Diary of Lorinne P. Hansen Barker

Frank and Lorinne BarkerPart I - 1922-1926 - Donated by Coral Barker Allbee, daughter of Lorinne, May 1, 2002.

Frank James Barker and Lorinne Hansen were married at the Wray Courthouse, March 7, 1922. Lorinne had come to the area with the Smith family. She was from Red Cloud, NE and had taught school at the Rose Bud Soddy near Whitman, NE, in the Sand Hills. She taught school near Vernon and was postmaster at Heartstrong in 1922. Frank was one of the sons of Austin P. and Mary Agnes Burns Barker. The Austin Barker family moved to the Vernon area from Omaha in 1893. Frank and Lorinne moved to Washington State in 1929.

Some of the people mentioned are Frank's siblings:
Fred Barker m. Agnes Brady
Ethel Mary Barker m. Harve Crouse
Maudie Gertrude Barker m. Frank Wakefield
Sadie Elizabeth Barker m. Fay Wheeler
William H. Barker m. Myrtle Campbell
George Austin Barker m. Jessie Protsman
Arthur Raymond Barker m. Elsie Dickson

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Wasn't it great our first supper was ox tail soup. 
Mar. 9, l922.      Frank and Lorinne

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Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Barker
(seemed to be written by Frank)

July 1      Worked all day- went to Lowes to Dance that night, got big

July 2      Went to Smiths to start to work had one blow out.

July 3      Went to work stacked sweet clover all day.

July 4      Didn't work, went for a walk told Lorinne I didn't like
            the place. 

July 5      Hauled clover all day a little rain.

July 6      Finished stacking clover ----rain.

July 7      Worked on fence until noon and worked car and harness.

July 8      Started to Burlington with Barges. Lorinne went with me.

July 9      Went on in to camp, got there about 3:20 Sunday.

July 10     Worked on header until noon, it hailed and rained.

July 11     Went to G.G. Craig and to Vona and back to camp.

July 12 to 15  Worked in harvest, got $4 per. L. got $2 per as cook.

July 16     Sunday went a swimming and Jack Kelly & Dan Burke came.

July 17     Moved to another place, worked after noon.

July 18 to 19  Worked in Harvest, had lots of trouble.

July 20     Was sick, didn't work, nine men quit the camp.

July 21 to 22  Worked in harvest, went to show in Bur.

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Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Barker

July 23     Took Lorinne to Smiths, took dinner in Burlington at Cafe.

July 24 to 29  Harvested some, long week because Lorinne was gone.

July 30     Was at Smiths to see Lorinne, went back to camp.

July 31     Worked all day but 85 acres with two headers.

Aug. 1      Worked one half day, went and got my money and Lorinne.

Aug. 2      Was at G.G. Craigs all day and went to Clairs for a while.

Aug. 3      Went to Gardners and to Smiths and to Burlington, stayed
            all night.

(next page)  at top...Lorinne cried when I left.

Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Barker. Heartstrong Colo.  Aug. 1922

Aug. 4      Drove from Burlington to Heartstrong in 4 hrs.

Aug. 5      Went to Frank and Maudes, got caught in a dust storm.

Aug. 6      Was Sunday, stayed home all day, look for Rouths.

Aug. 7      Went to Vernon to see John Foreman about work.

Aug. 8      Not doing nothing, Elsie was here and Lorinne is cleaning

Aug. 9      Didn't do anything until noon, went to Fred's afternoon.

Aug. 10     Was at Fred's until noon, came home & it rained.

Aug. 11     Washed and Elsie was here for dinner, went to Lowes for

Aug. 12     Went to Yuma to look for work, didn't find any.

Aug. 13     Sunday, Fred's came for dinner and Franks and Cleaves for

Aug. 14     Went to Vernon to look for work, didn't find any.

Aug. 15     Didn't do anything, went to Galtons to hear the radio.

Aug. 16     Didn't do anything, old Razor Back got out, I fixed the
            hog pen.

     (following is Lorinne's hand writing)

Aug. 17     Frank went to Gus Jesse's to work. I stayed all night with

Aug. 18     Mopped floors and tatted. Stayed all night with Elsie.

Aug. 19     Frank came home after noon. Ella came with him.

Aug. 20     Sunday. Stayed at home.

Aug. 21     Frank went back to work. Ella went home. Big rain &
            electric storm in evening.  Stayed with Elsie.

Aug. 22     Tatted nearly all day.  So Lonesome. Elsie stayed here all

Aug. 23     Elsie & I washed. Stayed all night with Elsie.

Aug. 24     Ironed, mopped kitchen, and mended. Elsie stayed here all

Aug. 25     Swept whole house & tatted. Elsie stayed here all night.

Aug. 26     Sat. Frank came home in afternoon.

Aug. 27     Made ice cream. We went to Fred's in evening.

Aug. 28     Frank put up hay at Fred's.

Aug. 29     Frank put up hay.

Aug. 30     Frank went to Eckley in morning. We came home, stopped at

Aug. 31     Started to Eckley (evening) to "Old Settler's Day."
            Stormed so we turned around and came home.  Rain.

Sept. 1     Started to crate grafonalo to send to Fay.  Fried chicken.

Sept. 2     Saturday. Geo. & Lucretia Percy here for supper.

Sept. 3     Sun. Carroll Ray born l:15 in the morn.  Maude came.

      4     Mon. Baby passed away at 5 in morn. Funeral at 4. Mr.
            Higgins preached funeral.

      5     Mama, Dad & Sis came about 9 in evening. Mrs. Silver was
            here. Mrs. Highland & Junker here.

      6     Wed. Frank went to Eckley to see Dr. Dad went along.

      7     Thurs. I sit up in the chair.

      8     Friday I sit up in the chair. Mrs. Jones was here.

      9     Sat. Stayed in bed all day.

      10    Sun. Sit up awhile. Dessie & Clarence here also Cleave.

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      11    Mon. Stayed in bed all day.

      12    Tuesday. Dressed. Mrs. Silver & Highland here.

      13    Wed. Was up & dressed all day. Dad & Frank went to Yuma.

      14    Thur. Folks went home. Frank went to Gilmores to work.

      15    Frank worked all day at Gilmores. Elsie here all

      16    F. went to work, came home a few min. at noon. Art was

      17    Sun. Art was here for dinner.

      18.   Mon. Frank worked at Gilmores. I hemmed my table cloth.

      19    F. did not work. I walked to store for the first time.  We
            went to Clarences in afternoon.

      20    Wed. F. worked all day. Art came in Eve.

      21    Thur. F. worked all day. Art was here all day.

      22    Friday. F. finished at Gilmores.

      23    Saturday. Didn't do anything.

      24    Sun. Went to Geo. Percy's for dinner.

      25    Mon. Mopped kitchen. Windy.

      26    Washed

      27    Frank and Art went to Yuma.

      28    Thur. F. didn't feel well.  Did nothing.

      29    Went to Maude's. F. & Art went to Gus Jesse, grouse for

      30    Sat. Dessie was here in afternoon.

Oct.  1     Sun. Art & Artie & Glenn Percy was here for dinner. Maude,
            Frank and kids were here in afternoon.

      2     Mon. Frank worked on car.

      3.    Tues.   "        "      "

      4.    Wed.   "      "   "

      5.    Thur.   "        "      "

      6.    Friday. Washed.

      7.    Sat. Went to Bill's in the afternoon (late).

      8.    Sun. Stayed at Bill's all day. F & Bill came home to do

      9.    Mon. came back early in morn. Stayed at P.O. and F at

      10    Tues. Didn't feel well.

      11    Wed. Went to bed sick in the morning.

      12    Thur. Stayed in bed all day.

      13    Fri. Got up & stayed up all day.

      14    Sat. Didn't do much.  Ironed.

      15    Took Art to Maude's.  Bill came after hogs, stayed all
            night.  Cleave came over & we played cards.

      16    Cold & windy. Went to Meyers (Marrs) to see about feeding

      17    Tues. Didn't do much. Went to Eckley in the evening.

      18    Wed. Didn't do much.

      19.   Thur. Washed, mopped kitchen. Cleave came over & we played

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      20    Frank took Mrs. Percy. Geo & Lucretica to Yuma.

      21    Sat. Stormy. Stayed home. Cleave here for supper.

      22    Sun. Went to Wakefields. Art came home with us.

      23    Mon. Went to Eckley. Stayed all night at Bills.

      24    Tues. Bill & Frank started with load of rye, got stuck &
            left load, we came home. Frank had a bad cold.

      25    Wed. Frank was sick with cold.

      26    Thur. Frank was still feeling bad.

      27    Fri. F. was feeling better. Went to Gilmores.

      28    Sat. Art & Artie were here in evening & all night.

      29    Went to Bills & Maudes. Five men here to stay all night.

      30    F. began shucking for Geo Percy. cold and cloudy.

      31    Tues. Went to Halloween masquerade dance for a little

Nov.  1     F. did not work. Art came in evening.

      2     Thur. F. worked. Art was here all day. Elsie was up.

      3     Fri. F. worked. Bot ham of D. Foggy in morn.

      4.    Sat. Stormy, rained. F. did not work.

      5.    Sun. Stormy - snowed - cold and windy.

      6     Mon. F. worked. I washed.

      7     Tues. Sick. F. stayed home with me. Maude & Art here.

      8     Wed. was better F. stayed home with me. Art was here all

      9     Thur. Foggy. F. did not work.

      10    Fri. Went with Frank to Geo P.

      11    F. worked. I went to Clarence's. Stormy in eve.

      12    Sun. Blew & snowed.

      13    Mon. Cold. Didn't do much.

      14    Tues. Warmer. Blankets & clock came. Signed lease & note
            for horses.

      15    Was at Gilmore's all day. Brot 2 colts over here.

      16    Thur. Was over to see Dessie & baby. Frank hauled 2 loads

      17    Fri. Foggy in morning. Frank worked in afternoon. Art was

      18    Sat. We washed. F. had sore wrist. Dutch P. here for

      19    Sunday nice day.

      20    F. shucked corn. Ironed & mopped.

      21    Tues. F. shucked corn. Art came.

      22    Wed. Went to Clarences & started to crate grafanola.

      23    Thur. Finished crating grafinola. I went to Clarence's.
            Art took car.

      24    Fri. F. tended P.O. and creamery.

      25    Sat. We were both at Clarence's all day.

      26    Sun. Didn't do much. F. stayed all night in Heartstrong.

      27    Mon. F. shucked corn in morning. We came to Heartstrong to
            get part of our things.  Washed.

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      28    Went to Gilmore's with Clarence's.

      29    Clarence left. F. Shucked corn. I ironed.

      30    Thanksgiving. Had roast chicken, cranberries. F. didn't

Dec.  1     Friday. F. went to Eckley.

      2     Sat. Baked for Sunday. F. shucked 3/4 day.

      3     Sunday. Went to Gilmore's & over to Heartstrong. Got

      4     Monday. F. & I washed. F. shucked in afternoon.

      5     Tues. F. shucked corn. I ironed.

      6      F. shucked corn. Art was here in evening.

      7     Thur. Frosty all day. F did not work.

      8     Fri. Frosty & cold. F did not work.

      9     Sat. F walked to work. I took Pauline & Eugene to
            Heartstrong.  Elsie stayed all night.

      10    Sun. F hauled straw in morn & helped Mr. G fix windmill in
            p.m.. I took Dessie to Gilmores & Elsie home.

      11    Monday F. worked. Cold.

      12    Tues. F. worked. cold.

      13    Wed. we washed. Art came & stayed all night.

      14    F & I went to Heartstrong to get mail. Got bu. apples.
            Very cold.

      15    F. worked

      16    Sat. F. worked in morn. All went to Heartstrong in

      17    Sun. F got our horses over here.

      18    Mon. We, all, went to Eckley saw Dr.

      19    Tues. F walked to work. I fixed tire & went after him in

      20    Wed. F worked. I didn't do much. finished apple.

      21    We washed. Packed over home in afternoon.

      22    Ironed. F & Art went to Vernon.

      23    Sat. F worked in morn. Got colic in p.m.

      24    Went to Fred's for dinner. Got 16 chickens. Bill's for
            supper. Saw their new girl born 21st.   

      25    Xmas. Went to R. J. Gilmores for dinner. Fine day.

      26    A little snow on - so Frank didn't go to work until pm.

      27    Wed. F. worked.

      28    Thur. Washed in morn. F. worked in pm.

      29    Fri. F. worked. I ironed.

      30    Sat. Windy. Rained some. Art stayed all night.

      31    Sun. Went to Maude's for N.Y. dinner.


Jan.  1     M. New Years. F went to Eckley for medicine for Dessie's

      2     Tues. Finished packing & Haskinson's moved into house.

      3     Wed. F worked in morn. Bad wind most of day. Art here.

      4     Thur. F worked. Clarence came home in evening.

      5.    Fri. We washed. F worked.

      6.    St. F & I went to Heartstrong in afternoon & stayed all
            night at Wakefield's.

      7.    Sun. We moved over to R. J. Gilmores.

      8.    Mon. windy all day. F. did not work in P.M.

      9.    Tues. Didn't do much. F. worked all day.

      10.   Wed.    "        "      "      "      "          "    "

      11.   Thur. Too windy for Frank to work in afternoon.

      12.   Fri. Stayed all night with Dessie. Clarence gone to

      13.   Sat. Windy all day. F helped top cane all day.

      14.   Sun. F hauled straw at Clarence's. We went for walk in p m

      15.   Mon. F shucked in morn & helped thrash cane see in p.m.

      16.    Tues. F helped Larkin thrash in a m. We washed. Warm.

      17.   Wed. Ironed. F worked all day.

      18.   Thur. Went to Heartstrong in afternoon. F worked all day.

      19.   Fri. F. worked all day. We baked pies etc.

      20.    Sat. F. worked   "    "

      21.   Sun. We went to Bill's for dinner.

      22.   Mon. Too windy for F ro work in p.m.

      23.   Tues. cold.

      24.   Wed. F worked all day.

      25.   Thur. Had 2 other shuckers for dinner. F & I went to H. in
            eve.   (H = Heartstrong)

      26.   Fri. F. began in new field of corn. very good.

      27.   Sat. F worked 1/2 day.

      28.   Sun. Stayed home.

      29.   Mon. Washed. Nice day.

      30.   Tues. Ironed

      31.   Wed. Didn't do much.

Feb.  1     Thursday. Boys finished shucking at noon. Went to H. in

      2.    Fri. Cold. Snowed some in morning. F shelled corn till 3
            at Larkins.

      3.    Sat. Very cold. F hauled straw.

      4.    Sun. Nothing.

      5.    Mon. Hauled cane.

      6.    Tues. Hauled cane.

      7.    Wed. Hauled cane.

      8.    Thur, I went to sale. Snowy. Geo. Foreman's.

      9.    Fri. Started to move. Bro't horses over.

      10.   Sat. Moved.

      11.   Sun. Got things from Clarence's. Straightened up.

      12.   Mon. F fixed chicken house. Bro't chickens home.

      13.   Tues. F hauled cane all day.  Got 16 eggs.

      14.   Wed. Shelled corn in pm. I helped with supper.

      15.   Thur. Shelled corn 3/4 day. I helped with dinner. Gilmores

      16.   Fri. F hauled cane all day.

      17.   Sat. F went to Eckley. I stayed with Maude. Had oyster
            soup at Maudes.

      18.   Sun. Art came over in evening.

      19.   Mon. F & Art started to sale but didn't go (too late) I
            stayed with Mrs. Dickson.

      20.   Tues. Bro't over the rest of furniture in wagon. Got
            sewing machine.

      21.   Wed. Got hog wire & rest of our things.

      22.   Thur. F took a load of corn to Eckley for Gilmore.

      23.   Fri. Went to Heartstrong.

      24.   Sat. Frank & Art went to Vernon & Eckley. Elsie came over.

      25.   Sun. F helped Gilmore fix pump.

      26.   Mon. Didn't do much. Ironed some. A & E came back. Frank
            was sick.

      27.   Tues. Went to H. for mail. A & E left. Traded at Renshaws.

      28.   Wed. F hauled 2 loads of straw. I washed.

March 1     Thur. F was feeling bad. Washed blankets.

      2     Fri. Will here for dinner. We went home (in wagon) with
            him, stayed all night.

      3.    Sat. Came back stopped at Maude's for dinner. Misty.
            Ted & Bernie came home with us. Art and Elsie were at

      4.    Sun.  Ted & Bernie left. I baked bread. Cold.

      5.    Mon. Fred, Art & Elsie were here for dinner.  Art broke
            our car & left it at Will"s.

      6.    Tues. Frank & Maude brot Art and Elsie over in pm.

      7.    Wed. Art & Elsie left here. Dutch Protsman here in after-
            noon. Lacy sick.

      8.    Thur. F worked on hog pen.

      9.     Fri. Went to Wakefields. F went to Vernon with Frank

      10.   Sat. F went to Heartstrong on horseback. Rec'd pillows
            from Mama.

      11.   Sun. Went to Filmore and fot our 2 pigs. Stayed for
            dinner. Windy.

      12.   Mon.  Duststorm all day.

      13.   Tues. Went to Bill's in evening.

      14.   Wed. Snowy. Came home in storm.

      15.   Thur. Sick, stomach trouble. F went to Gilmores in pm.

      16.   Fri. Went to see Mrs. Percy in afternoon.

      17.   Sat. Glenn came after me to help Mrs. P.     F went to
            Vernon.  Blizzard.

      18.   Sun. Ray brot me home in afternoon.

      19.   Mon.  Snow melting fast. F went to see Mrs. Brady about
            cows. No luck.

      20.   Tues. Had the rope on Spark plug (mule). Rained & snowed
            in eve.

      21.   Wed. Snowed nearly all day.

      22.   Thur. Hitched up Buster in morn. Went to Bill's about

      23.   Fri. F & Bill went to L. Browns.  Bro't 14 milk cows back
            to Bill's.

      24.   Sat. Came home, bro't 7 cows. About 10 bushel of corn.

      25.   Sun. Cloudy all day.  Didn't do much. Only got 3 eggs.

      26.   Mon.  F went to Eckley on horse back. I planted tomato &
            cabbage seeds.

      27.   Tues. Didn't do much. Baked. F hauled load of straw in
            morning & helped R J (??) in pm.

      28.   Wed. F helped Gilmore all day.

      29.   Thur. Frank sick with bad cold. Didn't do anything.

      30.   Fri. Friday. F still feeling bad. Stayed in house all day.

      31.   Sat. F feels better. Went to Gilmore's & H.  Got a nutcake
            from Mama.

April 1     Sun. Easter. Stayed home all day. Baked bread.

      2     Monday. Washed. Rained in afternoon.

      3.    Rained or snowed about all day.  F went to Whisler's sale.

      4.    Cleared up about noon. Dried clothes. F hauled manure.

      5.    Ironed & mopped. F drove cattle for Gilmore. Nice day.

      6.    F drove cattle on to Eckley. Got money at Bank.

      7.    Didn't do much all day.  Looked stormy. Baked bread.

      8.    Sunday. Didn't do anything.

      9.    Mon. F hauled 2 loads of straw.

      10.   Tues. Took (rack?) home. Went to H. Bro't "Dan" home.

      11.   Wed. Will & Myrtly came. Went to h. They drove "Sparkie."
            Artie here.

      12.   Thur. Artie & F drove mules. F & I went to H. in pm. Drove

      13.   Fri. Went down to Will's in pm. Drove Buster.

      14.   Sat. Will & Myrtle came home & stayed all nite with us.

      15.   Sun. They went home.  Frank & Maude here for dinner.

      16.   Mon. Went to H. in morning. F hauled manure in pm.

      17.   Tues. F hauled manure. I sewed quilt pieces.

      18.   Wed.  Washed. F hauled manure.

      19.   Thur. Ironed & baked. F fixed disc.

      20.   Fri. Windy & cold.

      21.   Sat. Went to Heartstrong in morn. F worked on disc.   

      22.   Sun. Cold & rainy. all day. Stayed at home.

      23.   Mon. Went to Wakefield's. F went to Higgins too.

      24.   Tues. F disced all day.

      25.   Wed. F disced in morning. Rainy looking all pm. Bill
            stayed all night.

      26.   Thur. Went to Wakefield's. F went to Eckley. Got disc from

      27.   Fri. Will was here for dinner. F fixed barn. Rainy.

      28.   Sat. Went to H. in afternoon. Got roots & plants from
            Mama. 7 (?) eggs.

      29.   Sun. Went to Wakefield's. Bo't 20 bu. corn (feed).

      30.   Mon. Planted some potatoes.  Plowed both gardens.

May   1     Tues. F disked in afternoon.

      2     Wed. F disked all day. I washed.

      3.    Thur. Had a nice rain. I ironed. First hen hatching.

      4.    Fri. Got 7 chicks. F disked all day.

      5.    Sat. Black cow bro't calf.  Will & Myrtle here for dinner.
            Went to H in pm.

      6.    Sun. Set 11 turkey eggs. Went to Wakefield's for dinner.
            Went to Vernon & fixed up baby's grave. Got seed corn 
           (5 bu) from Wakefield's.

      7.    Mon. F finished disking at noon. Fixed on (?) lister. I
            fixed chicken coop. Raked garden & planted 3 rows peas.

      8.    Tues. F began to list corn. I planted some garden.

      9.    Wed. F listed all day. Colt was born. I planted garden.

      10.   Thur. F listed in morn. Rained after dinner. Went to H.
            Mama sent rhubarb & dried apples.

      11.   Fri. Very windy all day, sand storm blew out garden and
            filled part of listed furrows.

      12.   Sat. Cloudy almost all day. F listed all day. I baked

      13.   Sun. Windy. We went to Will's. F helped dehorn & brand.
            Began raining in afternoon.

      14.   Mon. Rained nearly all day. Colt died.  Glenn Percy here
            for dinner.  We played cards.  Shelled see corn.

      15.   Tues. Rained & snowed until mid-afternoon. Shelled seed

      16.   Wed. Sunshine but cool. F listed in pm. I sorted beans &
            shelled corn. Planted some garden.

      17.   Thur. F listed all day.

      18.   Fri. F listed 3/4 day. Rained & hailed some. Jewett
            Poranaum stayed all nite.  Red cow bro't calf.

      19.   Sat. F listed in morning. Myrtle & will here in morn. Took
            2 colts & bay mare to pasture in afternoon.

      20.   Sun. Stayed at home all day. F fixed lister & calf pen.

      21.   Mon. Rainy. Read stories all morning.

      22.   Tues. Rained all day. Didn't do much. Baked bread.

      23.   Wed. F shelled speckled seed corn. I sewed & tatted.
            Rained all day.

      24.   Thur. Misty in morn. We set out tomato & cabbage plants in
            morning. F listed in afternoon.  I planted some garden.
            Sun shone in late afternoon.

      25.   Fri. I washed. F listed all day.  Misty in morn but
            cleared up.

      26.   Sat.  Nice day. Went to H. in pm. F worked (listed) in

      27.   Sun. Went to Maude's.  Got seed corn & hersy seed. Bud's
            birthday.  (Earl Wakefield) Got caught in rain coming
            home. Rained all night.

      28.   Mon. Too wet to work in morn. listed in pm till broke
            down. I planted water melon.

      29.   Tues. Repairs came for lister (on mail). Listed in pm.
            Rained hard at night.

      30.   Wed. Too wet to work in morn. Listed all afternoon. No

      31.   Thur. F listed all day. I sewed.

June  1     Fri. I planted watermelons, muskmelons, cucumbers & other
            seeds in morn. F listed. Turkeys hatching.  9 turkeys.

      2.    Sat. F worked all day. Finished listing south of house at

      3.    Sun. Stayed home. Mr. Gilmore bro't his horses her to

      4.    Mon. F began listing south piece. I planted more pole
            beans.  Another calf.

      5.    Tues. F listed all day.

      6.    F finished listing south piece. I sewed.

      7.    Thur. Went to H. in morning. F finished re listing in pm.
            Jimmy sick. We went to Wakefield's in eve. stayed all
            nite.  Rain - yellow cow had calf.

      8.    Fri. Got home about 10. F listed cane in pm. Rain.

      9.    Sat. F listed part of the day.

      10.   Sun. Rainy all day. Red sow had 3 pigs.

      11.   Mon. Cloudy. I hoed some.  Planted salsify, beans & peas.
            F went to Lowe's & borrowed cane seed in early morn.
            Listed cane all day,

      12.   Tues. F listed cane. I hoed in garden.

      13.   Wed. F went to Eckley bo't cane seed. Washed. Warm day.

      14.   Thur. 8 turkeys hatched from 10 eggs. F listed. Another
            fresh cow. Calf died. Ironed and mended.

      15.   Fri. Frank finished listing cane.

      16.   Sat. Went to H. Bad sand strom. Ella & Earl came over in

      17.   Sun. Ells & Earl went home. We stayed home all day.

      18.   Mon. Went to Will's in morn. Rained & we had to stay all

      19.   Tues. Got home about 8:30. Bro't home Will's two sow.
            Planted potatoes.

      20.   Wed. F went to Town (Eckley). Windy. Fot repairs for 2
            row. F hurt his thumb.

      21.   Thur. F went to Will's. Got his old team of mules.

      22.   Fri. Terribly windy. F worked on 2 row all day.

      23.   Sat. F worked on 2 row, in am. I ironed in pm.

      24.   Sun. Went to Maude's. Got 15 bu. corn.  Hot. 8 turkeys

      25.   Mon. Cool north wind. F worked all day.

      26.   Tues. F worked all day.

      27.   Wed. Windy (N.W.) all day. Too bad to work in pm.

      28.   Thur. Went to H. in morning.

      29.   Fri. F helped wash until 9. He worked in field rest of
            day. Hot.

      30.   Sat. F worked all day in field.

July  1.    Sun. Will & Myrtle here for dinner. Sent Midnight to
            pasture. Hard rain at nite.

      2.    Mon.   F  took "Rainbow" & two calves to pasture in morn.
            I planted g.b.- corn. Too wet to work in field until late

      3.    Tues. F worked all day in field.

      4.    Wed. Went to Will's for dinner ("ICE CREAM") Fred & Agnes
            came. Hot.

      5.    Thur. F finished 2 rowing in north field. hot.

      6.    Fri. F finished small field by house. F did not work in pm
            as I was sick.

      7.    Sat. F worked in south field.

      8.    Sun. Maude, Frank, Jimmy & Stella here all day.

      9.    Mon. F finished 2 rowing south field.

      10.   Tues. Small shower. I planted some graden. F worked in W.

      11.   Wed. F worked in field.

      12.   Thur. I stayed at Gilmore's while F went to H.

      13.   Fri. Frank stayed with me as I was feeling bad.

***** 14.   Sat. Gertrude Lorene born at 6:20 am.  Mrs. Shannon came
            out with Dr.  Fred here for dinner. Maude & Frank W. here
            in pm.

      15.   Sun.  Will & Myrtle here for dinner. Rain.

      16.   Mon.  Washed. Rained hard.  Another calf.

      17.   Tues. Ironed.

      18.   Wed. F worked in field all day.

      19.   Thur. I sit up to supper. Hot. F finished cane for 1st

      20.   Fri. Hot. Frank got Wakefield's 2 row.

      21.   Sat. Hot. F began on corn 2nd time.

      22.   Sun. Geo. & Lucretia Percy here in evening.

      23.   Mon. Washed. I got up & dressed for dinner.

      24.   Tues. Was up most all day.  

July  25.   Foggy in morn. Cool.

      26.   Thur.

      27.   Fri.

      28.   Sat. Mrs. Shannon went home. I did small wash.

      29.   Sun. Maud & Frank here for dinner.

      30.   Mon. F worked in field.

      31.   Tues.  "    "          "    "

Aug.  1     Wed. F helped Mr. Gilmore in wheat in morn.

      2.    Thur.  "      "     "            "        "     " am and

      3.    Fri. We washed. Ella came in pm. Mr. & Mrs. Dickson here

      4.    Sat. Ironed. F went to H. in am and 2 rowed in pm.
            Finished corn.

      5.    Sun. Bud and Ella came over. Frank & Bud went to look
            after horses & cows in pasture. Rained a little in

      6.    Mon. Cloudy most the day. F 2 rowed cane all day.

      7.    Tues.

      8.    Wed.

      9.    Thur. Washed.

      10.   Fri. Ironed. F went to Wakefield's after cultivator.

      11.   Sat. F cultivated in morn. Rained in pm.

      12.   Sun. No company.

      13.   Mon. Hot. Went to H. in morn. Gertrude's first trip. 
            F cultivated pm.

      14.   Tues. Gertrude 1 mo. old.

      15.   Wed. Gertrude and I went to Gilmores. Rained at nite.

      16.   Thur. F went to Filmores in am.  Too wet to work in am.

      17.   Fri. F went to Will's on Buster. I washed for Gertrude.

      18.   Sat. Gertrude weighed 7 pounds.  We pumped water for

      19.   Sun. Will & Myrtle here.

      20.   Mon. Hot. Washed. F cultivated cane in pm.

      21.   Tues. Ironed. F cultivated cane all day. Cool & cloudy.

      22.   Wed. F cultivated. I canned 9 quarts of corn.

      23.   Thur. F cultivated.

      24.   Fri. I went to Heartstrong. F finished cane. G weighs 8

      25.   Sat.  F went to Will's & got car. F stayed at Maud's. G
            had colic.

      26.   Sun. F went to Filmores in morning.

      27.   Mon.  I canned 3 qts. corn. F sick all day. Stomach &

      28.   Tues. Washed. F looked for mower & took Darrel M. plow

      29.   Wed. Ironed. Mopped upstairs. F took hogs to town. Got 8
            cents.  Got medicine for Gertrude.

      30.   Thur. Canned 10 qts. corn & 1 qt. beans. Ella came over. F
            went to Will's to help hay.

      31.   Fri. Mopped stairs & kitchen. F helped Gilmore mow.

Sept. 1     F mowed weeds & hay. Gertrude & I went to Heartstrong.

      2.    Artie came & spent day. F finished mowing in am, took
            mower home & helped Mr. Gilmore pull pump in pm.

      3.    Mon. Washed. F helped fix pumps. Pulled pump here in pm

      4.    Tues. Didn't do much. Put our pump down in pm.

      5.    Wed. F helped G. put his pump down in early am. Went to
            Will's & got 6 cows & their separator.

      6.    Thur. F helped Mr. Gilmore put up hay. I ironed. Rained

      7.    Fri. F helped Mr. Gilmore with hay in pm.

      8.    Sat. didn't do much. Gertrude 8 weeks old.

      9.    Sun. Stayed at home. Gertrude had cold.

      10.   Mon. Washed. Pitched hay 1/2 day at Gilmores.

      11.   Tues. Didn't do much. F went to Heartstong.

      12.   Wed. Ironed. Frank ran corn binder all day.

      13.   Thur. Didn't do much.

      14.   Fri. F went to Vernon with Wakefields.

      15.   Sat. Went to Filmores for dinner. F ran corn binder in PM.
            Took car to G.

      16.   Sun. Stayed home all day.Tuell girls here.

      17.   Mon. Cold & cloudy. F ran corn binder for Gilmore & cut
            millet all day.

      18.    Tues. We washed. F went to Heartstrong in pm. cloudy.

      19.   Wed. Cleared up. Changed things around in kitchen. Windy &

      20.   Thur. F shocked in pm. Snapped corn in am.

      21.   Fri. shocked all day.

      22.   Sat. F shocked cane & millet.

      23.   Sun. Didn't do much.

      24.   Mon. Very windy. F didn't work.  Folks came in evening.
            We took Gertrude to Dr.

      25.   Tues. F got bull from McGrath & ran binder in pm.

      26.   Wed. Ran binder all day. Washed.

      27.   Thur. Dad, Ruby & Frank went to Yuma to get binder.

      28.   Fri. F cut cane all day for Gilmore.

      29.   Sat. F cut "our" cane.

      30.   Sun. Didn't do anything.

Oct.  1     Mon. Folks left in morning. F cut "our" cane all day.

      2.    Tues. Rainy.

      3.    Wed. Rainy. Cut cane in pm.

      4.    Thur. Cut cane all day.

      5.    Fri. Cut cane until noon. Finished.

      6.    Sat. Rainy.

      7.    Sun. Rainy.

      8.    Mon. F went to Eckley.

      9.    Tues. Will's came.  F & Will went to pasture. Rained in

      10.   Wed. F shocked cane in pm.

      11.   Thur. Shocked cane al day.

      12.   Fri. Shocked cane all day. Frosted hard.

      13.   Sat. Shocked cane all day.

      14.   Sun. Went to pasture & got "Rainbow" and 2 calves.

      15.   Mon. Thrashed at Gilmore's in pm. Hauled our cane in am.

      16.   Tues. We washed.

      17.   Wed. Frank went to Heartstrong & picked chips.

      18.   Thur. f went to Will's & stayed at Maudes. F weighed 11

      19.   Fri. F fixed corral fence.

      20.   Sat. Washed for Gertrude, ironed and mopped.

      21.   Sun. Went with Maude's to Ethels.

      22.   Mon. Had my hair bobbed. F picked chips.

      23.   Tues. Didn't do much. Rained. Got a letter & picture from
            Art & Elsie.

      24.   Wed. Artie came & they went coyote hunting. Rainy. Snowed.

      25.   Thur. Will's came. Cold & rainy all day. F & W went to

      26.   Fri. Will's went home & took cows & separator. Misty. F
            went as far as Maudes.

      27.   Sat. F got load of hay & cane.

      28.   Sun. Rainy & snowy. Jewett B. here for dinner & supper. F
            got horses from Jewett's pasture.

      29.   Mon. Didn't do much.

      30.   Tues. F got Gilmore's wagon from Will. I stayed at Maud's.

      31.   Wed. F went to Eckley for coal. Sold 18 hens - $6.50.

Nov.  1     Thur. F went to Heartstrong.

      2.    Fri. Washed. Sold 23 hens.

      3.    Sat. Didn't do anything.

      4.    Sun. F helped Mr. Gilmore. I went along. Bert Henderson's
            & Miss Johnson here in eve.

      5.    Mon. Nothing much.

      6.    Tues. F went to Heartstrong. I ironed. F shucked corn.

      7.    Wed. F shucked corn part of the day & went to Will's. Miss
            Willa Johnson stayed all nite with me.

      8.    Thur. F came home about noon. I washed on board.

      9.    Fri. F shucked corn all day. I ironed.

      10.   Sat. F shucked in morn (finished small field).  Hauled a
            little cane. 

      11.   Sun. Rainy. Stayed at home.

      12.   Mon. F drove "Midnight"

      13.   Tues. F got feed & banked up around house.

      14.   Wed. We went to Will's. Got 3 gallon lard from Maude.

      15.   Thur. I washed. F went to Eckley & got grocerys & lumber.
            Borrowed $25.

      16.   Fri. F went to Gilmores in morn. Worked on wagon all day.

      17.   Sat. F fixed side boards & wagon.

      18.   Sun. F & Mr. Gilmore went to Cutchfields.  Will & Bud here
            for dinner.  Will got their sow.

      19.   Mon. F shucked all day.

      20.   Tues. F shucked all day. G got 1 hood from Sadie & I bo't
            her one.

      21.   Wed. F shucked corn. I washed.

      22.   Thur. F    "            "

      23.   Fri.    F    "            ".  I ironed.

      24.   Sat.    F    "            " in morning.

      25.   Sun. Frank & Maude, Mary, Jim & Stella here. G weighed 15

      26.   Mon. F shucked in pm.

      27.   Tues. Snowed. Mr. & Mrs. Gilmore were here in pm. bro't
            (?) turkey. Misses Sadie Briggs & Willa Johnson here for

      28.   Wed. Made G a dress. Frank went over to Gilmores to see
            Tom Cox.

      29.   Thur. Thanksgiving. We were invited to Gilmores but didn't
            go. Frank shucked corn in am.

      30.   Fri. Cloudy. Frank shucked corn.

Dec.  1     Sat. Windy & cloudy. F didn't shuck.

      2.    Sun. Frank hauled some hay,

      3.    Mon. I washed. F shucked corn.

      4.    Tues. F shucked in am.

      5.    Wed. F shucked. I ironed.

      6.    Thur. F came in about 9 with side ache. I mopped kitchen,

      7.    Fri. F shucked in am. Side bothered him. I swept upstairs.

      8.    Sat. F went to see Artie in am & to Tuell's to see about
            shelling in pm. Snowed.

      9.    Sun. Snowed all day. (about 18 in)

      10.   Mon. Frank went hunting. I pieced quilt.

      11.   Tues. Cold. No mail.

      12.   Wed. Frank hunted.

      13.   Thur. Mail came in a truck. F hauled some feed.

      14.   Fri. Frank went to Heartstrong. I stayed at Gilmores.

      15.   Sat. Washed.  Gertrude weighs 16 pounds.

      16.   Sun. F went to Will's to get our harness & I stayed at

      17.   Mon. F shucked corn south field. It was so wet. I mopped.

      18.   Tues. F shucked in am in south field. I ironed.

      19.   Wed. F helped Darrel Mc & T. B. Larkin shell.

      20.   Thur. F helped John Larkin & we shelled. Got 304 bu. Maud
            & Frank were here. Frank's shoes & over shoes came.

      21.   Fri. (note***handwriting changes to Frank's here) I got
            Jim H. wagon. L didn't do much.

      22.   Sat. I took load to Eckley. L. got ready for Xmas dinner.

      23.   Sun. L. birthday. I got cane and loaded up corn.

      24.   Mon. Took load to Eckley. L fixed turkey for Xmas dinner.

      25.   Tues. Christmas Day. Gilmores here for dinner.

      26.   Wed. Took load to Eckley. L. didn't do much.

      27.   Thur. I didn't do much. Read most all day. L did the same/

      28.   Fri. I got ready to go to Eckley. L. (didn't do much.)
            scratched out and added was (washed).

      29.   Sat. I took load to Eckley. L dryed her washing.

      30.   Sun. Blizzard. Read all day.

      31.   Mon. I got cane. L. didn't do much.

Jan. l, l924   Tues.  New Year Day. I took Jim H. wagon home.

(note****here changes back to Lorinne's handwriting)

      2     Wed. Cold.

      3.    Thur. Went to Maud's. F went to Will's & to see Nickol's.
            Snowed & we stayed all nite at Maud's.

      4.    Fri. Came home about noon. Frank got cane.

      5.    Sat. F shucked 30 bu. corn, in so. field & took it to

      6.    Sun. We went to Gilmores. Nice day.

      7.    Mon. Shucked in am & topped cane in pm.

      8.    Tues. Washed.

      9.    Wed. Blizzardy.

      10.   Thur. Frank got feed.

      11.   Fri. F hauled Dickson load of ear corn.

      12.   Sat. F got feed.

      13.   Sun. Stayed at home.

      14.   Mon.Gertrude 6 mo. old.  F hauled Dickson a load of corn.

      15.   Tues. Shucked corn.

      16.   Wed. Hauled feed & it snowed.

      17.   Thur. Cold didn't do much.

      18.   Fri. Washed. F  shucked in pm. Snowed in eve & nite. Cold

      19.   Sat. F went to H. got 1/4 beef. I hung clothes out. Cold.

      20.   Sun. Cold. Stayed home. Took 2 pictures of G.

      21.   Mon. F shucked.

      22.   Tues. F & Mr. Gilmore went to sale at Critchfields. I

      23.   Wed.  F shucked.

      24.   Thur. F shucked in am.

      25.   Fri. Foggy, misty & foggy all day. Didn't do much.

      26.   Sat. F shucked in am & topped cane in pm.

      27.   Sun. Warm. Stayed at home.

      28.   Mon.

      29.   Tues.

      30.   Wed.

      31.   Thur. F shucked in am. Geo & Lucretia here for supper.
            Went to Literary.

Feb.  1     Fri. F topped cane in pm. Gerald (may be Lorinne's
            cousin??)  came.

      2.    Sat. Fine day. F. & Gerald topped cane in pm.

      3.    Sun. Blizzard all day.

      4.    Mon. Didn't do much. Got pigs from Gilmore's.

      5.    Tues. (Frank's handwriting again) I fixed harrness and
            hauled feed.  

*******this was the last page of the journal.  Another
page in the first part of the journal starts   l924      Diary. and

***Lorinne's handwriting.

May   1.    Thur. Fenced & thrashed cane seed.

      2.    Fri. Thrashed cane seed at Gilmores.

      3.    Sat. Ball game & riding.  Will got his kneecap broken.
Will & Myrtle girls stayed here.

      4.    Sun. Lots of people in to see Will.

      5.    Mon. f went to Higgins & got lister. Windy. Hard freeze.

      6.    Tues. F worked on lister.

      7.    Wed. Mr. Higgins took them to town to Dr. F got load

      8.    Thur. Frank got load of millet. Windy. Got load cobs.

      9.    Fri. Very windy. shelled seed corn. Went to Wildmans.

      10.   Sat.

      11.   Sun. Took Gilmores cobs home.

      12.   Mon. F. broke lister plate.

      13.   Tues.  Broke double tree, began listing.

      14.   Wed. Listed.

      15.   Thur. Listed.

      16.   Fri.  Frank listed.

      17.   Sat. Listed

      18.   Sun. Sand storm.

      19.   Mon. F listed.

      20.   Tues. F. listed.

      21.   Wed. F. listed.

      22.   Thur. Frank listed.

      23.   Fri.  Frank listed in am. Myrtle here. Shower. F. done G's

      24.   Sat. We done Gilmores chores. I sold 2 doz. tomato plants.

      25.   Sun. Rained in evening, Frank Kuhing's funeral.

      26.   Mon. Frank listed. Rained all night.

      27.   Tues. Rainy.

      28.   Wed.  Rainy.

      29.   Thur. AM plowed garden & put in potatoes. F listed in pm.
            Rained at nite.

      30.   Fri. Decoration Day. Rainy.

      31.   Sat. Cloudy until afternoon.  Didn't do much.

June  1.    Sun. Disced garden. Went to Gilmores.

      2.    Mon. Listed. I washed.

      3.    Tues. Listed. Ironed.

      4.    Wed. Listed. Mopped.

      5.    Thur. Listed. Made some garden.

      6.    Fri. Listed. Washed windows.

      7.    Sat. Listed in am. F went to ball game in pm.

      8.    Sun. Went to see Will. Spot fresh. Rain.

      9.    Mon. Glenn Helton listed all day. F shelled seed corn. I
            planted garden.

      10.   Tues. Glen listed. Frank shucked some corn.     

      11.   Wed. Frank, Gertrude & I went to Yuma. Had my tooth

      12.   Thur. Glenn plowed.

      13.   Fri. F & Glenn put up the tank. Washed.

      14.   Sat. Frank fixed pipe & barrel to run water to tank. 
            Gertrude 11 months.

      15.   Sun.

      16.   Mon.

      17.   Tues.

      18.   Wed.

      19.   Thur.

      20.   Fri. San storm in afternoon.

      21.   Sat. Hot.

      22.   Sun. Power's down in afternoon. 6 ducks hatched.

      23.   Mon. 

      24.   Tues.

      25.   Wed.

      26.   Thur.

      27.   Fri. Delbert two rowed. Frank went to Eckley for wire and

      28.   Sat. Walter two rowed in a.m.

      29.   Sun. Mr. & Mrs. Filmores & Mrs. Powers & children here for
            dinner & ice cream. Men worked on pump in pasture.

      30.   Mon. Walter Peveler two rowed. Frank worked on fence.

July  1     Tues. I two rowed in p.m. Frank got garden wire.

      2     Wed.  F went to Will's. Got corn.

      3.    Thur. Worked on garden fence. Washed.

      4.    Fri. Will & Myrtle, Jewelt & Armstrong here for dinner.
            Went to celebration & dance.  Will & Myrtle stayed all

      5.    Sat. Didn't do much.

      6.    Sun. F worked on well in pasture in p.m.

      7.    Mon. F plowed corn. Fine rain at nite.

      8.    Tues. I planted garden. F pulled pump.

      9.    Wed. F plowed corn.

      10.   Thur.  "    "        ".  I tended store & P.O.

      11.   Fri. 

      12.   Sat.

      13.   Sun. 

      14.   Mon. Gertrude 1 year old. I plowed corn in p.m.

      15.   Tues. I worked in field. F worked on fence.

      16.   Wed.     "           "                  "

      17.   Thur.    "           "                  "

      18.   Fri.  Washed & worked in garden.

      19.   Sat. Ironed & mopped

      20.   Sun. Didn't do much.

      21.   Mon. F. plowed corn in p.m. while F fixed fence.

      22.   Tues.  "            "              " all day. F fixed
            fence. Gertrude stayed at Power's.

      23.   Wed. "             "           ". F built fence.

      24.   Thur.   "          "         "     "    "      ".

      25.   Fri.  Frank built fence.

      26.   Sat. I plowed corn in the morn while F worked on fence.

      27.   Sun.  Will & Myrtle came Sat nite & stayed Sun.

      28.   Mon. F finished plowing corn.

      29.   Tues. Washed.

      30.   Wed.  F went to Yuma in a.m. & Vernon in p.m. Stayed in

      31.   Thur. Ironed.

Aug.  1.    Fri. Mended & cleaned bedroom.

      2.    Sat. Frank came home. Gertrude took  sick.

      3.    Sun. Didn't do much. F went back to work. Gertrude felt a
            little better.

      4.    Mon. Gertrude & I went to Wray with Powers. Showers.

      5.    Tues. My order came from Martha L. Adams. Rain.

      6.    Wed. Gertrude and I went to Gilmores in afternoon.

      7.    Thur. Washed. Gertrude cross.

      8.    Fri. Ironed & mended.

      9.    Sat. F came home. Mr. & Mrs. Renzleman brot him & stayed
            all nite.  

      10.   Sun. Renzelman's here for dinner. F went back with them in
            eve. Rain.

      11.   Mon. Washed windows & put up curtains in kitchen.

      12.   Tues. Cleaned upstairs & put up curtains.

      13.   Wed. mopped kitchen.

      14.   Thur. Myrtle & Ella came. Washed. Ella stayed with me.

      15.   Fri. Didn't do much. Ironed.

      16.   Sat. Windy. Fornado north of here.

      17.   Sun. Frank didn't get to come home.

      18.   Mon. Ella & I & Gertrude went over to Stimpson's. Maude,
            Jack, Jim, & Stella came back with me. F.W. (Wakefield)
            & Earl came over in evening. Frank came over  at nite.

      19.   Tues. Didn't do much.

      20.   Wed. We did Maud's washing.

      21.   Thur. We did my washing. F.W. & Mary came over.

      22.   Fri. Ironed, got beans & corn. All left but Mary.

      23.   Sat. Mopped. hot.

      24.   Sun. Frank came home in afternoon & stayed all nite. Mary
            went home. Ella came in evening.

      25.   Mon. Smith's came for dinner. 7 little pigs.

      26.   Tues. Went to Gilmore's.

      27.   Wed. Went to Gilmore's. F. & Mr. G went to Vernon. Ella
            went home. Bernie came up.

Aug.  28.   Thur. Made Gerturde a pair of rompers.

      29.   Fri. Frank & Bernie went to Maud's. Bernie stayed there.

      30.   Sat. Windy. Bo't 70 cents beans. Cnnned 10 qts.

      31.   Sun. didn't do much. Frank got prairie chicken.

Sept. 1.    Mon.  Canned 7 qts. beans.

      2.    Tues. Went to Wray & Eckley with Powers. Got bu apples.
            & 12 qts. cherries from mother.

      3.    Wed. Washed. Frank went to see Artie. Didn't find him.

      4.    Thur. Ironed. Recanned cherries and made cucumber catsup.

      5.    Fri. Went to field in a.m. & got mess of beans. Went to
            Mauds. Frnak got load of corn from Higgins.

      6.    Sat. Frank went after hay.

      7.    Sun. Frank made dirt box on wagon.

      8.    Mon.  F worked on road.

      9.    Tues.  "       "           ".  Gertrude stayed at Maude's.
            I clerked on election board.

      10.   Wed. Frank worked on road.  Good rain.

      11.   Thur. Frank worked on road 1/2 day. Rained in a.m.

      12.   Fri.      "           "           ". I washed.

      13.   Sat. Got bu. peaches canned. 10 qts. F didn't work.

      14.   Sun. Two hunters for supper & all nite.

      15.   Mon. Frank worked all day on road.  Canned 6 qt peaches.

      16.   Tues. Hunters left in morn. Sold hogs @ 9 cents = $48.60.
            Frank worked. didn't come home.

      17.   Wed. Got another bu peaches @ $2.35. Canned 6 qts. got
            some sweet corn. Gertrude sick. F worked.

      18.   Thur. Mist & rained in p.m. & nite. F came home. Jeweth
            stayed all nite here.

      19.   Fri. Got cucumbers from Gilmores. F brot horses home.

      20.   Sat. Frank took Brown cattle as far as Will's. Stayed all
            nite. I ironed.

      21.   Sun. F came home in afternoon. Went to field, got some
            sweet corn. Light frost which didn't hurt anything.

      22.   Mon. F went to work. I went to Gilmore & got cucumbers.

      23.   Tues. Put up 2 qts. peach pickles & 2 cans peach

      24.   Wed.

      25.   Thur. Frank came home. Hunters here for supper & all nite.

      26.   Fri.  Rainy. Hunters here for breakfast & dinner. I was
            sick all night.

      27.   Sat. Frank didn't work as I was sick. Cold.

      28.   Sun. We got corn & sweet corn.

      29.   Mon. F washed.

      30.   Tues. F worked went to Wray in evening & brought our new
            Ford roadster.

Oct.  1     Wed.  We went to Eckley, took Jewett to Yuma,

      2.    Thur. f worked. I washed.

      3.    Fri. F worked. I ironed.

      4.    Sat. We went to Maud's. Maud & I went to Vernon. Frank
            snapped load of corn in p.m.  Sandstorm. Killing frost.
            Picked 1 bu. green tomatoes.

      5.    Sun. F & will took Brown's cattle home. I stayed at
            Maud's. Nice day. Picked a bu. green tomatoes.

      6.    Mon. F worked. I picked a bu. tomatoes. I went after Frank
            in evening.

      7.    Tues. Rain & mist. F went to Eckley in p.m.

      8.     Wed. F worked.  I washed. windy.

      9.    Thur. F worked. I ironed. Nice day.

      10.   Fri. Windy. F came home in afternoon.

      11.   Sat. Went to Wray took Frank W. Left Gertrude with Maud.
            Windy & a shower.

      12.   Sun. Went to Ethel's. got bu. tomatoes.

      13.   Mon. F took Gilmore to Cope (co-op?) I put up 4 qts

      14.   Tues. F & Gertrude went after team at Maud's. I washed. F
            snapped corn.

      15.   Wed.

      16.   Thur.

      17.   Fri.

      18.   Sat.

      19.   Sun. Was at Power's for dinner. F worked on barn.

      20.   Mon.

      21.   Tues.

      22.   Wed.

      23.   Thurs.

      24.   Fri. Went to Ethel's & to see French.

      25.   Sat. F worked on barn.

      26.   Sun. Went to Will's. F got one duck.

      27.   Mon. Frank went to Yuma & Eckley. Gertrude sick.

      28.   Tues. F worked on barn. Chase Peevler helped.

      29.   Wed.

      30.   Thur. A little snow. Frank went to sale near Vernon. G & I
            stayed at Maud's.

      31.   Fri. Washed. Went to pie social at Riverside.

Nov.  1     Sat. Ironed

      2.    Sun. Stayed at home.

      3.    Mon.  ***unreadable

      4.    **unreadable

      5.    Wed. Got thru counting votes before sunup. F & I went to

      6.    Thur. F worked on barn.

      7.    Fri. Washed. F shucked corn & worked on barn. Very cold.

      8.    Sat. Cold. F shucked corn in a.m.

      9.    Sun. Stayed at home.

      10.   Mon.

      11.   Tues.

      12.   Wed. Frank went to Yuma, I stayed at Gilmore's.

      13.   Thur. I went to Vernon. Frank got a load of straw from

      14.   Fri. Frank fixed fence. G & I went to Eckley. Pulled beans
            in p.m.

      15.   Sat. I washed. F helped (Fred?) Blacker shell in a.m.
            fixed wagon in p.m.

      16.   Sun. Frank went to Ethel's. Gertrude & I sick with colds.

      17.   Mon. Frank shucked corn.

      18.   Tues.

      19.   Wed. Frank shucked in a.m., sick in the afternoon, got

      20.   Thur. Frank went to Eckley.

      21.   Fri. We went down to look at Renshaw place. F helped Chase
            P., shell in p.m.

      22.   Sat. I washed. F got load of straw. Sandstorm.

      23.   Sun. Sand storm. Cold.

      24.   Mon.  Windy & cold. finished hanging out clothes.

      25.   Tues. Went to McDivitt's sale. Nice day.

      26.   Wed. Some snow. Cold & windy. Frank helped Fred Blacker
            shell in p.m.

      27.   Thur. Went to Ethel's for dinner. Will & Myrtly there too.
            Stopped at Maud's & spent the evening there. Frank broke 

      28.   Fri. Didn't do much.

      29.   Sat. Swept the whole house. Frank not able to do anything.

      30.   Sun. Went to Will's for dinner. Stopped at Gilmore's. Fred
            Blackers here in the evening also Chase Peveler.

Dec.  1.    Mon. Sewed. Frank took Jewett to Yuma in evening.

      2.    Tues. Didn't do much. F fixed some fence.

      3.    Wed. Went to Gilmores. F & Mr. G. went to see about
            getting hay and to Vernon. Sleet and snow.

      4.    Thur. Snowed - blizzard.

      5.    Fri. F got some cane of Powers.

      6.    Sat. Washed. Viola Lowe helped. F got cobs of Blacker.

      7.    Sun. Snowed and blowed.

      8.    Mon. Frank went to Will's. I hung out clothes. Cold.

      9.    Tues. Didn't do much. Cold. Baked.

      10.   Wed. Frank got a load of straw.

      11.   Thur. Ironed

      12.   Fri. Didn't do much.

      13. **unreadable

Dec.  15.   F helped Power's butcher in a.m. & shucked corn p.m. I

      16.   Tues. Misty & turned very cold. wind. F got cobs of

      17.   Wed. Very cold.

      18.   Thur. Snowed some. Cold. F got snapped corn in p.m.

      19.   Fri. F got straw. Gertrude & I spent day at Powers.

      20.   Sat. Got xmas pkg. from folks. f got snapped corn & got
            some wood. Took Sparkie to Gilmores (sold).

      21.   Sun. Stayed home. Very cold.

      22.   Mon. Cold. F got cobs of Larkin & snapped corn in p.m.

      23.   Tues. Didn't do much. Cold. Snowed some.

      24.   Wed. Washed some. Cold and clear. Windy.

      25.   Thur. Xmas. No company. A little warmer.

      26.   Fri. F snapped corn & got cobs.

      27.   Sat. We went to Maud's & to Will's.  Stayed at nite at

      28.   Sun. F got straw.

      29.   Mon. Ralph Wright came to shuck corn. F shucked corn all

      30.   Tues. Washed. Wright shucked. F & Powers took load of our
            ear corn to Eckley.

      31.   Wed. Snowed all day.

Jan.  1     Thur. Power's here for dinner. Turkey for dinner.

      2.    Fri. Went to Maud's. Wright went home.

      3.    Sat. F went hunting. Snowed - drifted.

      4.    Sun. F went hunting. They got 50 rabbits. I ironed.

      5.    Mon. F snapped corn & hauled cobs.

      6.    Tues. F hauled straw. Gertrude & I went to store in the

      7.    Wed. Frank & I washed. F got corn in p.m.

      8.    Thur. Didn't do much. Chase Peveler came for supper.
            Played cards.

      9.    Fri. I ironed. Frank took ice out of tank.

      10.   Sat. F shucked corn. We went to Gilmores.

      11.   Sun. Went to Powers in afternoon & stayed in evening.
            Blowed snow all day.

      12.   Mon. F got cobs in a.m. & worked on barn in p.m.

      13.   Tues. F shucked all day. I pieced quilt.

      14.   Wed. Gertrude 1 half yr. old.

      15.   Thur.

      16.   Fri. Frank & I washed.

      17.   Sat. Frank shucked.

      18.   Sun. F went after straw. G & I went along & stopped at

      19.   Mon. F shucked all day. I mopped & ironed.

      20.   Tues. F shucked corn.

      21.   Wed. We helped Gilmores shell in a.m. & Powers in p.m.
            Went to Will's in eve.

      22.   Thur. F helped Powers shell & also helped Chase. Borrowed
            load of cobs from Powers.

      23.   Fri. Frank shuck corn.

      24.   Sat. Frank shucked . I started to make dress for Gertrude.

Sun.  25.   Frank went to Eckley for cornshuckers. No luck.

      26.   Mon. Frank went to Will's after our cows. I finished
            Gertrudes dress.

      27.   Tues. Frank & Gertrude went to Will's & bro't Jack S. to
            shuck corn.

      28.   Wed. Windy. lots of snow melted. Jack shucked all day.

      29.   Thur. Jack shucked all day. F shucked in p.m. I hung out
            clothes. Thawed.

      30.   Fri. Jack shucked in a.m. Will & Myrtle were out in a.m.
            Frank took Jack down to Will's & then went to Eckley.

      31.   Sat. Shelled corn in p.m.

Feb.  1.    Sun. Frank went to Eckley & bro't out 2 corn shuckers.

      2.    Mon. F got load of straw. Roads bad.

      3.    Tues. Butchered in a.m. Chase helped. F went over to Ray
            Campbell's in p.m.

      4.    Wed. Frank & Chase went to Wray. Mr. Dickson here a few

      5.    Thur. We washed. Mrs. Will Lowe was here in p.m.

      6.    Fri. Didn't do much.

      7.    Sat. Ironed. Frank took shuckers to Eckley. Sewed.

      8.    Sun. Will, Myrtle, & Jack S. here. We picked 12 turkeys. F
            went to Eckley for shuckers.

      9.    Mon. (***the following is in Frank's handwriting). 
            We picked four turkeys and shipped 16. I went to Eckley.

      10.   Tues. Wind blowed. I and Shorty went to Yuma.

      11.   Wed. I worked in house all day L. sewed.

      12.   Thur. We rendered Lard. L. sewed and helped with meat.

      13.   Fri. We washed. I took horses to stock field.

      14.   Sat. Lorinne sewed I helped Powers shell. Fix wind mill.

      15.   Sun. (**Lorinne's writing from here on) Gertrude and I
            left for Red Cloud. Powers here in afternoon.

      20.   Fri. Virginia Mae born. 11:45 p.m.  7 1/4 lbs.

next entry....

April 28    Tues. Gertrude, Virginia Mae & I came back to Heartstrong.
            Virginia Mae weighed 11  3/4 lbs.

      29.   Wed. We went to Wray in J. B.'s car.

      30.   Thur. Mopped & got ready to wash.

May   1     Fri. Washed.

      2.    Sat. Ironed. F went to Gilmores & got Surrey.

      3.    Sun. Very windy.

      4.    Mon. F hunted Surrey & Colie. F & Jewett went to Silviers
            & where they were working road.

      5.    Tues. Frank went to Will's horseback. I washed. Myrtle
            came after us.

      6.    Wed. Stayed at Will's. Helped with meat.

      7.    Thur. will brought us home. Foggy all day. Misty.

      8.    Fri. Didn't do much. Foggy.

      9.    Sat. Foggy in morning. Jewett here.  Shorty left.

      10.   Sun. Cloudy & windy. Jim B. & Jewett B. here in morning.

      11.   Mon. Jewett took Frank to Will's in evening. Viola here.

      12.   Tues. Washed. Frank came home in evening.

      13    Wed. Ironed. Frank look for lister. Jewett took us to
            Harve's (Crouse) in evening. Babies & I went to store
            in afternoon.  V.M. weighed 13 lbs.

      14.   Thur. Jewett came in afternoon. Big rain & hail storm
            afternoon. Sand storm in the morning.

      15.   Fri. Didn't do much. Will & 2 kids here for dinner.

      16.   Sat. Frank went up to Will's with Jewett. Came back on
            Colie. Viola here all afternoon. Ballgame.

      17.   Sun. Went to Gilmore's. Frank & Jewett went to Harve's &
            to Vernon. Jewett here for dinner & supper.

      18.   Mon. Washed. Frank worked for Van Matre.

      19.   Tues. Ironed & mopped. F. listed.

      20.   Wed. Sewed on quilt. F listed. V.M. 3 months old. she can
            drink from a cup.

      21.   Thur. Sand storm in afternoon. F listed. I sewed & cleaned

      22.   Fri. Frank listed. Finished quilt.

      23.   Sat. F listed in a.m.. Went to dance at Hall in evening.
            Gertrude & Virginia Mae's first dance.

      24.   Sun. Cloudy & cool. F got Colie & Goldie from Henerson's.

      25.   Mon. F listed all day. I washed. Cloudy.

      26.   Tues.  "     "     "     ". I Ironed. Rained in the late

      27.   Wed.  "     "      "     ". G & I went to store & to Van

      28.   Thur.  "     "      "     ". 

      29.   Fri. Didn't do much. F didn't work.

      30.   Sat. I was sick with cold. F stayed home.

      31.   Sun. Maud, Frank, Jack, Jim, & Stella here for dinner.

June  1     Mon. Frank went to Will's horseback. Will not home.

      2.    Tues. We washed.

      3.    Wed. We took care of store, P.O. & creamery. Dickson's
            went to Yuma. Virginia Mae weighed 13  1/2 lbs.

      4.    Thur. Frank went to Will's. Sandstorm, I ironed.

      5.    Fri. Sand storm. Frank came home. Rain.

      6.    Sat. Rained. Wind storm.

      7.    Sun. Jewett & Frank B. here for dinner & afternoon. Rainy
            in a.m.

      8.    Mon. Frank went to Will's to get ready to work on road.

      9.    Tues. Frank worked on raod. I washed.

      10.   Wed. I ironed. Frank & Bernie came down & stayed all nite.

      11.   Thur. Frank & Bernie left in mroning. Got corn of
            Gilmores. Rain.

      12.   Fri. Virginia not feeling well. Viola here most of day &
            all nite.

      13.   Sat. Virginia cross. Viola & Leta & Eveyln Van Matre here
            in p.m.  Frank came home.

      14.   Sun. Went to Gilmores in the wagon in evening.

      15.   Mon. Frank went back to work on raod in a.m. I washed. So

      16.   Tues. Ironed. Mrs. dickson & children here in afternoon &
            all of them here in eve. Rain.

      17.   Wed. Sewed. F didn't come home. Junior & Leslie Dickson
            came to play with Gertrude. G went wading for the first

      18.   Thur. G went barefooted for the first time. Swept house.
            Kids & I went to store in the eve. Will bro't F down in
            eve. Thru road work.

      19.   Fri.

      20.   Sat. Went to dance at nite.

      21.   Sun. Didn't do anything.

      22.   Mon. Windy in a.m. Got ready to wash.

      23.   Tues. I washed. F went to Will's to help. G sick.

      24.   Wed. Both babies cross. Ironed.

      25.   Thur. Mopped.

      26.   Fri. Didn't do much.

      27.   Sat. Frank came home in evening.

      28.   Sun. Didn't do much. Windy & cool in p.m.

      29.   Mon. Foggy. F went to Will's. Virginia Mae weighs 
            14 3/4lbs.  Mrs. Van Matre here in p.m.

      30.   Tues. Washed.

July  1.    Wed. Ironed. Went to store & stayed in afternoon.

      2.    Thur. Went to Van Matre in afternoon.

      3.    Fri. Mrs. Jim Biehn came after kids & me. Stayed all nite

      4.    Sat. Came home in morning. Frank came in morn too. Went to
            dance in eve.

      5.    Sun. Will & Myrtle came. We all went to Allisons. Chase
            Peveler stayed all nite.

      6.    Mon. Frank & Chase went to Yuma to harvest. Washed. Went
            to Dickson's in eve.

      7.    Tues. Ironed.

      8.    Wed. Stayed at store while D's gone to dr. & stayed all
            nite at D's (Dickson).

      9.    Thur.  "         "        "       part of day. Sewed.

      10.   Fri. Finished V.M.'s 2 dresses. Went to store in eve &
            stayed all nite there. Gertrude taken sick, fever all

      11.   Sat. G. sick. Frank & Chase came home in eve. I stayed at
            store in eve while Dickson's went to Yuma to Dr.

      12.   Sun. Didn't do much.

      13.   Mon. Stayed at store all day. Frank & Chase went back to
            Yuma in eve.

      14.   Tues.  Stayed at store until afternoon.

      15.   Wed. Washed.

      16.   Thur. Stayed at store until 2.

      17.   Fri. Ironed.

      18.   Sat. Frank came home in eve. Will bro't him. We went to

      19.   Sun. Dickson's up a little while in p.m. Rain.

      20.   Mon. Frank went back to work. We went to Maud's. V.M. can
            sit alone.

      24.   Fri. Ella & Jack brot us home in a.m.

      25.   Sat. Washed. F came home in afternoon. Rain.

      26.   Sun. Will & Myrtle here in afternoon.

      27.   Mon. Frank didn't go to work.

      28.   Tues. Rained at nite. Ironed.

      29.   Wed. Frank & Peavler went to Yuma to work but did not get
            job & came home.

      30.   Thur. Mrs. Beihn & children here. Frank went to Will's &
            to Yuma.

      31.   Fri. We moved as far as Will's.

Aug.  1.    Sat. Came on to Yuma. Myrtle & kids here.

      2.    Sun. Straightened up some. Frank went out to work at  (?).
            Went to town. Left V. with Mrs. Reed. Virginia sick with a

      3.    Mon. Cleaned up the house.

      4.    Tues. Washed. V cross all day.

      5.    Wed. Ironed. V.M. felt better. Rained 95/100 inches.

      6.    Thur. Unpacked more things. Will here in afternoon.

      7.    Fri. Went to town in afternoon. Left VM with Mrs. Reed.

      8.    Sat. Mopped & cleaned up house. Frank came home at nite.

      9.    Sun. Stayed home. F was down town several times.

      10.   Mon. Frank went to thrash, 24 miles from here. G & I went
            to town in p.m. got haircut.

      11.   Tues. Washed & mopped. Rain in afternoon.

      12.   Wed. Ironed. G & I went to town left VM with Mrs. Close.

      13.   Thur. Started to make Gertrude a coat.

      14.   Fri. Worked on Gertrude's coat. G & I went to town. VM
            stayed at Reeds.

      15.   Sat. Finished G's coat. Mopped. Went to Band Concert with
            Mrs. Close. Frank came home late.

      16.   Sun. Will & Myrtle here in afternoon. We all went to town
            at nite.

      17.   Mon. F went back to thrash. I started to crochet yoke for
            Mrs. Reed.

      18.   Tues. Washed & crocheted in afternoon. Hot.

      19.   Wed. Ironed. Crocheted. Went to town in morn. Hot. Rain.

      20.   Thur. Mopped, Crocheted. Went to town to get reg. letter.

      21.   Fri. Cool.

      22.   Sat. Frank came home in eve. We went down town a while.

      23.   Sun. Stayed home all day.

      24.   Mon. F went back in afternoon.

      25.   Tues. Cool & misty. Washed.

      26.   Wed. Ironed. Frank came home. Kids & I went out to Craigs.

      27.   Thur. Went to sale with Craigs. Frank went to Eckley.

      28.   Fri.  Went to party at school house. F went to work at
            John Shays.

      29.   Sat. Mrs. Craig bro't us home. F came home early in eve.

      30.   Sun. Stayed home.

      31.   Mon. F worked. I washed.

Sept. 1.    Tues. F worked. I ironed. F bro't load of cobs.

      2.    Wed. F worked. I crocheted. Went to town in a.m.

      3.    Thur. F worked. I crocheted.

      4.    Fri. F worked.

      5.    Sat. F. worked. Ella came up a few min. in afternoon.

      6.    Sun. Stayed home all day.

      7.    Mon. Washed. F went to work.

      8.    Tues. Ironed.

      9.    Wed. F worked, Fair began. Cool in evening.

      10.   Thur. F worked. Gertrude & I went to Fair in late
            afternoon. Left VM with Mrs. Reed.

      11.   Fri. F worked in am. We all went to Fair in afternoon.
            Frank went in evening.

      12.   Sat. F worked. I mopped.

      13.   Sun. Rainy and cold. Gertrude sick, had fever & summer

      14.   Mon. F worked. I washed. It cleared up in afternoon. G.

      15.   Tues. F worked. I ironed. Gertrude worse.

      16.   Wed. F worked. Chase P. was up here.

      17.   Thur. We moved in morn to second home south of stand pipe.
            F worked in p.m.

      18.   Fri. F. worked. McCracken here for supper.

      19.   Sat. F worked. I washed windows.

      20.   Sun. At home all day. VM 7 months old. Can crawl a little.

      21.   Mon. F worked. Misty & very cold. G & I went to town &
            left VM asleep.

      22.   Tues. F worked.VM tries to talk.

      23.   Wed. F worked. I washed, Mrs. Dickson & children here for

      24.   Thur. F went to Wray on train. I ironed. Warm.

      25.   Fri.  F worked. Dickson's here in evening.

      26.   Sat. F worked. Kids & I went to town in afternoon.

      27.   Sun. Stayed at home.

      28.   Mon. F worked. I crocheted. Foggy in am.

      29.   Tues. F worked. I mopped. Put geraniums in cans.

      30.   Wed. F worked. VM can raise her self up when lying down.

Oct.  1.    Thur. F worked. I washed.

      2.    Fri. F worked. I ironed. Craigs here.

      3.    Sat. F worked. Mopped.

      4.    Sun. Myrtle & kids here in afternoon. Will here in
            evening. Went to town.

      5.    Mon. Got truck load of cobs. F worked. Cloudy.

      6.    Tues. Misty. I washed. Clothes did not dry. F worked.

      7.    Wed. Cleared up about noon. Dried clothes, ironed &
            mopped. Gus & Pruiet (?) Craig came after us in evening.

      8.    Thur. Craigs left for Mo. in morning. Cold. Froze for Ist
            time this year. F worked.

      9.    Fri. F worked. Cleared up. Warmer.

      10.   Sat. F worked. I mopped & done up Sat. work.

      11.   Sun. F & Dock went hunting.

      12.   Mon. F worked. Misty all morn. Dock didn't go to school.
            VM fell out of high chair.

      13.   Tues. F worked. I washed. Mopped.

      14.   Wed. F didn't work. Rainy. Harold Olson here with Dock.

      15.   Thur. F worked. I ironed.

      16.   Fri. F worked. I washed some. Misty & clothes didn't dry.

      17.   Sat. F didn't work. Snowed some in evening. Cold.

      18.   Sun. Ground covered with snow. snowed in morning.

      19.   Mon. F worked.

      20.   Tues. F worked. I washed. Windy. Virginia was 8 mo. old.
            She can creep.

      21.   Wed. F worked. I ironed. windy.

      22.   Thur. F worked. I mopped & swept rooms.

      23.   Fri. F didn't work - rainy. Snow at nite. We went to town
            in afternoon & F went back at nite & joined lodge.

      24.   Sat. F didn't work. About 2 or 3 in snow on ground.

      25.   Sun. Very windy.

      26.   Mon. F worked. I washed. V learned to pat a cake.

      27.   Tues. Stormy. Frank didn't work. Very cold & snowy.

      28.   Wed. Cold & snowy.

      29.   Thur. F didn't work. Craig's came home late.

      30.   Fri. Craig's bro't us to town.

      31.   Sat. F worked. Warmer.

Nov.  1.    Sun. Nice day. Dickson's here in afternoon.

      2.    Mon. F worked. Mrs. Close here. Mr. Gilmore here. I

      3.    Tues. F didn't work. Fine day. I ironed. VM cut 2 teeth.

      4.    Wed. Snowed all day. 3 inches. F didn't work.

      5.    Thur.  F didn't work. Warmer.

      6.    Fri. F shucked.

      7.    Sat. F shucked in a.m. we came out to Gilmores in pm to

      8.    Sun. Didn't do much.

      9.    Mon. F shucked.

      10.   Tues. F shucked.

      11.   Wed. F shucked.

      12.   Thur. F shucked.

      13.   Fri. F shucked. Mrs. Gilmore went to Eckley to stay with
            Ethel. Snow at nite. 

      14.   Sat. F shucked in p.m. It was too wet to shuck in a.m.

      15.   Sun. Didn't do much.

      16.   Mon. F shucked. Mrs. G came home.

      17.   Tues. F shucked.

      18.   Wed.  F shucked. I washed some.

      19.   Thur. F shucked. VM sick all nite. Ironed.

      20.   Fri. F didn't shuck in p.m. he was sick. VM better.

      21.   Sat.

      22.   Sun. Went over to Maud's and to Ethel's.

      23.   Mon.

      24.   Tues.

      25.   Wed. 

      26.   Thur.  Thanksgiving. Dessie & Clarence here. F shucked.

      27.   Fri.

      28.   Sat.

      29.   Sun. Stayed home.

      30.   Mon.

Dec.  1     Tues. VM learned to say bye-bye.

      2.    Wed.

      3.    Thur.

      4.    Fri.

      5.    Sat. Rained in late afternoon.

      6.    Sun. Stayed home.

      7.    Mon. Washed. F shucked.

      8.    Tues. Mopped. F shucked.

      9.    Wed. Ironed. F shucked.

      10.   Thur. Warm. F shucked.

      11.   Fri.

      12.   Sat.

      13.   Sun. Stormy.

      14.   Mon. too bad to work in field.

      15.   Tues. too bad to work in field.

      16.   Wed. shelled. F shucked in p.m.

      17.   Thur. Shelled. F shucked in p.m. I washed some.

      18.   Fri. Nice.

      19.   Sat. Stormy in p.m.

      20.   Sun. Snow & wind in a.m. Boys quit. VM 10 months old & can
            say "Mama, Dat, bye, bye & up."

      21.   Mon. Cold. didn't do much.

      22.   Tues. Cold. F & I washed.

      23.   Wed. F shucked.

      24.   Thur. F shucked. I ironed some.

      25.   Fri. F didn't shuck. I finished ironing. Christmas.

      26.   Sat. F shucked. Misty in afternoon. Snowed some at nite.

      27.   Sun. We came home in truck. F went back to work for Van
            Matre. Cold.

      28.   Mon. Very cold. Straightened up house. Went to town & bot
            baby cart.

      29.   Tues. Cold. Washed.

      30.   Wed. Went up to see Mrs. Reed.

      31.   Thur. Ironed. Went up town in afternoon.


Jan.  1.    Fri. Jewett B. bro't Frank home. J. stayed here all nite.

      2.    Sat. Snowed.

      3.    Sun. Frank went back to work in eve. He went to Eckley on

      4.    Mon. Snow & wind all day. Cold. Sewed on my dress.

      5.    Tues. Cold. We went up town in afternoon. Will was here.

      6.    Wed. Washed. Mrs. Reed here. snowed some in afternoon.

      7.    Thur. Finished hanging out clothes. Went to town.

      8.    Fri. Ironed & sewed.

      9.    Sat. Went to town in afternoon.

      10.   Sun. F came home about noon & stayed until evening.

      11.   Mon. Snowed a little all day long. Went to town. sewed.

      12.   Tues. Cold.

      13.   Wed. Washed. Warmer. Went to call on Mrs. Close & to town.

      14.   Thur. Ironed & mopped. Called on Mrs. Reed. Nice day.

      15.   Fri. Mended & worked on G's dress.

      16.   Sat. F came home in p.m.

      17.   Sun. Didn't do anything.

      18.   Mon. Fine day.

      19.   Tues. Snow.

      20.   Wed. Didn't do much. Cold and cloudy.

      21.   Thur. Washed. F went out to Will's. A little warmer.

      22.   Fri. Ironed. Went down town.

      23.   Sat. Frank came home. Went down town.

      24.   Sun. Colder.

      25.   Mon. F went back to Wills in p.m.

      26.   Tues. Went down town.

      27.   Wed. Washed. nice day. F was home a little while.

      28.   Thur. Ironed. Went down town.

      29.   Fri. Warm.

      30.   Sat. Colder, windy & damp.

      31.   Sun. Frank came home. Cold.

Feb.  1     Mon. Didn't do anything.

      2     Tues.Frank helped Mr. French.

      3.    Wed.

      4.    Thur.

      5.    Fri. F helped French.

      6.    Sat. F helped French.

      7.    Sun. Maud & Frank, Mary, Jim & Stella were here.

      8.    Mon. Washed.

      9.    Tues. Ironed.

      10.   Wed. Frank went out to Will's.

      11.   Thur. Kids & I went out to Craigs in evening.

      12.   Fri. Went with Craigs & spent the day at Geo. Dark's.

      13.   Sat. Came home in afternoon.

      14.   Sun. Cold. Frank didn't come home.

      15.   Mon. Went to town & called on Campbells. Myrtle brot Frank
            in evening.

      16.   Tues. Frank sold & traded horses. Harve Crouse stayed all

      17.   Wed. F went out to Will's. Storm.

      18.   Thur. F came back. Sold 2 horses.

      19.   Fri. Virginia Mae took sick.  I washed. F helped load

      20.   Sat. VM sick. Myrtle here. G took sick in nite.

      21.   Sun. Got medicine for both kids.  V. cross.

      22.   Mon. VM better.

      23.   Tues. Both girls a little better. Craigs here in
            afternoon. Colder.

      24.   Wed. Sold our bed & chairs & harness -sale. Went out to
            Will's in evening.

      25.   Thur. Frank & Will went to Heartstrong & got our things.
            Came back to Yuma in eve. Windy.

      26.   Fri. F crated. Was sick all day.

      27.   Sat. We packed and crated. Ted Crouse helped. Myrtle here
            took mother's rocking chair.

****  28.   Sun. We left Yuma in train about 1 in morning for Red
            Cloud. Got to R. C. about ten in morning. Dad & Ruby met
            us. Harry & Rachel were in to see us.

March 1     Mon. Washed. Dad bro't us out to Harry's in afternoon. F
            stayed to work.

      2.    Tues. Ironed.

      3.    Wed. Went to see about freight.

      4.    Thur. Frank came in after our furniture.

      5.    Fri. We, Mother & Dad, came out to Grand Bean's place to
            paper so we could live here. Stayed at Harry's.

      6.    Sat. Papered & uncrated furniture.

      7.    Sun. Was at Harry's.

      8.    Mon. F & Harry went to R. C. in morning. I came down home
            in afternoon to clean up & to stay. Dad & Mama were out &

      9.    Tues. Washed. F hauled cobs for Uncle Chris. I went along
            one load.

      10.   Wed. Straightened up. We began to milk.

      11.   Thur. Ironed.

      12.   Fri. Sewed & straightened up. Cold & windy.

      13.   Sat. Dad came out after us in eve. We bought new bed &
            chairs.  Cold & windy.

      14.   Sun. Aunt Sadie & Uncle Will & harold were in to see us.
            Dad & Ruby brought us back in eve. They gave us 12 hens &
            a rooster.

      15.   Mon. Fixed hen's nests.

      16.   Tues. F sick with flu & didn't work. Uncle Chris & Aunt
            Emma brot us 18 hens & rooster.

      17.   Wed. F worked in p.m. I washed.

      18.   Thur. Ironed.

      19.   Fri. Sewed. Rachel here in afternoon.

      20.   Sat. G was sick.

      21.   Sun. Mama, Dad & Ruby spent the day with us.

      22.   Mon. Washed.

      23.   Tues. Ironed. Warm.

      24.   Wed.  Dust storm.

      25.   Thur. Cold & windy.

      26.   Fri. Cold.

      27.   Sat. Snow & turned very cold.

      28.   Sun. Cold & cloudy. Stayed at home.

      29.   Mon. Cold & cloudy. Finished V's Ms Porgie dress.

      30.   Tues. Cold.

      31.   Wed. Washed.

April 1.    Thur. Ironed some. Snowed.

      2.    Fri. Sewed some.

      3.    Sat.  Went up to Rachels in afternoon.

      4.    Sun. Aunt S, Uncle W, & Harold, Harry, RAchel & baby were
            here in pm.

      5.    Mon. 

      6.    Tues.

      7.    Wed.

      8.    Thur. Washed. Rained a little.

      9.    Fri. Ironed.

      10.   Sat. Churned.

      11.   Sun. Dad came after us & we spent the day with them.

      12.   Mon. Frank was sick and did not work.

      13.   Tues. Planted potatoes.  Rained some at nite.

      14.   Wed. Colder & windy.

      15.   Thur. Washed.  Set a hen.

      16.   Fri. Ironed.

      17.   Sat.  I was sick. Dust wind.

      18.   Sun. 

      19.   Mon.

      20.   Tues. Washed.

      21.   Wed. Baked. Dad came after me & girls.

      22.   Thur. Had 2 wisdom teeth pulled.

      23.   Fri. Cloudy & a little rain.

      24.   Sat. Frank came in with Harry's in eve & I came back with
            them. VM weighed 19 lbs. & Gertrude 28 1/2 lbs.

      25.   Sun. Lewis & Vernie & family were here in evening.

      26.   Mon. Mama & Dad were out. They brot couch & dog, "Pal."

      27.   Tues.

      28.   Wed. Washed. Garden was plowed.

      29.   Thur. Ironed & planted some garden.

      30.   Fri. Planted some garden.

May   1.    Sat. A fine rain in the eve & nite.

      2.    Sun. Uncle Chris, Aunt Erma, & Ted were here in afternoon.

      3.    Mon. Washed. RAchel & Robt. here in afternoon.

      4.    Tues.  Very windy. Ironed.

      5.    Wed. Rained.

      6.    Thur.

      7.    Fri.

      8.    Sat. Went to R.C. with Harry in evening. 11 little chicks.

      9.    Sun. Mama, Dad & Ruby were out.

      10.   Mon. Washed.

      11.   Tues. Ironed.

      12.   Wed. Cold.

      13.   Thur. Cold.

      14.   Fri. Washed. A little warmer.

      15.   Sat. Ironed. Sick all day.

      16.   Sun.  Sarah, Earl, & children here in afternoon.

      17.   Mon. worked in garden. Fixed chicken coop. Put out the
            little chicks. Rained in nite.

      18.   Tues. Worked in garden.

      19.   Wed. Washed. Mother, Dad, & Ruby came out in evening.

      20.   Thur. Ironed. We went with Harry's to chavorie, Ted and
            Maud. Windy.

      21.   Fri. Windy. Didn't do much.

      22.   Sat. Windy. cut G's hair.

      23.   Sun. At home & no company.

      24.   Mon. Washed, Hot & windy. Had lettuce, radished & onions
            from garden.

      25.   Tues. Set out onion sets. Hot & windy. Put out 20 chicks.

      26.   Wed. Bugged potatoes.

      27.   Thur. Ironed.

      28.   Fri. Mama & Dad came out. We went up to cemetary.

      29.   Sat.  Cleaned up house. Set out sweet potato plants.

      30.   Sun. Stayed at home. no company.

      31.   Mon. Windy. Set out tomato plants.

June  1.    Tues. Washed.

      2.    Wed. Ironed. Paris greened potatoes.

      3.    Thur.

      4.    Fri. We quit working for Harry.

      5.    Sat. F went up & settled up. Dad came out for us.

      6.    Sun. Were at folks. Uncle W & Aunt Sadie were in. Came out
            & fed the chickens. Got the job with Mrs. Miner.

      7.    Mon. Robt. Richer moved our funiture to Dad's farm.

      8.    Tues. We came with Mrs. Miner to Trenton to work. Got here
            in afternoon.

      9     Wed. Cleaned cupboard & cabinet. F plowed garden.

      10.   Thur. Cleaned porch.

      11.   Fri.

      12.   Sat. Mopped.

      13.   Sun. Home all day.

      14.   Mon. Washed.

      15.   Tues. Ironed & made some garden.

      16.   Wed. Made some garden. Sprayed potaotes.

      17.   Thur. Cleaned bed rooms.

      18.   Fri. Cold & damp.

      19.   Sat. Windy.


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