Yuma Pioneer - September 13, 1912

Primary day in Center precinct was sure "something doing."  Besides getting out the heaviest vote in the county the celebration organized in honor of the formation of the new precinct was a great success.

  The ball game was a democratic victory, John Kuhring's stalwarts going down before Enos Hilton's progressives by a vote of 7 to 20.   The ladies, however, evened up matters, Mrs. Ed. Adair's team of huskies defeating Mrs. Hamilton's team in a beautifully matched pull.

  Mrs. O'Neal took first money and Mrs. Burrell second in the ladies fifty yard sprint, while Myrtle McDonald and Maud Burrell divided the money in the girls' race.  Claude Kohlman and Enos Hilton were the winners in the men's 100-yard dash.

  In a pony race, "Billy," ridden by Ralph Duncan, defeated A.L. Brady's "Lady."

  The ball game was "Bull Moosed" by Harry Higgins to everyone's satisfaction.  J.W. Dunafon, the well known prohibitionist, refereed the tug-of-war, and assisted by Ed. McDonald, of the same political faith, judged the races.

  Chas. Bullard, Chas. Kellar and Isaac Reed, of Wray, and J.W. Pletcher and Frank Shea, of Eckley, were present to look after their political interests and contributed much to the interest of the events in the prizes they offered.

  Center precinct No. 13 is on the map.


Center was not a post office or town, and from the land patents of some of the people named, was about 15 miles south of Eckley.


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