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If you have any Yuma County genealogical data that you would like to donate to this project, please contact me.
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Yuma County On-Line Data
Biographies, Cemeteries, Census, Church, Courts, Directories, History - Family/Local,
Maps/Places, Military, News Clips, Obits and Schools
Data Description
(Arch) indicates download from USGenWeb Archives.
Provided By
George J. Shopp (1833-1921) Yuma Museum
Cemetery Lists
Cemetery locator map. Lee Zion
Eckley Cemetery (Archives) Linda Brown
German Lutheran Cemetery (Archives) Lee Zion
Grandview Cemetery, Wray (Archives)
A-C | D-E | F-I | J-M | N-P | R-T | U-Z
Linda Brown
Grandview Cemetery March 2012 East Yuma County Cemetery Board
Grandview Cemetery in location order East Yuma County Cemetery Board
Glendale Cemetery, Vernon, Colorado East Yuma County Cemetery Board
Glendale Cemetery in location order - Excel format East Yuma County Cemetery Board
Idler Cemetery near Kirk Yuma Pioneer
Kirk Cemetery Index (formerly geocities) Derrill Langen
Lakeview - northeast of Laird

Lansing (aka Kingston Cemetery) (Archives)

Lee Zion

Long Family Cemetery, Rural (Archives)

Lee Zion
Lucas Memorial Cemetery, Idalia (Archives) Jerry Wilcoxen
Mildred Cemetery (Archives) Lee Zion
St. John's - south of Idalia Amanda Fimon (Pfeiler)
Burial Records as of  April 2011
Yuma Cemetery
This record has the name, year buried, cemetery plot Yuma Cemetery Sorted

This one is in location order - it's a little rough, but you might find it interesting.

Articles about origin from the January 1910 Pioneer and followup

Darlene Perlenfein
Board Secretary
Veterans buried in Yuma County
Armel to Vernon Cemetery list, Wray Cemetery, Yuma Cemetery
Lee Zion
Cemetery Headstone Photos
Colorado Tombstone Photo Project
Beecher, Downey, Lansing/Kingston and Long Family (complete)
Some photos of headstones in Armel, Eckley, Joes, Kirk, Olivet Nazarene, Lucas, St Johns, Pleasant Valley, Vernon, Wray and Yuma cemeteries.
US Census
1900 US Census CD (Arch)
Publishers Notes | 38 GIF schedule page images
(Note: This CD covers only the north half of the present Yuma County. The southern half was part of Arapahoe County in 1900.)
Lee Zion
1910 US Census CD (Arch)
Publishers Notes | 190 GIF schedule page images
Lee Zion
1920 US Census CD (Arch)
Publishers Notes | 293 GIF schedule page images
Lee Zion
Church Yearbooks/Membership Lists/Records
South of Yuma - Bethany Church Yuma Pioneer
First Christian Church, Wray - 1921 Yearbook Debra Branigan
Landsman Church 1918-1920 Records (Arch) Jackie L. Churches
Pleasant Valley Church Kathleen Monk
Presbyterian Church, Wray 75th Annv. 1887-1962 (Arch) Lee Zion

St John's Lutheran Church School
1922 Class

Yuma Museum
Methodist Church - Vernon- Location Wray Rattler

Wages Church
Wages Church - still standing

Yuma Museum
Court Records
Index to Naturalization Records held by theYuma County Court. (Arch) Arlene Glenn
Henry Nicolaus Foltmer - 1896 Naturalization Certificate (Arch) Linda Zion
1934 Yuma County Directory (Arch) Yuma Museum
1937 Yuma County Official Directory (Arch)
Town of Wray, Town of Yuma,
Country Directory A-K | L-Z.
Yuma Museum
Wray Telephone Directory - 1907 (Arch) Lee Zion
Yuma Telephone Exchange - 1907 Lee Zion
Eckley-Happyville Telephone Co. - 1925Marion Monk
Family History
Lorinne Barker Diary 1922-1926 Coral Barker Allbee
Mace-Cooley Black Sheep Gwen Griggs
Sam Weaver - My Memories of Early Yuma County Yuma Museum
Lee Yount Diary 1895 & 1899 (Arch) YCHS &Yount Family
Yuma County History
Beecher Island Battle Lee Zion
Wray Gazette, Special Area Promotion Edition, May 12, 1904
View HTML Version
(Archive Text Version) - Index to names | Articles 1-9, 10-31, 32-62, 63-91, 92-120
Lee Zion
Center Precinct 1912 Yuma Pioneer
George Armstrong Custer in Yuma My Life On The Plains
History of Friend Lee Zion
1907 Souvenir of Wray and Vernon
Complete Booklet with Photos (HTML)
Complete Text (Arch) | Pioneer List (Arch)
LuJean Zion
Land Patent Maps
Yuma County Land Survey Townships Lee Zion
Vernon Area Original Land Patents Lee Zion
Original Land Patents - Index to Township Maps
Index of names on the patent maps:
( A-C | D-F | G-K | L-O | P-S | T-Z )
Lee Zion
Township Land Owner Worksheet
(a blank PDF worksheet to aid in plotting land ownership/locations.)
Lee Zion
Land Ownership Maps
1922 Yuma County Standard Atlas
Title Page
Patrons Directory
1920 Ownership Maps (All 70 townships)
Town Maps
By Name Index ( A-K | L-Z )
Photographs and Ads
Lee Zion
Places/Towns/County Maps
Yuma County Place Names
Yuma County Historical Map
Yuma County Land Survey Townships
Land Survey Legal Descriptions
1920 Yuma County Precincts
1900 southern Yuma County post offices
Yuma County Post Offices and Postmasters
Lee Zion
Maps (Other)
Yuma Street Names (from 1887 plat) Arlene Glenn
Wray Street Names since 1886 Lee Zion
1868 Battle of Beecher's Island Lee Zion
Biography of George J. Shopp,
Yuma's Civil War Medal of Honor winner.
Yuma Museum
Photo of Marcus Graves and Company H, World War I
In camp at Golden, Colorado
Dallas Riedesel
Forsyth Scouts, Beecher Island 1868 (Arch) Lee Zion
1872 San Francisco Chronicle account of the Beecher Island fight by General George Custer. (Arch) Danial Woodhead
Roster of Men and Women Who Served in the World War from Colorado, 1917-18 published 1941 by the Adjutant General CNG (Arch) Lee Zion
Disposal of Second Draft 1917 Wray Rattler September 6, 1917
Gold Star Veterans (Those who died on active duty) Yuma American Legion Post
Veterans buried in Yuma County (Updated frequently)
Armel to Vernon Cemetery list, Wray Cemetery, Yuma Cemetery
Lee Zion
Yuma County WWII Casualty List (Arch) Marta Norton
Yuma County WW II Veterans (Arch) Lee Zion
In addition to the files listed above, there are several additional transcribed WWI newspaper clippings in the Yuma County, Colorado, USGenWeb Archives that provide names of Yuma County men drafted or registered for the draft.
 Newspapers and Extracts
Newspapers Published in Yuma County Lee Zion
Wray Gazette May 12, 1904 - Special Edition Lee Zion
Wray Gazette September 6, 1907 Debbie Champion
Yuma Pioneer January 1, 1887 Yuma Museum
Yuma Pioneer December 29, 1899 (transcribed front page) Yuma Museum
Marion Knowles Scrapbook Index
Knowles Mortuary Customers circa 1918-1932
Yuma Museum
Index to obits published in Yuma County since mid-2002 (Arch) Lee Zion
Donated obit transcripts are located in the Yuma Co section of the COGenWeb Archives and on the Yuma Co. Message Board. For copies of others see the Lookup page.
General | Grade Schools | High Schools
Yuma County School Districts
Table and Map
Lee Zion
1918 Teachers
Colorado Educational Directory
1918 School Boards
Colorado Educational Directory
1922 School Boards
Wray Rattler
Appointment Letters - This Florence Mace 1910 appointment letter from the board of District 88 is pretty typical of the period. Gwen Griggs
The Owl - Wray School Paper
No. 1 - Dec 3 1900 | Text Only (Arch)
No. 2 - Dec 17 1900 | Text Only
No. 13 - Jun ? 1901 | Text Only
Transcribed by
Lee Zion
Wray Dist 2, 1886-1900s School Board, Teachers, Superintendents (Arch) Lee Zion
Grade Schools - Student Lists
Normal Institute
1912 Teachers
Wray Rattler
District Institute
1903 Teachers
Wray Rattler
Eighth Grade 1911
Wray Rattler
Eighth Grade 1922
Wray Rattler
Abarr School, District 49
1912 Souvenir
Gene Woodurick
Ash Grove School, District 110, Southwest of Beecher
Photograph -1920
LuJean Zion

Beecher Island School
1942 building and pupils

Lois ROSS Blacker

Blach School
Fall 1925 Students

Arlene Glenn - Yuma Museum
Boden School, District 92, Landsman
Undated Postcard, 1909 photograph.
Jackie L. (Winkler) Churches
Brand School, District 19, north of Yuma
Teacher's Registers: 1927, 1929 (Arch)
Arlene Glenn - Yuma Museum
Bryant, District 26, northwest of Clarksville
South Bryant School 1929-1930
Arlene Glenn
Buffalo Grass, District 26, north of Eckley
1955 Photo
Karyn Schmidt
Cement, District 79, far south central part of the county    Promotion Certificate
Dallas Riedesel
Center School, District 55, northeast of Abarr
1914 Student photo (Do you know the names?)
Circa 1918 Souvenir
Cheryl Meyer
Condon-Radnor, Dist 104, Vernon
1888 Students (Arch)
Lee Zion
Eckley Graduation
Eighth grade 1923
Wray Rattler
Eureka School, Dist 39, Eckley Area
Pupils 1924 (with school photo)
Lee Zion
Fairvale & Unity Union Schools, District 88, Fox Ranch Area
1911 Souvenir
Norma Meadows
Gummer (or Cook) School, north of Yuma
1910 photo
Arlene Glenn
Hammond, Dist 5, North of Yuma
School History - from a 1980 Pioneer article.
Arlene Glenn - Yuma Museum
Hillsdale, Sunnyside, Wages Northeast part of Yuma County
Memories of Teaching School
Jennie Monk
1930-31 Grade School and High SchoolStudents
Jerry Wilcoxen
Idalia, Dist 74
1934 Students
Jerry Wilcoxen
KirkSod School 1906 Yuma Museum
Kirk, Dist 82
1928 Elementary
Dallas Riedesel
Kirk, Dist 82
Marcus Graves Certificate 1907
Dallas Riedesel
Kirk School circa 1920-1930 Judy Freeman
Kirk, Dist 82
1931 Students
Dallas Riedesel
Kirk, Dist 82
1931 elementary
Dallas Riedesel
Kirk, Dist 82
1930's Kirk Track
Dallas Riedesel
KirkThree pages from the
1931 Kirk Annual
Dallas Riedesel
Laird, Eighth Grade
1914 Students
Wray Rattler
Mildred School, Dist 100, South of Eckley
Pupils 1914, 1922, 1932
Lee Zion
Model School, District 31, North of Wray
1922 Pupils - Marion
1942 School Photo - Phyllis
Marion Monk
Phyllis (Weaver) Tyndal
Mt Olive, District 21, Southwest of Yuma
1928 School Census (Arch)
Arlene Glenn - Yuma Museum
Pleasant Hill School, Dist 66, Vernon Area
1904 Pupils, 1915 Pupils, 1928 Pupils
LuJean Zion
Pleasant Hill School, Dist 35
Red Willow area
Yuma Pioneer
Pleasant Valley School, Dist 14
1888 - 1960
Jennie Monk

Lois Blacker

Prairie View School, District 42, Yuma Area
1924 Pupils
Arlene Glenn - Yuma Museum
Riverside School, Dist 85, Vernon Area
Riverside - 1917 Souvenir
Riverside - 1922
see page credits
Rock School, Cement Dist 79, Friend Area

1893 School Report    -

Rock - 1899 photo

Rock 1901-1902 students

Dallas Riedesel
Star School, District 36, Eckley Area
Star School 1912, Star School 1929
see page credits
Sunnyside School, District 20, Wauneta Area
1934 Photo
Jennie (Oman) Monk
Sunny Side School, Arapahoe Dist 43, Vernon Area
1898 Students (Arch)
Lee Zion
Vernon Grade School, Dist 43 and 4
Lee Zion
Waverly School, District 25, north of Eckley
Teacher's Register - 1918 (Arch)
Arlene Glenn - Yuma Museum
Wray Elementary Absences,
Wray Absences November 1899
Wray Rattler
Wray School Roster 1900
Elementary and High School
Wray Rattler
Wray Teachers 1909 Wray Gazette
Yuma Elementary (Partial),
1914 perfect attendance list
Yuma Pioneer
Yuma School,
1918 Sixth Grade
Arlene Glenn - Yuma Museum
High Schools - Student Lists
Early Wray High School Classes
(Wray had a "High School Room" before YCHS started.)
Class of 1901
Yuma Museum
County High School 1909 classes
Wray Gazette
Yuma County High School System
Wray 1908-1916 Graduates, Text File (Arch)
Yuma Co. High Class of 1933 (Arch)
Photographs: Class of 1911, Class of 1913, Class of 1914, Class of 1915, Class of 1916, Class of 1917
LuJean and Lee Zion
Y.C.H.S 1917 and Wray Elementary
Wray and Yuma High
Wray Rattler
Kirk High School
Class of 1928
Dallas Riedesel
Kirk High School
Class of 1935
Dallas Riedesel

Vernon High School
1928 Students
1934 Students

Lee Zion
Waverly High School
Photo circa 1925
Arlene Glenn - Yuma Museum
Wray Graduation 1899
Wray 1899 Graduation
Wray Rattler
Wray School History
Wray school history
Wray Rattler
Wray Graduation 1900
Wray 1900 Graduation
Wray Rattler
Wray Graduation 1906
Wray 1906 Graduation
Wray Rattler
Wray Graduation 1922
Wray 1922 Graduation
Wray Rattler
Wray High School
Photo - Class of 1924
, Class of 1924 - Text (Arch)
Wes Johnson
Wray High School Class of 1929 Shirley (Oman) Neznanski
Wray High School Class of 1931 Dick Kearns
Yuma Graduation 1912
Yuma 1912 Graduation
Yuma Pioneer
Yuma Union High School - Yuma
1925 Graduates , 1925 Class Photo
Arlene Glenn - Yuma Museum
Yuma Union High School - Yuma
1944 Officers , 1944 page from annual
Arlene Glenn - Yuma Museum
Yuma County High School - Wray
1944 Graduation
Dallas Riedesel
Yuma County High School - Wray
1946 and 1947 Senior Class
Jerry Wilcoxen
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