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HELEN L. GRENFELL - State Sup't Public Instructions.
MINNIE CUNNINGHAM - County Sup't Public Instructions.
MRS. L. M. BUTTS - President
J. N. COUNTER - Secretary
G. B. VAUGHN - Treasurer
SIMON S. DOW - Principal
MRS. F. HENDRIE - Grammar
MISS B. SISSON - Intermediate
MRS. M. DERR - Primary
     Prof. Dow will spend his summer vacation as postal clerk in the Wray postoffice.
     Artist Coston took several pictures of the class of 1901 the morning after the exercises. One of the class with their diplomas, one in a less formal position and another with the boys perched on Senator Hendrie's fence and the girls standing before them.
     Misses Conover and Turpia of Yuma attended the commencement exercises Thursday night. While in Wray they were the guests of Miss. Minnie Cunningham.
     Brown Sisson, a graduate from our school, has secured a position as night operator at Brush. The place is a difficult one, but Brown has the stuff in him that will take him to the front.
A Full Line and Assortment of DRUGS, ETC.
Also a Complete Stock of SCHOOL SUPPLIES
Shumaker's Drug Store.
     The school library will be open on every Saturday from 2 to 4 p.m. for the benefit of those pupils who wish to take books during vacation.
     ESSIE SCHRIST - Librarian; VESTA McKEE - Ass't Librarian.
     Fancy Stationary at the postoffice.
     At a meeting of the school board Tuesday night of this week Prof. Dow as selected as principal for the ensuing year. Mrs. Flora Hendrie for the rammer room, Miss Bertha Sisson for intermediate room and Miss Rola Cunningham for primary department. Mrs. Derr, the former primary instructor, was the only one who did not have in an application for reappointment.
     Busy Work Supplies, such as Folding Paper, Sewing Cards, Chain Paper, Weaving Slats at Rattler Office.
     With this copy, THE OWL will quietly fold its wings and go back to its meditations and its favorite haunts among the caves of the rock hills.
     Should it ever plume itself for another flight it will flutter down occasionally at least among its old friends at Wray.
     Its hoot will no doubt, be missed by its patrons and especially the members of the school. May you be fortunate enough next year to secure and cage as amiable and delightful a pet as the OWL has been.
     The OWL wishes to thank collectively all who have patronized it and also those who cheered it along with words of encouragement. To all it offers its claw in a farewell woo-hoo-woo-hoo.

This copy of The Owl was preserved in Edna Bales Kitzmiller's historical papers and was passed on in her estate. It is currently in the Yuma Museum. It was transcribed by Lee Zion.

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