould, Sophia A.
Cody, Claudia V. Johnson, Claudia V.
Coffman, Rachel M. Noell, Rachel M.
Coghill, Eva G. McMullen, Eva G.
Cole, Loretta Elder Jeffers, Loretta Elder
Cole, Margaret Rudnick, Margaret
Cole, Mary E. McKie, Mary E.
Cole, Viola H. Rodwell, Viola H.
Coles, Mathilda Burkett, Mathilda
Colson, Edna F. Graves, Edna F.
Combs, Blanche E. Hurt, Blanche E.
Compton, Susie E. Bond Hinton, Susie E.
Conant, Gladys M. Herbst, Gladys M.
Conant, Ida E. Shaffer, Ida E.
Confer, Alverna J. Garner, Alverna J.
Conner, Mary E. Mefford, Mary E.
Conner, Mary M. Axtell, Mary M.
Conner, Ruth L. Burkhart, Ruth L.
Coombs, Jessie W. Sparling, Jessie W.
Cooper, Ellen Sharp Knoff, Ellen Sharp
Cooper, Lillian D. Remington, Lillian D.
Cope, Elizabeth M. Brown, Elizabeth M.
Copeland, Maude M. Wells, Maude M.
Corbin, Myrtle Guisinger, Myrtle
Corbin, Virda A. Lair, Virda A.
Cordes, Caroline L. Loftiss, Caroline L.
Costin, Barbara E. Johnson, Barbara E.
Courter, Mae A. Burkhart, Mae A.
Cowan, Frances J. Colpitts, Frances J.
Cowan, Mattie E. Arthur, Mattie E.
Cox, Birdie M. Salley, Birdie M.
Cox, Emma A. Brown, Emma A.
Cox, Essie D. Spence, Essie D.
Cox, Martha Spencer, Martha
Cozad, Amy P. Sharp, Amy P.
Craigh, Grace L. Plummer, Grace L.
Crawford, Leureta Raff, Leureta
Crawford, Minnie M. Seel, Minnie M.
Crawford, Nellie R. Voshell, Nellie R.
Crays, Angelina L. Lair, Angelina L.
Crews, Nancy G. Walton, Nancy G.
Crites, Bertha Hanes, Bertha
Crosby, Iva M. Venrick, Iva M.
Cross, Cora E. Hobbs, Cora E.
Cross, Elsie G. Parker Wilcox, Elsie G.
Cross, Essie Myrtle Auld, Essie Myrtle
Cross, Icle L. Basler, Icle L.
Cross, Irene M. Rice Palmer, Irene M.
Crossey, Helen M. Rutz Rasmussen, Helen M.
Cunningham, Emma L. Odell, Emma L.
Cure, Lola Starlin, Lola
Curry, Avis F. Allen, Avis F.
Curtis, Elda E. True, Elda E.
Maiden/Married Name Name in Index
Daniels, Grace A. Rinker, Grace A.
Daniels, Laura D. Smith, Laura D.
Daniels, Mattie Hart, Mattie
Daniels, Sarah E. Appenzeller, Sarah E.
Danley, Mattie L. Gordon, Mattie L.
Darrell, Barbara A. Showalter Richter, Barbara A.
Darrell, Esther L. Goble, Esther L.
Daum, Tillie Hansen Rankin, Tillie
David, Mary E. Mourey, Mary E.
Davidson, Marjorie L. Higinbotham, Marjorie L.
Davies, Gladys D. Grace, Gladys D.
Davis, Cora D. Maxwell, Cora D.
Davis, Florence J. Parrish, Florence J.
Davis, Ivy E. Simonsen, Ivy E.
Davis, Margaret Llewellyn, Margaret
Davis, Maude J. Borland Warner, Maude J.
Davis, Rosena O. Young, Rosena O.
Davisson, Shirley M. Bruhn, Shirley M.
Davisson, Vernie Volberding, Vernie
Dawson, Edna M. Ison, Edna M.
Dawson, Leila Phon Collman, Leila
Deacon, Irma J. Cott, Irma J.
Deal, Catherine O. Funk, Catherine O.
DeGarmo, Phebe Bowland, Phebe
Delaney, Agnes Bagley, Agnes
Delaney, Margaret Bailey, Margaret
Delehanty, Jennie Diamond, Jennie
Delinger, Ella E. Sailor, Ella E.
DeMoss, Sadie M. Muchow, Sadie M.
Denison, Cordelia E. Davis, Cordelia E.
Deno, Hazel M. Horton, Hazel M.
Deno, Helen A. Alishouse, Helen A.
Deno, Ina A. Rowland, Ina A.
Devlin, Irene F. Krier, Irene F.
Diamond, Bertha E. Cline, Bertha E.
Diamond, Burnece Bradbrook, Burnece
Dick, Thelma I. Simpson, Thelma I.
Diercks, Helen M. Gemaehlich, Helen M.
Dillon, May Justice, May
Dimon, Nancy J. Higinbotham, Nancy J.
Doane, Veda J. Morris, Veda J.
Doane, Velma J. Morris, Velma J.
Dodson, Effie F. Morrison, Effie F.
Dogett, Margaret M. Beckwith Sackrider, Margaret M.
Doherty, Delia A. Murray, Delia A.
Dolifkap, Josephine I. McCaleb, Josephine I.
Dorrance, Mary E. Hulben Saxton, Mary E.
Dorrance, Vella V. Tofflemoyer, Vella V.
Dougherty, Margaretta A. Riffle, Margaretta A.
Doull, Louise P. Bell, Louise P.
Doyle, Mary Vanliew, Mary
Draht, Phillippine A. Jesse, Phillippine A.
Drake, Rilla D. Misner, Rilla D.
Dreith, Susanna Miller, Susanna
Drescher, Anna Wells Millman, Anna
Dressel, Anna Hickman, Anna
Drullinger, Louise Page, Louise
Drumm, Dorothy E. Horn, Dorothy E.
Drumm, Grace L. Riggs, Grace L.
Duby, Leona Banks, Leona
Dudley, Blanche C. Shaw, Blanche C.
Duman, Clara D. Hottinger, Clara D.
Dunbar, Ethel E. Flauding, Ethel E.
Duncan, Blanche Avery, Blanche
Durkee, Alice Durns, Alice
Durns, Viola F. McGee Jost, Viola F.
Dwigans, Thelma E. Furrow Schultz, Thelma E.
Maiden/Married Name Name in Index
Eagen, Margaretta Brown, Margaretta
Early, Marget E. Jefferson, Marget E.
Easter, Christine E. Allen, Christine E.
Ebon, Agnes M. Volberding, Agnes M.
Eby, Kathryn King, Kathryn
Echternkamp, Clara Spencer, Clara
Edkins, Laura Bell Wigfield, Laura
Edwards, Arminta A. Morgan, Arminta A.
Eggers, Edna M. Baker, Edna M.
Eggers, Ella Shafer Matthews, Ella
Ehrhart, Laura A. Frenzl, Laura A.
Ehrman, Lena K. Fiechter, Lena K.
Ehrman, Louise Deveny, Louise
Ehrman, Margaret F. Koeller, Margaret F.
Elam, Elva E. Douglas, Elva E.
Elam, Mary E. Springston, Mary E.
Elder, Loretta Cole Jeffers, Loretta
Elder, Sarah V. Young Harvey, Sarah V.
Elliott, Eva Hayes, Eva
Elliott, Ida Hayes, Ida
Elliott, Jennie M. King, Jennie M.
Elliott, Lora L. West, Lora L.
Elliott, Ruby M. Heater, Ruby M.
Elliott, Sarah M. Gould, Sarah M.
Ellison, Anne I. Tedrick, Anne I.
Elwood, Alice V. Highland, Alice V.
England, Hallie J. Goode, Hallie J.
England, Lois Evans, Lois
Epperson, Mary J. Allen, Mary J.
Erb, Ruth G. Spicknall, Ruth G.
Erickson, Garda E. Sundling, Garda E.
Erickson, Golda B. Buchholz, Golda B.
Erickson, Merle J. Grooms, Merle J.
Erickson, Rena M. Elliott, Rena M.
Erisman, Ethel M. Cantrell, Ethel M.
Esa, Bertha Rudnik, Bertha
Eskew, Evelyn L. Pribble, Evelyn L.
Eskew, Marion A. Rinne, Marion A.
Etherton, Margaret J. Gates, Margaret J.
Etter, Bessie M. Brown, Bessie M.
Etter, Blanch M. Highland, Blanch M.
Evans, Dorothy Nelson, Dorothy
Evans, Dorothy A. Garner, Dorothy A.
Evans, Ina C. Walter, Ina C.
Evers, Claver K.J. Aden, Claver K.J.
Ewers, Katherine J. Claver, Katherine J.
Ewing, Galdys M. Resler, Galdys M.
Ewing, Marian G. Wells, Marian G.
Maiden/Married Name Name in Index
Faber, Elaine Erasmus, Elaine
Fackrell, Ella E. Johnson, Ella E.
Falteen, Sophrona A. Abbott, Sophrona A.
Farley, Lovina A. Steele, Lovina A.
Farwell, Agnes A. McKenzie, Agnes A.
Fassler, Ida E. Kopisch, Ida E.
Fechtel, Sarah E. Daniels, Sarah E.
Feising, A. Margaret Huber Schmidt, A. Margaret
Fentress, Dimple C. Matthews, Dimple C.
Ferguson, Bertha V. Applequist, Bertha V.
Ferguson, Charlotte K. Parker, Charlotte K.
Ferguson, Nancy E. Presler, Nancy E.
Ferry, Kate Mitchell, Kate
Feyereisen, Alberta M. Ferguson, Alberta M.
Field, Mary Ingersoll, Mary
Finkbeiner, Lena M. Wright, Lena M.
Finkner, Lydia V. Fassler, Lydia V.
Finkner, Minnie F. Wenig, Minnie F.
Fischer, Louise H. Kniese, Louise H.
Fisher, Erna N. Fassler, Erna N.
Fisk, Carrie Reese, Carrie
Fisk, Myrtle P. Reese, Myrtle P.
Fladung, Mary G. Yanker, Mary G.
Flatego, Margaret Sampson, Margaret
Fletcher, Susie C. McTaggert, Susie C.
Flobeck, Minnie Rasmussen, Minnie
Florian, Lucia A. Ingalsbe, Lucia A.
Florian, Rosa A. Gebauer, Rosa A.
Foote, Jessie B. VanWinkle, Jessie B.
Forth, Elda V. Allen, Elda V.
Foster, Almeda B. Mustain, Almeda B.
Foster, Betty Shannon, Betty
Foster, Gertrude Raybourn Kaylor, Gertrude
Foster, Martha A. Burtis, Martha A.
Frakes, Myrtle J. Allen, Myrtle J.
Franklin, Della T. Foster, Della T.
Franklin, Flora E. Trim, Flora E.
Franklin, Vera L. Letourneau, Vera L.
Franssen, Karen K. Hefty, Karen K.
Frederick, Merle G. Hurlburt, Merle G.
Frederickson, Elsie M. McCracken, Elsie M.
Frederickson, Myrtle M. McCracken, Myrtle M.
Freed, La Vera G. Hayward, La Vera G.
Freidrick, Johanne H. Schmidt, Johanne H.
Fridley, Dessie M. Boltjes, Dessie M.
Friend, Bertha F. Fine, Bertha F.
Frisby, Blanche Dorsey, Blanche
Fritchey, Hattie E. Fisher, Hattie E.
Fritz, Lula G. Erickson, Lula G.
Fuller, Lodema R. Gilder, Lodema R.
Funk, Cora A. Resler, Cora A.
Furgason, Anna Burkhart Hall, Anna
Furrow, Thelma E. Dwigans Schultz, Thelma E.
Maiden/Married Name Name in Index
Gailus, Gussie G. Harman, Gussie G.
Galbreath, Edna L. Ritz, Edna L.
Galbreath, Meta L. Williams Smith, Meta L.
Gallentine, Birdie R. Switzer, Birdie R.
Gardner, Annie J. Inness, Annie J.
Garfield, Inez A. Little, Inez A.
Garner, Fannie G. Stanley, Fannie G.
Garrabrant, Effie M. McFarlin, Effie M.
Garrett, Leanor Emick, Leanor
Garrison, Bessie Broadbent, Bessie
Gasque, Amy G. Ellison, Amy G.
Gates, Bernice Green, Bernice
Gates, Minnie M. Davisson, Minnie M.
Gates, Sarah E. Post Stetham, Sarah E.
Gebauer, Anna Wolf, Anna
Gebauer, Anna J. Barry, Anna J.
Gebauer, Hedwig M. Florian, Hedwig M.
Gebauer, Jenie A. Jost, Jenie A.
Gebauer, Louise Matschinsky, Louise
Gehrig-Reese, Anna M. Randall O'Brien, Anna M.
Gehrig, Margaret Meenam Reese, Margaret
Geiger, Lena W. Holsclaw, Lena W.
Geisler, Ethel G. Welch, Ethel G.
Geister, Martha Harvey Duboise, Martha
Geister, Minnie L. Drumm, Minnie L.
Gemaehlich, Alvina A. Dunker, Alvina A.
Gemaehlich, Anna E. S. Steele, Anna E. S.
Gemaehlich, Emma M.M. Busing, Emma M.M.
Gemaehlich, Margaret E. Muchow, Margaret E.
Gerard, Mary B. Zender, Mary B.
Gerick, Anna Zwickl, Anna
Gertson, Virginia M. Gray, Virginia M.
Gholson, Neoma Carnes, Neoma
Gibson, Jessie Carlton Stoner, Jessie
Gilbert, Alice C. Jackson, Alice C.
Gilbert, Ida E. Bean Henry, Ida E.
Gilleland, Catherine E. Staples, Catherine E.
Gillespie, Mary J. Brandt, Mary J.
Gillespie, Zella R. Waldvogle, Zella R.
Ginder, Blanch G. Sloane, Blanch G.
Girvin, Elsie I. Laybourn, Elsie I.
Glaiser, Josephine Hulser, Josephine
Glass, Ida M. Clowser, Ida M.
Glosson, Marge D. Miller Spradling, Marge D.
Godsey, Belle Combs, Belle
Goode, Bessie Shockey, Bessie
Goodwin, Martha A. Auten, Martha A.
Gordan, Lena A. Huston, Lena A.
Gordon, Alice G. Bogert, Alice G.
Gordon, Grace C. Ruston, Grace C.
Gordon, Laurah D. Purdy, Laurah D.
Gordon, Nina T. Orenz Rogers, Nina T.
Gough, Eva L. Springston, Eva L.
Gould, Alice M. Mustain, Alice M.
Gould, Flora A. Harvey McGhee, Flora A.
Gould, Maude I. Hayes, Maude I.
Gourley, Fleda J. Henry, Fleda J.
Grant, Ida A. McSwain, Ida A.
Graves, Alice J. Herzberg, Alice J.
Graves, Florence I. Riffle, Florence I.
Graves, Glenda L. Moots Moore, Glenda L.
Gray, Gaurah L. Lodwig Smith, Gaurah L.
Gray, Lottie G. Cline, Lottie G.
Gray, Vera E. Crosier, Vera E.
Green, Hazel E. Schmidt, Hazel E.
Green, Laura K. Miller, Laura K.
Greer, Eva C. Davisson, Eva C.
Grenway, Lura Waugh, Lura
Griffith, Laura J. Purdy, Laura J.
Griffith, Nora B. Gardner, Nora B.
Grinder, Charlotte Mackleburg, Charlotte
Griswold, Jessie Slusser, Jessie
Grooms, Charlotte M. Kessinger, Charlotte M.
Grooms, Mary E. York, Mary E.
Groscost, Grace E. Scarbrough, Grace E.
Grove, Sarah A. Traxler, Sarah A.
Groves, Dora S. Butler, Dora S.
Gudgel, Mildred M. Jesse, Mildred M.
Guenther, Anna Theurer, Anna
Guertner, Clara Jackson Daniels, Clara
Guertner, Jane Walker, Jane
Guertner, Myrtle M. Hotchkiss, Myrtle M.
Guliford, May A. Anderson, May A.
Gum, Mary A. Stone, Mary A.
Maiden/Married Name Name in Index
Haas, Martha C. Gebauer, Martha C.
Haber, Pearl B. Schmidt, Pearl B.
Hackney, Jennie Drullinger, Jennie
Hafferman, Johanna Dehnbostel, Johanna
Hagan, Fleety B. Shirley, Fleety B.
Hager, Edith M. Schmidt, Edith M.
Hagge, Catharina M. Blaase, Catharina M.
Hahn, Carrie V. Farley, Carrie V.
Halcomb, Mary T. Morris Jenkins Steele, Mary T.
Hall, Ethel Littleton, Ethel
Hall, Lucia M. West, Lucia M.
Hall, Mabel C. McDaniel, Mabel C.
Hall, Mary Ann Arundle, Mary Ann
Hall, Sarah Young, Sarah
Haller, Bertha M. Huff Herron, Bertha M.
Hamilton, Ida M. Polton Keasey, Ida M.
Hampton, Pearl M. Sloane, Pearl M.
Hand, Mada E. Beck, Mada E.
Hannon, Lola G. Farrar, Lola G.
Hansen, Anna M. McDonald, Anna M.
Hansen, Gretina T. Aden, Gretina T.
Hansen, Tillie Daum Rankin, Tillie
Harden, Hester R. Cawthra, Hester R.
Harden, Lois T. Pachner, Lois T.
Hardin, Minnie E. Collins, Minnie E.
Hardisty, Merle B. Carter, Merle B.
Harland, Martha E. Ross, Martha E.
Harms, Ardie A. Behrendsen, Ardie A.
Harms, Elizabeth J. Furrow, Elizabeth J.
Harper, Jennie Winland, Jennie
Harper, Julia Scott, Julia
Harpham, Kathryn J. Goodman, Kathryn J.
Harrell, Gracelia E. Martin, Gracelia E.
Harrington, Letha A. Higinbotham, Letha A.
Harrison, Carrie M. Jones, Carrie M.
Hartzell, Hetty E. Parks, Hetty E.
Harvey, Flora A. Gould McGhee, Flora A.
Harvey, Martha Geister Duboise, Martha
Harvey, Mary E. Palmer, Mary E.
Hass, Jessie Blanche Burns, Jessie
Hassig, Jessie H. Challis, Jessie H.
Hatch, Blonde Z. Matthews, Blonde Z.
Hauge, Lizzie Kjellerupp, Lizzie
Haukenes, Martha Johnson, Martha
Hayes, Bessie L. Turner, Bessie L.
Hayes, Cora M. Dalton, Cora M.
Hayes, Guilda I. Riemenschneider, Guilda I.
Hayes, Mossie Norris, Mossie
Hayes, Olaf Grace Elder, Olaf Grace
Haynes, Rachel F. Rader, Rachel F.
Heath, Clara M. Downing, Clara M.
Heath, Mary E. Lucas, Mary E.
Heckler, Elmyra White Lodwig, Elmyra
Hedden, Sarah E. Houser, Sarah E.
Hedgecock, Dora Steele, Dora
Hedman, Dorthea I. Smith Reigle, Dorthea I.
Heidemann, Anna M. Nitzel, Anna M.
Heil, Rita M. Klauman, Rita M.
Hein, Wilma A. Hahn, Wilma A.
Heinman, Mary Heer, Mary
Heinzel, Elizabeth Fussenegger, Elizabeth
Heitman, Cecilia S. Kelley, Cecilia S.
Helbig, Christina Barnhart, Christina
Hemerick, Almeda Minkler, Almeda
Henderson, Blanche Brown, Blanche
Henness, Roxie A. King, Roxie A.
Hennessey, Margaret A. Pickett, Margaret A.
Henry, Bessie M. Brown, Bessie M.
Henry, Luvena Wilson, Luvena
Herkert, Milda A. McBeth, Milda A.
Herman, Sophie L. Cherry, Sophie L.
Herring, Helena Steinow, Helena
Hews, V.M. Main, V.M.
Hezmann, Augusta Gebauer, Augusta
Hiatt, Mary J. Copeland, Mary J.
Hicklin, Edith F. Brinkley, Edith F.
Hickman, Helen H. Ison, Helen H.
Hickman, Marian A. Wells, Marian A.
Hickman, Mildred E. Heath, Mildred E.
Hicks, Myrtle M. Goble, Myrtle M.
Hicks, Pebble A. Howard, Pebble A.
Higbee, Carrie J. Buckles, Carrie J.
Higinbotham, Emma J. Palmer Tedrick, Emma J.
Higinbotham, Mary R. Ross, Mary R.
Hobbs, Alice O. Brown, Alice O.
Hobbs, Mabel I. Etter, Mabel I.
Hobbs, Mollie A. McCracken, Mollie A.
Hobelsberger, Grace Hackle, Grace
Hodge, Esther S. Brantley, Esther S.
Hoffman, Mabel A. Barton, Mabel A.
Holgerson, Jensine Peterson, Jensine
Holloran, Catharine Delaney, Catharine
Holmes, M. Fern Jenkins, M. Fern
Holsclaw, Florence B. Boe, Florence B.
Holt, Helen K. Gray, Helen K.
Holton, Jane V.J. Reed McKay, Jane V.J.
Hooser, Bertie A. Babbitt, Bertie A.
Hoover, Ermaline A. Moots, Ermaline A.
Hopton, Rose J. Stackhouse, Rose J.
Horkey, Kate Mazanek, Kate
Horkman, Lillian A. Elliott, Lillian A.
Horn, Edna L. Duncan, Edna L.
Horn, Hattie T. Fell, Hattie T.
Horn, Lula M. Lewis Hedges, Lula M.
Horner, Lena J. Williams, Lena J.
Hotchkiss, Minnie M. Moore Jones, Minnie M.
Houck, Bessie E. Frederich, Bessie E.
Houser, Dorothy M. Crosier, Dorothy M.
Houser, Gladys F. Etter, Gladys F.
Howie, Alene E. Chaplin, Alene E.
Hoyer, Tillie K. Brown, Tillie K.
Hubbard, Helen E. Purdy, Helen E.
Hubbell, Clarice T. Dorrenbacher, Clarice T.
Huber, A. Margaret Feising Schmidt, A. Margaret
Huber, Katherine S. Schmidt, Katherine S.
Huff, Bertha M. Haller Herron, Bertha M.
Huff, Margaret A. Morey, Margaret A.
Huff, Ruth M. Horn, Ruth M.
Huff, Suzan T. King, Suzan T.
Hughes, Ruth E. Fender, Ruth E.
Hulben, Mary E. Dorrance Saxton, Mary E.
Hulser, Alice Sisson, Alice
Humerickhouse, Viola B. Resler, Viola B.
Humphrey, Leveta V. Compton, Leveta V.
Hungerford, Cora Lisle, Cora
Hunsinger, Nannie Capps, Nannie
Hurst, Marion M. Hixon, Marion M.
Hurt, B. Maxine Goble, B. Maxine
Hutchinson, Helen A. Spaulding, Helen A.
Hutzel, Lenora G. Hefty, Lenora G.
Maiden/Married Name Name in Index
Iman, Maggie Walker, Maggie
Imes, Almenda A. Anderson, Almenda A.
Ireland, Anna M. Madron, Anna M.
Ireland, Nora V. Gebauer, Nora V.
Irons, Mabel L. Maddison, Mabel L.
Irwin, Pearl G. Tuttle Norris, Pearl G.
Ison, Clara B. Guertner, Clara B.
Maiden/Married Name Name in Index
Jackson, Alpha J. Boltjes, Alpha J.
Jackson, Amy F. Skiles, Amy F.
Jackson, Clara Guertner Daniels, Clara
Jackson, Emma V. Horan, Emma V.
Jackson, Glenys M. Austin Small, Glenys M.
Jackson, Jennie Staudenraus, Jennie
Jacobs, Jessie M. Johnston, Jessie M.
Jacobs, Nellie M. Rogers, Nellie M.
James, Annie Ginder, Annie
Janda, Emily E. Eikenberg, Emily E.
Jefferson, Doris M. Haines, Doris M.
Jefferson, Fay N. Ruhaak, Fay N.
Jendrall, Mary Rudnick, Mary
Jenkins, Ethel Phelps, Ethel
Jenkins, Mary T. Halcomb Morris Steele, Mary T.
Jernberg, Marjorie Schmidt, Marjorie
Jesse, Anna M. Gates, Anna M.
Jesse, Bertha Cawthra, Bertha
Jesse, Eda S. Cummings, Eda S.
Jesse, Olga Herzberg, Olga
Jewett, Clara I. Jasper, Clara I.
Johannas, Cecelia Roe, Cecelia
Johns, Zoe E. Bennett, Zoe E.
Johnson, Anna E. Johnston, Anna E.
Johnson, Anna V. Starlin, Anna V.
Johnson, Arminta J. Humphrey, Arminta J.
Johnson, Bessie M. Wrape, Bessie M.
Johnson, Carolina G. Lindahl, Carolina G.
Johnson, Clara A. Tow, Clara A.
Johnson, Elsie E. Ross Reese, Elsie E.
Johnson, Eva P. Graves, Eva P.
Johnson, Hannah Hawkinson, Hannah
Johnson, Hazel J. Foree, Hazel J.
Johnson, Ida T. Arvidson, Ida T.
Johnson, Jennie L. Travis, Jennie L.
Johnson, Laura R. Keim Stevens, Laura R.
Johnson, Lola F. Fletcher, Lola F.
Johnson, Marguerite Farley, Marguerite
Johnson, Mayme G. Rose, Mayme G.
Johnson, Minnie B. Burley, Minnie B.
Johnson, Nancy M. Ball, Nancy M.
Johnson, Nellie S. Reese, Nellie S.
Johnson, Vera J. Brown, Vera J.
Jones, Debrah Howard, Debrah
Jones, Fannie B. Parks, Fannie B.
Jones, Fern I. Brown, Fern I.
Jones, Goldie M. Anderson, Goldie M.
Jones, Hilda M. Smith, Hilda M.
Jones, Lucinda J. Tuttle, Lucinda J.
Jost, Edna A. Lynch, Edna A.
Jost, Emma Hedman, Emma
Maiden/Married Name Name in Index
Kahler, Emma Manhalter, Emma
Kalisch, Anna Jesse, Anna
Kalisch, Fredericka C. Riemenschneider, Fredericka C.
Kammerzell, Katherine Lesser, Katherine
Kaslick, Katherine Paver, Katherine
Kaufman, Daisy L.M. Kieffer Kuhn, Daisy L.M.
Keen, Virginia G. Plum, Virginia G.
Keicher, Rose May Stoner, Rose May
Keim, Laura R. Johnson Stevens, Laura R.
Kein, Elsie J. Lee, Elsie J.
Keiser, Leanah J. Abbott Yeamans, Leanah J.
Kelley, Clara A. Miner, Clara A.
Kelley, Mary A. Waitley, Mary A.
Kelley, Mary L. Anderson Myers, Mary L.
Kenny, Clara Harmison, Clara
Kessinger, Mary E. Wise, Mary E.
Kessinger, Zelma I. Skiles, Zelma I.
Kettenring, Dorothy M. Payne, Dorothy M.
Kieffer, Daisy L.M. Kaufman Kuhn, Daisy L.M.
Kilburg, Mary J. Miller, Mary J.
Kindig, Barbara Jewett, Barbara
King, Mary A. Daniels, Mary A.
King, Mildred Bloom, Mildred
Kinman, Effie B. Bishop, Effie B.
Kinnison, Elva V. "Audrey" McCracken, Elva V. "Audrey"
Kinnison, Helen J. Hefty, Helen J.
Kirby, Mary Anderson, Mary
Kirby, Mary P. Ross, Mary P.
Kircher, Elizabeth B. Reid, Elizabeth B.
Kite, Anna E. Smith, Anna E.
Klaueman, Rosa E. Fridrick, Rosa E.
Kleinke, Anna Buchholz, Anna
Kniese, Elsa E. Friend, Elsa E.
Knox, Margaret E. Bailey, Margaret E.
Knutzen, Lydia McTaggert, Lydia
Koch, Lorna D. Walker, Lorna D.
Koehler, Anna B. Mehring, Anna B.
Koeppel, Mary K. Ivers, Mary K.
Korth, Louise Geister, Louise
Krause, Vivian Fridrick, Vivian
Kretsinger, Clara K. Graves, Clara K.
Krien, Carolyn M. Smith, Carolyn M.
Kroger, Ida E. Kitchin, Ida E.
Kropf, Dora S. Behrendsen, Dora S.
Kuhl, Anna Vosburg, Anna
Kuhn, Margaret B. Small, Margaret B.
Kuhnes, Anna E. Welch, Anna E.
Kuntz, Josephine M. Woolery, Josephine M.
Kuntz, Lynette R. Day, Lynette R.
Kyffin, Viola M. Cooley, Viola M.
Maiden/Married Name Name in Index
LaFeure, Martha J. Hayes, Martha J.
Lair, Virginia L. Imhof, Virginia L.
Lamb, Samantha A. Dodge, Samantha A.
LaMoine, Theresa Casey Johnson, Theresa
Land, Carrie L. Hodges, Carrie L.
Lange, Olga C. Golgart, Olga C.
Larson, Edith R. Zember, Edith R.
Larson, Marie C. Johnson, Marie C.
Lavering, Anna R. Black, Anna R.
Laybourn, Eldora Burkhard Jordan, Eldora
Layher, Rose C. Stephen, Rose C.
Layne, Clara M. Potter, Clara M.
Leach, Frances L. Reed, Frances L.
Leat, Melvina E. Andrews, Melvina E.
Lederhos, Rita M. Zimmerman, Rita M.
Lee, Maria Milner, Maria
Lee, Opal E. Covington, Opal E.
Lee, Rena M. Shedd, Rena M.
Lehman, Elsie M. Charles, Elsie M.
Lenhart, Katherina Schmidt, Katherina
Lesher, Valera L. Young Vanderhoof, Valera L.
Letwiler, Kathrine E. Darby, Kathrine E.
Lewis, Lula M. Horn Hedges, Lula M.
Lewis, Mabel M. Graves, Mabel M.
Lewis, Sarilda A. Luellen, Sarilda A.
Likens, Ethel E. Walsworth, Ethel E.
Liming, Hazel M. Brown, Hazel M.
Lindahl, Lenna Lindley, Lenna
Lingle, Margaret M. Wagner, Margaret M.
Lisle, Maude E. Stansfield, Maude E.
Little, Alvia J. Groom, Alvia J.
Littleton, Grace I. Matthews, Grace I.
Litwiller, Ruby L. Drum, Ruby L.
Lively, May B. McDonald, May B.
Llewellyn, Bessie I. Rush, Bessie I.
Llewellyn, Myrtle M. Beechler, Myrtle M.
Lockman, Holly Dudley, Holly
Lodwig, Gaurah L. Gray Smith, Gaurah L.
Lofquist, Hilma M. Lindgren, Hilma M.
Loft, Marie A. Walder, Marie A.
Lohman, Nora E. Triplett, Nora E.
Long, Mary E. Sparling, Mary E.
Longdal, Mildred Cunningham, Mildred
Loor, Mary E. Dole, Mary E.
Losey, Myrtle Littleton, Myrtle
Loveless, Patricia A. Clayton, Patricia A.
Lowell, Ruth E. Matthews, Ruth E.
Lowery, Sarah E. Mack, Sarah E.
Lucas, Eva M. Russell, Eva M.
Lucas, Lucile Lisle, Lucile
Lucas, Mildred L. Bryce, Mildred L.
Lucerne, Sarah Scott, Sarah
Luckert, Caroline L. Sullivan, Caroline L.
Luellen, Rosetta Attebery, Rosetta
Luginbill, Jessie M. Todd, Jessie M.
Lundberg, Selma P. Vaugh, Selma P.
Lundquist, Agnes H. Willis, Agnes H.
Lundquist, Naomi A. Zendner, Naomi A.
Lynch, Bertha M. Standley, Bertha M.
Maiden/Married Name Name in Index
Mack, Alice L. Laybourn, Alice L.
Mack, Anna Margaretha Schnieder Kruse, Anna M.
Mack, Marjorie I. Koger, Marjorie I.
Madden, Kittie C. Brown Younger, Kittie C.
Maddison, Beatrice Scott, Beatrice
Maddison, Elizabeth Christensen, Elizabeth
Maddison, Minnie I. Loftiss, Minnie I.
Maddison, Phyllis Farley, Phyllis
Madsen, Karen M. Pedersen, Karen M.
Mahaffey, Shirley R. Uhlenhopp, Shirley R.
Mahan, Bury A. Cathcart, Bury A.
Main, Roxie E. Gillette, Roxie E.
Malcolm, Vera M. Thim, Vera M.
Manhalter, Helen M. Jefferson, Helen M.
Marick, Ruby J. Hooper, Ruby J.
Mariti, Ella F. Roderick, Ella F.
Markham, Ethel C. Schmidt, Ethel C.
Marshall, Dora E. Petrie Nelson, Dora E.
Marshall, Viola Mae Ross, Viola Mae
Martin, Anita L. Hicklin, Anita L.
Martin, Erna Alishouse, Erna
Martin, May Darling, May
Martin, Mollie A. Stambaught Planque, Mollie A.
Martin, Patsy A. Sullivan, Patsy A.
Martin, Pearl M. Trimble, Pearl M.
Martin, Rachel K. Clark Mitchell, Rachel K.
Martz, Ada M. Elliott, Ada M.
Mason, Ella M. Sloane, Ella M.
Mathis, Emma F. Yanker, Emma F.
Matthews, Anna L. McDaniel Purdy, Anna L.
Matthews, Doris L. Miller, Doris L.
Matthews, Pearl Seel, Pearl
Matthews, Sirrildia A. Wheeler, Sirrildia A.
McBride, Mary Brunker, Mary
McCabe, Ruth O. Cain, Ruth O.
McCammon, Adda M. Anderson, Adda M.
McCammon, Della L. Buckles, Della L.
McCammon, Letha M. Marshall, Letha M.
McCay, Catherine B. Cramer, Catherine B.
McClellan, Dorothy Force, Dorothy
McCollister, Ljcina M. Ewing, Ljcina M.
McCorkle, Maria Baker Weaklin, Maria Baker
McCorkle, Mary E. Davis, Mary E.
McCracken, Anna B. Bice, Anna B.
McCracken, Edna Barfknecht, Edna
McCracken, Elizabeth Buckmaster, Elizabeth
McDaniel, Anna L. Matthews Purdy, Anna L.
McDaniel, Sarah L. Roach, Sarah L.
McDonald, Margaret J. Gardner, Margaret J.
McDonald, Mary E. Good, Mary E.
McDuffie, Lola G. Stone York, Lola G.
McFarlin, Alice A. Thomas, Alice A.
McFarlin, Vera V. Walker, Vera V.
McGee, Viola F. Durns Jost, Viola F.
McGehee, Elsie A. Butts Ross, Elsie A.
McGhee, Nancy Dee, Nancy
McGuire, Jeannette A. Kincheloe, Jeannette A.
McGuire, Katie E. Robinson, Katie E.
McIntryre, Sarah E. Lofton, Sarah E.
McIntyre, Loretta M. Roach, Loretta M.
McKay, Christina I. Wenig, Christina I.
McKee, Sarah A. Parker, Sarah A.
McKenzie, Ella E. Blake, Ella E.
McKie, Lenna M. Miller, Lenna M.
McKinney, Isaphene Jefferson, Isaphene
McKlown, Isabell L. Blair, Isabell L.
McMahill, Anna Jewett, Anna
McMillan, Pearl B. Corman, Pearl B.
McMullan, Margaret Meenam, Margaret
McMullen, S. Ruth Patterson, S. Ruth
McNeil, Gretchen M. Welch, Gretchen M.
McNeil, Gretchen M. Welch Vance, Gretchen M.
McQueen, Maria A. Wolfe, Maria A.
McVey, Maggie Collman, Maggie
Meadows, Athea M. Hatch, Athea M.
Mechem, Elizabeth M. Jay, Elizabeth M.
Meenam, Margaret Gehrig Reese, Margaret
Mengel, Julia D. Worley Stephens, Julia D.
Mercure, Aldene M. Staudenraus, Aldene M.
Mercure, Jalane E. Vorce, Jalane E.
Merrill, Lucy M. Dungan, Lucy M.
Michals, Bertha E. Stoner Chase, Bertha E.
Middlecoff, Anna B. Etter, Anna B.
Middlecoff, Effie M. Pleasants, Effie M.
Middlecoff, Minnie M. Lisle, Minnie M.
Middlekauff, Myrtle B. Draegert, Myrtle B.
Miller, Adella G. Clark, Adella G.
Miller, Annie Spradling, Annie
Miller, C. Ruth Reese, C. Ruth
Miller, Carrie L. Cooley, Carrie L.
Miller, Emma E. Hawkinson, Emma E.
Miller, Irene L. Farris, Irene L.
Miller, Letta M. Reilly, Letta M.
Miller, Marge D. Glosson Spradling, Marge D.
Miller, Mary G. McTaggert, Mary G.
Miller, Mary L. Ballard, Mary L.
Miller, Mary M. Wright, Mary M.
Miller, Violet M. Gemaehlich, Violet M.
Miner, Alice M. Severin, Alice M.
Minkler, Lula A. Brown, Lula A.
Mishler, Lena V. Morris, Lena V.
Mitchell, Effie M. Avery, Effie M.
Mitchell, Sara J. Ridgway, Sara J.
Mock, Mary E. Zwickl, Mary E.
Moers, Mary Harms, Mary
Monard, Jennie Buchholz, Jennie
Montandou, Lucie J. Monard, Lucie J.
Moore, Amelia R. Keicher, Amelia R.
Moore, Emma M. Brooks, Emma M.
Moore, Essie E. Appenzeller, Essie E.
Moore, Lizzie J. Henry, Lizzie J.
Moore, Minnie M. Hotchkiss Jones, Minnie M.
Moots, Glenda L. Graves Moore, Glenda L.
Morgan, Fannie E. Shook, Fannie E.
Morgan, Ruth Smith, Ruth
Morris, Mary T. Halcomb Jenkins Steele, Mary T.
Moulton, Hellen J. Parker, Hellen J.
Mountain, Dorothy E. Gisi, Dorothy E.
Mourey, Ida M. Setterburg, Ida M.
Mourey, Maude Baker, Maude
Mourey, Minnie M. Brezee, Minnie M.
Muchow, Renata L. Guida, Renata L.
Mueller, Anna L. Guntenhoener, Anna L.
Mueller, Maria S. Gemaehlich, Maria S.
Mumma, Rebecca Alishouse Smith, Rebecca
Murray, Mary E. Gasser, Mary E.
Mustain, Beulah Gould, Beulah
Mutz, Gladys Harris, Gladys
Myers, Pearl M. Scribner, Pearl M.
Myers, Violet M. Bliss Mahaney, Violet M.
Maiden/Married Name Name in Index
Narber, Sarah J. Elder, Sarah J.
Nauer, Mary M. Snyder, Mary M.
Navaree, Eva L. Jackson, Eva L.
Neil, Mary A. Cope, Mary A.
Nelson, Hulda M. Frakes, Hulda M.
Neudigate, Golda Cross, Golda
Newcomb, Mary L. Gielenz, Mary L.
Newell, Marietta Wheeler, Marietta
Newland, Mary M. Rhoades Watters, Mary M.
Newland, Sarah E. Batterson, Sarah E.
Nichleson, Ora A. Houser, Ora A.
Nickerson, Anna B. Highland, Anna B.
Nickerson, Delouris M. Wright, Delouris M.
Nickerson, Mary E. Miller, Mary E.
Nickerson, Rilla M. Wilson, Rilla M.
Nobis, Mary L. Dunker, Mary L.
Noel, Margaret E. St. Clair, Margaret E.
Noell, Eva M. King, Eva M.
Noland, Audrain Yackle, Audrain
Noller, Amelia E. Dunbar, Amelia E.
Norton, Eliza Y. Abbott, Eliza Y.
Maiden/Married Name Name in Index
O'Connor, Bessie A. Dutton, Bessie A.
O'Grady, Bertha M. McDonald, Bertha M.
Ogle, Maude E. Elliott, Maude E.
Olson, Verna Mae Anderson, Verna Mae
Orenz, Nina T. Gordon Rogers, Nina T.
Osborn, Melinda B. Wrape, Melinda B.
Osborn, Rosetta V. Young, Rosetta V.
Otis, Mary A. Klinzman, Mary A.
Ottis, Anna M. Niebur, Anna M.
Owens, Hildred Shugart, Hildred
Owens, Lucy M. Layton, Lucy M.
Owens, Margaretta Brown, Margaretta
Maiden/Married Name Name in Index
Packard, Clara M. Dansdill, Clara M.
Padget, Avis M. Alishouse, Avis M.
Palmer, Emma J. Higinbotham Tedrick, Emma J.
Palmer, Margaret E. Cross, Margaret E.
Pangburn, Maude M. Britton, Maude M.
Panghorn, Addie C. Griswold, Addie C.
Parker, Bessie M. Kundert, Bessie M.
Parker, Elsie G. Cross Wilcox, Elsie G.
Parker, Garnet C. Stanley, Garnet C.
Parker, Maude L. Plant, Maude L.
Parks, Grace Harper, Grace
Parks, Maggie Moffitt, Maggie
Parks, Mildred G. Orth, Mildred G.
Parli, Bertha M. McConnell, Bertha M.
Parli, Nell P. Scott, Nell P.
Parrish, Hazel R. Routh, Hazel R.
Parrish, Ruby M. Benish, Ruby M.
Parsons, Laura E. Walker, Laura E.
Patch, Fannie B. Cure, Fannie B.
Pate, Polly A. Carothers, Polly A.
Patee, Virginia Hungerford, Virginia
Patefield, Ellen Matthews, Ellen
Patterson, Anna M. Lisle, Anna M.
Patterson, Hariete E. Wood, Hariete E.
Patterson, Hattie L. Dodge, Hattie L.
Patterson, Nora F. Culbertson, Nora F.
Patterson, Stella A. Sparling, Stella A.
Patton, Nettie E. Sisson, Nettie E.
Paver, Charlotte Phelps Hunter, Charlotte
Paxton, Cora E. Cline, Cora E.
Payne, Mary R. Krause, Mary R.
Payne, Myrtle Sherman, Myrtle
Payton, Florence V. Volberding, Florence V.
Peifer, Katharine Basler, Katharine
Pepper, Betsy A. Gemaehlich, Betsy A.
Pepper, Hattie J. Hicks, Hattie J.
Perkins, Josephine L. Shook, Josephine L.
Perlee, Aleda M. Griswold, Aleda M.
Perry, Mary M. Hayes, Mary M.
Peterson, Cecelia O. Jefferson, Cecelia O.
Peterson, Christina M. Ellis, Christina M.
Peterson, Ida M. Johnson, Ida M.
Peterson, Lucy Chapman, Lucy
Petre, Alice S. Knutzen, Alice S.
Petrie, Dora E. Marshall Nelson, Dora E.
Pettijohn, Carrie I. Romine, Carrie I.
Phelps, Charlotte Paver Hunter, Charlotte
Phelps, Lucy E. Davisson, Lucy E.
Phelps, Sylvia L. Shirley, Sylvia L.
Phillips, Charlene P. Park, Charlene P.
Pickett, Anna S. Spear, Anna S.
Picraux, Pearle E. Traxler, Pearle E.
Pidnick, Julia M. Keller, Julia M.
Piening, Wypka M. Clausen Kays, Wypka M.
Pieper, Dorothy Herron, Dorothy
Pierson, Sylvia A. Thurtell Nichols, Sylvia A.
Pinney, Fosta B. Bricker, Fosta B.
Pinney, Minnie L. Baker, Minnie L.
Pitts, Eunice A. Davis, Eunice A.
Plant, Vesta E. Burress, Vesta E.
Platt, Elizabeth B. Brown, Elizabeth B.
Plenderleith, Annie L. Hein, Annie L.
Plowman, Runette Johnston, Runette
Plumb, Effie M. Lyon, Effie M.
Pohlman, Rose E. Moody, Rose E.
Polage, Clara L. Sherwood, Clara L.
Polk, Donna P. Schinkel, Donna P.
Pollard, Malissa J. Hendrex, Malissa J.
Polton, Ida M. Hamilton Keasey, Ida M.
Poorman, Hazel C. Resler, Hazel C.
Post, Sarah E. Gates Stetham, Sarah E.
Postiewaite, Eleanor Ward, Eleanor
Potter, Sarah E. Strudivent Roberts, Sarah E.
Potter, Virginia Collins, Virginia
Powers, Frances C. Florian, Frances C.
Prather, Carol N. Imhof, Carol N.
Presler, Elva M. Baker, Elva M.
Pressly, Kathryn M. Huey, Kathryn M.
Preyer, Alberta L. McCaffrey, Alberta L.
Pribble, Mabel V. Spicknall Shuck, Mabel V.
Prickett, Rachel L. Perry, Rachel L.
Pritchard, Mary D. Souser, Mary D.
Prohaska, Anna A. McIrvin, Anna A.
Pulliam, Abigal Ann Payne, Abigal Ann
Purve, Charlotte J. Barr, Charlotte J.
Purvis, Florence C. Yeamans, Florence C.
Maiden/Married Name Name in Index
Queen, Mary O. Anderson, Mary O.
Quint, Amelia Bender Meath, Amelia
Maiden/Married Name Name in Index
Raabe, Fredericka Behrendsen, Fredericka
Raff, Lela F. Richardson, Lela F.
Rahricht, Gertrude F. Renzelman, Gertrude F.
Ramsey, Lizzie M. Strole, Lizzie M.
Ramsey, Veda B. Mason, Veda B.
Randall, Anna M. Gehrig-Reese O'Brien, Anna M.
Rankin, Laura R. Marble, Laura R.
Rary, Malinda F. McMahill, Malinda F.
Rasmussen, Anna L. Krause, Anna L.
Rasmussen, Florence M. Clark, Florence M.
Rasmussen, Laura R. Hammond, Laura R.
Rasmussen, Mary S. Bays Miller, Mary S.
Rassmussen, Edna F. Christiansen, Edna F.
Raulston, Phylis L. Kinnison, Phylis L.
Rawlings, Julia H. Guy, Julia H.
Ray, Anna E. Simpson, Anna E.
Raybourn, Gertrude Foster Kaylor, Gertrude
Raybourn, Sarah L. Adams, Sarah L.
Read, Alice Walters, Alice
Rearnger, Lucinda E. Davisson, Lucinda E.
Reasoner, Mary R. Boothe, Mary R.
Reed, Jane V.J. Holton McKay, Jane V.J.
Reed, Sarah E. Pickett, Sarah E.
Reese-Gehrig, Anna M. Randall O'Brien, Anna M.
Reese, Anna M. Randall, Anna M.
Reeves, Bertha V. Ehrman, Bertha V.
Reisbick, Emma Alt, Emma
Remington, Dorothy I. Jones, Dorothy I.
Remington, Grace R. Crutchfield, Grace R.
Resler, Katherine I. Sundling, Katherine I.
Reuter, Sophie M. Herbst, Sophie M.
Reynolds, Alice R. Batterson, Alice R.
Reynolds, Genevieve M. Batterson, Genevieve M.
Reynolds, Phoebe J. Bushey Owens, Phoebe J.
Reynolds, Ruth H. Shively, Ruth H.
Rheingans, Rosa A. Chaplin, Rosa A.
Rhoades, Mary M. Newland Watters, Mary M.
Rice, Irene M. Cross Palmer, Irene M.
Richards, Ida M. Porter, Ida M.
Richardson, Nellie L. Parks, Nellie L.
Ridgeway, Effie M. Bates, Effie M.
Riemenschneider, Mary Wright, Mary
Rienenschneider, Alma C. Colpitts, Alma C.
Riffle, Doris E. Volberding, Doris E.
Riffle, Kathryn V. Kirby, Kathryn V.
Riggs, Myrtle C. Lindsey, Myrtle C.
Rinker, Maggie Sutter Pierson, Maggie
Ripp, Anna M. Baker, Anna M.
Rispalje, Blanche Donald, Blanche
Rivard, Mary A. Hottinger, Mary A.
Roach, Neva Jackson, Neva
Robak, Lottie Schliesefsky, Lottie
Robb, Merriba Ross, Merriba
Robbins, Mary R. Erickson, Mary R.
Roberts, Lydia A. Tenbrink, Lydia A.
Roberts, Mamie M. Baker Reichenecker, Mamie M.
Roe, Thelma B. Schribner Root, Thelma B.
Rogers, Elizabeth A. Horn, Elizabeth A.
Rogers, Ella Shafer, Ella
Rogers, Mary C. Williams, Mary C.
Rogers, Ruby M. Hayes, Ruby M.
Rogge, Genofeva Mock, Genofeva
Rohde, Theresia Tenbrink, Theresia
Rohde, Wilma C. Price, Wilma C.
Romine, Flossie F. Peacock, Flossie F.
Romine, Ida M. Clinkinbeard, Ida M.
Romine, Thelma F. Friend, Thelma F.
Romjue, Ethel Kelley, Ethel
Ross, Elsie E. Johnson Reese, Elsie E.
Ross, Grace Burley, Grace
Ross, Hazel M. Rhoades, Hazel M.
Ross, Leona R. Rinker, Leona R.
Ross, Sylvia B. Middlecoff, Sylvia B.
Ross, Velma A. Kennedy, Velma A.
Roth, Zeppora E. Brown, Zeppora E.
Roundtree, Naida L. Shaffer, Naida L.
Rouse, Martha E. Callahan, Martha E.
Roys, Connie Fox, Connie
Roszell, Ida A. Arnold, Ida A.
Rozzell, Atha I. Finkner, Atha I.
Ruark, Sheryl W. Hellyer, Sheryl W.
Ruby, Magdelena Unternahrer, Magdelena
Ruby, Rebena Roberts, Rebena
Ruby, Sophia E. Wagner, Sophia E.
Rudnick, Rosemarie Drullinger, Rosemarie
Ruhaak, Theresa VanWinkle, Theresa
Rule, Emma Vance, Emma
Runge, Marie R. Fischer, Marie R.
Russell, Edna M. Root, Edna M.
Rutz, Helen M. Crossey Rasmussen, Helen M.
Maiden/Married Name Name in Index
Sailor, Macie V. Brown, Macie V.
Salley, Effie M. Williams, Effie M.
Salley, Norah B. Farris, Norah B.
Salley, Ora M. Shook Jansen, Ora M.
Sampson, Christie Sunde, Christie
Sanderson, Mary F. Randall, Mary F.
Satek, Mary V. Vasecka Zemek, Mary V.
Schaal, Mary L. Hendricks, Mary L.
Schaich, Estella M. Miller, Estella M.
Scherts, Lydia E. Ruby, Lydia E.
Schinkel, Alice M. Lee, Alice M.
Schlechte, Bertha M. Wenz, Bertha M.
Schmidt, Augusta Herzberg, Augusta
Schmidt, Katherine Schenk, Katherine
Schneider, Anna Margaretha Mack Kruse, Anna M.
Schneider, Barbara C. Ehrman, Barbara C.
Schreuber, Catherine Thoma, Catherine
Schribner, Gladys R. Ross, Gladys R.
Schribner, Thelma B. Roe Root, Thelma B.
Schultz, Anna Schrock, Anna
Schultz, Anna M. Jesse, Anna M.
Schultz, Cletus J. Sherwood, Cletus J.
Schultz, Rickie Wise, Rickie
Schwartz, Charlotte S. Fick, Charlotte S.
Schwartz, Clara I. Hoyer, Clara I.
Schwartz, Sarah R. Hoyer, Sarah R.
Schwehr, Hildagarde M. Roys, Hildagarde M.
Schweitzberger, Ione Rodwell, Ione
Scott, Catherine A. Alberts, Catherine A.
Scott, Emma V. Hayes, Emma V.
Scott, Fleta M. Dragoo, Fleta M.
Scott, Inez A. Shirley, Inez A.
Scott, Leta L. Stelk Wills, Leta L.
Scott, Madeleine L. Parker, Madeleine L.
Scott, Orena M. Stoner, Orena M.
Scriver-Ahll, Thelma Reese, Thelma
Sears, Hattie B. Fincher, Hattie B.
Sears, Margaret M. Cooley, Margaret M.
Seifferd, Martha Whitlach, Martha
Setterburg, Frances S. Dalton, Frances S.
Settles, Rachel Burton, Rachel
Shade, Caroline Roszell, Caroline
Shader, Thelma L. Wyman, Thelma L.
Shafer, Ella Eggers Matthews, Ella
Shannon, Gladys M. Hayes, Gladys M.
Shannon, Olive E. Lundgren, Olive E.
Sharp, Ellen Cooper Knoff, Ellen
Sharp, Nona Trim, Nona
Shaver, Edyth V. McGinley, Edyth V.
Shaver, Glennie M. Hutchinson, Glennie M.
Shaw, Claudia A. Behrendsen, Claudia A.
Shedd, Ella C. Williams, Ella C.
Sheldon, Grace O. Andrews, Grace O.
Sheldon, Pearl Williams, Pearl
Shell, Blanche Ballard, Blanche
Shepard, Lila E. Bryant Wrape, Lila E.
Shirley, Dora B. Shane, Dora B.
Shirley, Laura R. Green, Laura R.
Shirley, Opal R. Kinnison, Opal R.
Shoe, Amelia Jesse, Amelia
Shook, Blanche E. Keicher, Blanche E.
Shook, Grace E. Mahaney, Grace E.
Shook, Ora M. Salley Jansen, Ora M.
Showalter, Barbara A. Darrell Richter, Barbara A.
Shugart, Nancy A. Wilkinson Vernon, Nancy A.
Shugart, Thelma M. Haden, Thelma M.
Shugart, Vina M. Rosenberry, Vina M.
Simmons, Ada Mary Scrivner, Ada Mary
Simonsen, Caroline C. Sorenson, Caroline C.
Simpson, Lois I. McBeth, Lois I.
Sipple, Viola D. Hutchinson, Viola D.
Sivits, Margaret L. Annable, Margaret L.
Skow, Emma K. Bean, Emma K.
Sloane, Florence J. Huston, Florence J.
Slusser, Bonnie M. Davis, Bonnie M.
Smelser, Julia M. Scott, Julia M.
Smith, Carolyn M. Krien Smith, Carolyn M.
Smith, Cora Reed, Cora
Smith, Dorthea I. Hedman Reigle, Dorthea I.
Smith, Eliza A. Miller, Eliza A.
Smith, Elsie E. Bowland, Elsie E.
Smith, Grace E. Stolte, Grace E.
Smith, Hallie Bailey, Hallie
Smith, Ina M. Gurss, Ina M.
Smith, Iva I. Foutz, Iva I.
Smith, M. Grace Ackley, M. Grace
Smith, Mary E. Myers, Mary E.
Smith, Mary E. Wheeler, Mary E.
Smith, Mary S. Anderson, Mary S.
Smith, Minnie L. Abston, Minnie L.
Smith, Nancy L. Baggley, Nancy L.
Smith, Penny A. Kessinger, Penny A.
Smith, Zella L. Wooton, Zella L.
Snider, Alice M. Wilson, Alice M.
Snider, Hazel M. Harr, Hazel M.
Snyder, Hazel M. Norwood, Hazel M.
Snyder, Margaret F. Grooms, Margaret F.
Souser, Betty A. Seel, Betty A.
Souser, Dorothy E. Hagglund, Dorothy E.
Souser, Opal M. Smith, Opal M.
Sparling, Cecil L. Wise Haynes, Cecil L.
Sparling, Hazel B. Riggs, Hazel B.
Sparling, Mary M. Brown, Mary M.
Sparling, Pearl M. Anders, Pearl M.
Spaulding, Nellie L. Larson, Nellie L.
Spear, Koleta K. Brandon, Koleta K.
Spener, Bernice M. Doane, Bernice M.
Spicknall, Elsie L. Howard, Elsie L.
Spicknall, Mabel V. Pribble Shuck, Mabel V.
Spomer, Elizabeth Sehl, Elizabeth
Sponaugle, Mary S. Biby, Mary S.
Springston, Audra H. Larsen, Audra H.
Stacey, Irene Forbes, Irene
Stacey, Sophia J. Spitler, Sophia J.
Staege, Johanna Gielenz, Johanna
Stafford, Victoria Waitley, Victoria
Staffrin, Anna M. Layher, Anna M.
Stambaught, Mollie A. Martin Planque, Mollie A.
Stancliff, Edith E. Borland, Edith E.
Standley, Velva O. Rudnick, Velva O.
Stanley, Emogene Townsend, Emogene
Stanley, Etta M. Spradling, Etta M.
Stark, Hazel M. Mustain, Hazel M.
Starlin, Jennie M. Walton, Jennie M.
Staudenraus, Dagmar H. Hulburd, Dagmar H.
Steele, Esther G. Farley, Esther G.
Stein, Myra Reese, Myra
Steinow, Emma H. Gebauer, Emma H.
Stelk, Leta L. Scott Wills, Leta L.
Stellman, Rosa A. Beaman, Rosa A.
Stengel, Hattie M. LaRoche, Hattie M.
Stephens, Esther E. Pohlman, Esther E.
Stephens, Maranda Cluxton, Maranda
Stephens, Sara E. Stewart, Sara E.
Stern, Dora S. Campbell, Dora S.
Stewart, Elsie V. Grooms, Elsie V.
Stewart, Mary G. Dorrenbacher, Mary G.
Stewart, Maude M. Cure, Maude M.
Stewart, Minnie L. Blauser, Minnie L.
Stewart, Ruby J. Blake Wong, Ruby J.
Stockburger, Anna M. Robbins, Anna M.
Stockburger, Barbara Appenzeller, Barbara
Stockburger, Christine Ballentine, Christine
Stockwell, Naomi F. Ferry, Naomi F.
Stolz, Margaret D. Ehrman, Margaret D.
Stone, Lola G. McDuffie York, Lola G.
Stoner, Bertha E. Michals Chase, Bertha E.
Stoner, Vera L. Stephen, Vera L.
Stork, Minnie Raabe, Minnie
Stravch, Elsie Radenberg, Elsie
Straynor, Minnetta J. Deng, Minnetta J.
Strong, Amanda J. Cline, Amanda J.
Strong, Belle S. Deering, Belle S.
Stroud, Argolda B. Snider, Argolda B.
Strudivent, Sarah E. Potter Roberts, Sarah E.
Strumfa, Rosa M. Cole, Rosa M.
Stuckey, Minnie Miller, Minnie
Sturdivan, Eva R. Andrews, Eva R.
Stutheit, Dorothea M. Hansen, Dorothea M.
Suchsland, Anna S. Gemaehlich, Anna S.
Sukow, Harriet R. Clouser, Harriet R.
Sullivan, Frances C. Melvin, Frances C.
Sullivan, Nellie E. Rutz, Nellie E.
Sumner, Eliza Woodin, Eliza
Sunde, Gladys A. Bondjus, Gladys A.
Sunde, Otillie C. Lindahl, Otillie C.
Sundling, Barbara R. Woodard, Barbara R.
Sutherland, Laurie Ballard, Laurie
Sutherland, Nettie E. Wallen, Nettie E.
Sutter, Maggie Rinker Pierson, Maggie
Sutton, Ethel T. Penny, Ethel T.
Sutton, L. May Clark, L. May
Sutton, Maude A. Parker, Maude A.
Sutton, Vivian L. Yeamans, Vivian L.
Suttor, Susan M. Carey, Susan M.
Swanson, Ruth M. Mack, Ruth M.
Swantusch, Alvina J. Eikenberg, Alvina J.
Sweeney, Agnes C. Davis, Agnes C.
Switzer, Twila K. Evers, Twila K.
Maiden/Married Name Name in Index
Taylor, Bessie L. Dykes, Bessie L.
Temme, Augusta Castrup, Augusta
Templeton, Laura D. Bates, Laura D.
Templeton, Mary E. Wilson, Mary E.
Templeton, Minnie M. Wyckoff, Minnie M.
Tennant, Mabel F. Parker, Mabel F.
Thatcher, Rozella M. Wilson, Rozella M.
Theusen, Mattie C. Gunderson, Mattie C.
Thim, Leola P. Hooker, Leola P.
Thomas, C. Anna Scharnow, C. Anna
Thomas, Hazel I. Adolph, Hazel I.
Thomas, Margaret Daughtery, Margaret
Thomas, Melvina F. Younger, Melvina F.
Thompson, Elizabeth Maddison, Elizabeth
Thompson, Ella M. Hayes, Ella M.
Thompson, Joyce M. Hendrich, Joyce M.
Thorp, Susan B. Beechler Reigle, Susan B.
Thurston, Nancy M. Ison, Nancy M.
Thurtell, Sylvia A. Pierson Nichols, Sylvia A.
Tiessie, Juliette F. Runyan, Juliette F.
Tinkhorn, Maude E. Turner, Maude E.
Tipker, Ida M.H. Snyder, Ida M.H.
Tolin, Mary V. Cable, Mary V.
Tolle, Mary A. Bishop Lynn, Mary A.
Tong, Maggie L. Krauth, Maggie L.
Torrance, Jeanette M. Purdy, Jeanette M.
Towner, Mary T. Duncan, Mary T.
Townsend, Flora E. Gilbertson, Flora E.
Tracey, Emily A. Tolin, Emily A.
Traphagen, Mary T. Wenig, Mary T.
Trautman, Evelyn M. Taylor, Evelyn M.
Traxler, Arietta E. Hendricks, Arietta E.
Traxler, Inez M. Wagner, Inez M.
Traxler, Ruth R. Spear, Ruth R.
Traxler, Viola B. Zysset, Viola B.
Treadway, Lucy J. Clevenger, Lucy J.
Treadway, Mary E. Attebery, Mary E.
Treadway, Ollie E. Anderson, Ollie E.
Trears, Margaret Cates, Margaret
Trent, Kathryn Cunningham, Kathryn
Tresonie, Marie R. Verstraete, Marie R.
Tribble, Elizabeth C. Borland, Elizabeth C.
Triplett, Rita I. Burley, Rita I.
Troyer, Adelia P. Marick, Adelia P.
True, Pearl I. Odell, Pearl I.
Tucker, Frankie B. Campbell, Frankie B.
Tudor, Mary E. Llewellyn, Mary E.
Tudor, Sarah J. Davis, Sarah J.
Tupker, Louise Schoon, Louise
Turner, Lista M. Wilhelm, Lista M.
Turner, Ulia A. Tisdale, Ulia A.
Turvey, Eunice Hull, Eunice
Tuttle, Emma L. Fleming, Emma L.
Tuttle, Minnie M. Gilcrest, Minnie M.
Tuttle, Pearl G. Irwin Norris, Pearl G.
Maiden/Married Name Name in Index
Umphendor, Elizabeth E. Loftiss, Elizabeth E.
Underwood, Sybil C. Gasser, Sybil C.
Upson, Minnie D. Drake, Minnie D.
VanLaningham, Edna G. Neuhaus, Edna G.
VanPelt, Edna I. Schweitzberger, Edna I.
VanWinkle, Pauline J. Kerr, Pauline J.
Vardaman, Mary V. Cole, Mary V.
Varner, Sallie Woodfin Smith, Sallie
Varner, Sarah R. Standish, Sarah R.
Vasecka, Julia B. Cope, Julia B.
Vasecka, Mary V. Satek Zemek, Mary V.
Vaughn, Sebita E. Cowan, Sebita E.
Venters, Elsie E. Rowell, Elsie E.
Verba, Pauline Curd, Pauline
Viliver, Sarah E.M.M. Franklin, Sarah E.M.M.
Vincent, Adaline M. Haller, Adaline M.
Vinson, Eliza E. Clark, Eliza E.
Vogel, Gesine J. Busing, Gesine J.
Vogt, Elsa B. Fisch, Elsa B.
Vogt, Theresa C. Fisch, Theresa C.
Volkmer, Minnie Sherwood, Minnie
Volsin, Mary Dressel, Mary
Voshall, Sarah E. Corbin, Sarah E.
Voyles, Attie B. Knapp, Attie B.
Maiden/Married Name Name in Index
Wachtel, Aura D. Vance, Aura D.
Waggoner, Julia C. Grooms, Julia C.
Wagner, Mary C. Heath, Mary C.
Waint, Ruth I. Douglas, Ruth I.
Waitley, Florence H. Klinzman, Florence H.
Waldenstrom, Linnea Farber, Linnea
Waldron, Betty J. Iverson, Betty J.
Walkenhorst, Rose E. Pohlman, Rose E.
Walker, Glayds P. Darby, Glayds P.
Walker, Josipene Wise, Josipene
Walker, Laura L. Bowland, Laura L.
Walker, Mary P. Purvis, Mary P.
Wallen, Jennie Renkel, Jennie
Waller, Belle Miller, Belle
Wallin, Frances C. Carothers, Frances C.
Walline, Alvida G. Lundquist, Alvida G.
Walsworth, Lucille M Sheffert, Lucille M
Walters, Bertha E. Harden, Bertha E.
Walters, Sadie P. Yeamans, Sadie P.
Ward, Patricia M. Osthoff, Patricia M.
Wasson, Margaret A. Cross, Margaret A.
Watkins, Inez I. Schultz, Inez I.
Watkins, Mary D. Hulburd, Mary D.
Watts, Mattie R. Dean, Mattie R.
Watts, Viola M. Key, Viola M.
Weidermann, Hattie E. Mason, Hattie E.
Weir, Anna L. Hooker, Anna L.
Weir, Eva C. McClung, Eva C.
Weir, Ora A. Dunn, Ora A.
Weir, Roberta D. Geiger, Roberta D.
Weiss, Hulda J. Gramse, Hulda J.
Weitzel, Christena Hohnstein, Christena
Welborn, Alma V. Patterson, Alma V.
Welch, Adelaide P. Britton, Adelaide P.
Welch, Agnes A. Casey, Agnes A.
Welch, Gretchen M. McNeil Vance, Gretchen M.
Wells, Anna Drescher Millman, Anna
Wells, Geneva Jo Farris, Geneva Jo
Welton, Dora M. Page, Dora M.
Welty, Alta M. Moffitt, Alta M.
Wenger, Marie Zysset, Marie
Weninger, Kathleen M. Sherman, Kathleen M.
Werrich, Nellie A. Bazer, Nellie A.
Wertz, Elizabeth Unternahrer, Elizabeth
Westhusin, Bonita M. Wiant, Bonita M.
Whan, Margaret Harper, Margaret
Whilhelm, Marjorie I. Strole, Marjorie I.
White, Bertha E. Cline, Bertha E.
White, Bertha E. Diamond, Bertha E.
White, Elmyra Heckler Lodwig, Elmyra
White, Flora J. Gieske, Flora J.
White, Olive B. Clayton, Olive B.
White, Rulla W. Brown, Rulla W.
Whitehurst, Mabel Fackrell, Mabel
Whiting, Ursula P. Gray, Ursula P.
Wilcox, Dorothy M. Casper, Dorothy M.
Wildermuth, Elizabeth Zuege Kamla, Elizabeth
Wilhelm, Nellie L. Miller, Nellie L.
Wilke, Mary A. Kroger, Mary A.
Wilkinson, Nancy A. Shugart Vernon, Nancy A.
Willard, Florence M. Stoner, Florence M.
Willard, Irma M. Harms, Irma M.
Willford, Florence C. Crosier, Florence C.
Williams, Clara W. Gould, Clara W.
Williams, Ethel L. Buckmaster, Ethel L.
Williams, Meta L. Galbreath Smith, Meta L.
Willis, Anna Richardson, Anna
Wilson, Addie B. Brown, Addie B.
Wilson, Beatrice A. Middlekauff, Beatrice A.
Wilson, Georgia J. Brown, Georgia J.
Wilson, Helen A. Vance, Helen A.
Wilson, Helen M. Cowan, Helen M.
Wilson, Jessie G. Perry, Jessie G.
Wilson, Lola T. Brown, Lola T.
Wilson, Mary E. Clark, Mary E.
Wilson, Teressa M. Johnson, Teressa M.
Wilson, Velma N. Powers, Velma N.
Wince, Millie M. Miller, Millie M.
Winchell, Florence I. Day, Florence I.
Wind, Lenor E. Matlock, Lenor E.
Wind, Theresa M. Cole, Theresa M.
Winden, Thelma L. Shively, Thelma L.
Wischnak, Bertha Rohde, Bertha
Wise, Cecil L. Sparling Haynes, Cecil L.
Wiston, Hattie S. Black, Hattie S.
Witt, Cordie M. Colson, Cordie M.
Wohlford, Gladys M. Johnson, Gladys M.
Wolf, Clara M. Mustain, Clara M.
Wolfe, Ercel M. Grossman, Ercel M.
Wonderly, Elsie R. Weir, Elsie R.
Wood, Maude B. Andrews Sneath, Maude B.
Woodfin, Sallie Varner Smith, Sallie
Worley, Daisy G. Davis, Daisy G.
Worley, Elizabeth Little, Elizabeth
Worley, Julia D. Mengel Stephens, Julia D.
Worley, Otta E. Buhr, Otta E.
Wrape, Zella B. Payne, Zella B.
Wright, Elnora O. Spear, Elnora O.
Wright, Laura B. Wheeler, Laura B.
Wriston, Ada M. Hickman, Ada M.
Wulff, Anna W. Pieper, Anna W.
Wykoff, Verda V. Venard, Verda V.
Wyman, Ella E. Garfield, Ella E.
Maiden/Married Name Name in Index
Yackle, Fredericka Mast, Fredericka
Yager, Emma Velman, Emma
Yankie, Barbara A. Mitchell, Barbara A.
Yantzi, Elizabeth Ruby, Elizabeth
Yeamans, Elma Y. Dansdill, Elma Y.
Yeamans, Luella F. Wilcox, Luella F.
Young, Anna L. Buhr, Anna L.
Young, Elizabeth Jacob, Elizabeth
Young, Laura E. McPeak, Laura E.
Young, Mary M. Reed, Mary M.
Young, Mavis H. Monard, Mavis H.
Young, Sarah V. Elder Harvey, Sarah V.
Young, Valera L. Lesher Vanderhoof, Valera L.
Maiden/Married Name Name in Index
Zender, Katie Hoffman, Katie
Zendner, Ellen Schrock, Ellen
Zimmerman, Katharine M. Hendrix, Katharine M.
Zook, Barbara E. Green, Barbara E.
Zook, Levina McCracken, Levina
Zuege, Elizabeth Wildermuth Kamla, Elizabeth
Zuege, Gretha S. Mumme, Gretha S.
Zuege, Mary H. Gemaehlich, Mary H.
Zwickl, Suzie Kuntz, Suzie


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