Washington County, Colorado

Washington Couny Migrations

Note from the County Coordinator: The national Migrations Project is dead. I emailed the director (7/30/2013) and got no response. This is a terrible turn of events for me since in 2006 I submitted my four grandparents's migrations into Colorado now those migrations are lost in cyberspace. The Colorado Migrations page is supposedly on "www.sloco.net/history" but that is a "filler" URL in need of a domain.

However, we have exactly ONE migration into Washington County, that of Guy Livingston Porter. That migration was actually submitted to the WashCo site not the Migrations Project so it is presented herewith in the table below. There are no out-migrations.

If you would like to revive this project email me your data and I'll get it in for you. Examine the Porter entry below for guidlines. DBC

Migrations into Washington County, Colorado


Guy Livingston PORTER 1 June 1911 to 28 April 1955 66 years Alma, Harlan Co., Nebraska Alma, Harlan Co., Nebraska About 1911 Pat Thomas ptthomas@hbci.com


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