Standard Atlas
Yuma County

Published 1922 Geo. A. Ogle & Co., Chicago

The Standard Atlas of Yuma County contained land ownership maps for each of the County's 70 townships, town plat maps, this "Patrons Reference Directory" and five pages with photographs of Yuma County people and places.

[Note: Based on comparisons with other sources, the land ownership maps and individual entries in the Directory appear to date from mid-to late 1920 not 1922 when the Atlas was published.]

The Patrons Directory listed:

The directory listed just over 1700 names and showed that the families listed had almost 3000 children. Since the 1920 Yuma County population was just under 14,000, the Patrons Directory actually listed about 25% of Yuma County residents.

I transcribed the Directory, leaving out the legal description. I also added a wife's maiden name cross-reference to the husband's name. The data now appears in two formats. e.g.:

The transcribed (now 74 page) Patrons Directory is available for download:

The original Directory had several errors plus dropped and broken type, that I fixed. Others I left rather than guess at the original meaning. Of course, I probably added more errors in the transcription and indexing process! Your comments are welcome.

Transcribed by Lee C Zion, email, March 18, 1998.

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