Vernon Area Land Patents

The Vernon Original Land Patents Map is a 125 kb Adobe Acrobat® PDF file. You must have Adobe's Acrobat Reader installed to view the map.

The 17" x 22" map shows the first recorded land patent dates and locations for settlers in the Vernon area. This map covers only T1S-R44W, T2S-R44W, T3S-R44W, T1S-R45W, T2S-R45W and T3S-R45W of Yuma County's seventy townships.


This map is based on a series of township maps by my late aunt, Lettie B. Zion, published in 1976 for the Colorado Centennial by the Vernon Home Extension Club as a part of "A History of the Vernon Community." Lettie's mimeographed maps provided a summary of the original land patents filed in the Yuma County Clerk and Recorder's Office and showed who was currently living on the land.

GLO land patent maps reflecting the information found in the BLM GLORecords database are included in the Original Land Patents in Yuma County series. You will note several differences between what Lettie compiled and the database.

Map Notes:

  1. You can use Acrobat's "Find Text" option to search for your surname of interest.
  2. I suggest you use an Acrobat zoom level of at least 150% to view the map on your computer.
  3. Dates on the map are in two forms:
    1. The year with a "p" as in 1892p is the year of the original BLM patent.
    2. The year without a "p" as in 1892 is the year the settler is known to have established residence on the quarter section and predates the later patent.
  4. The road network shown on the map reflects the year 2000 road locations to aid in locating the land. Vernon is at the corner of County Road 26 and Road CC.
  5. BLM patents issued after 1925 have been ignored and are shown on the map as owned by "U.S.".
  6. Some patents shown on the map reflect land sales by the State of Colorado. The BLM database for these "lots" only shows the Federal transfer to the State of Colorado when Colorado was formed in 1876.


Want a printed version? Your local print shop will have a large format printer and should be able to print the PDF file for you on 18x24 paper. If you don't have a local print shop, my Vernon Patents on Four Sheets is set up to print the map on a standard 8½x11 inch printer at 300 dpi with a half inch margin. The four printed pages also include crop marks (circles with crosses) to aid in trimming off the margins so you can line the four sheets back up to reproduce the larger format map.

The Vernon Area Original Patents Map is copyrighted by Lee C Zion, March 2001.

Don't have a suitable viewer? Download a copy of the Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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