Wray, Colorado
Street Names
Since 1886

Are you as confused by the Wray street names in the 1900-1930 census schedules as I was when I first looked at them? The following table is my best shot at ending the confusion. Wray street names were "normalized" and house numbers assigned about 1920. A 1922 map of the town of Wray can be found in the Standard Atlas of Yuma County Colorado.

This listing does not include "modern developments" that have been added to the town.

Wray Streets
East - West Streets
From the north side of the 1930s town
Previous Names
Badger Street "Un-named"
North Railway Street North Railway Street
South Railway Street South Railway Street
Pearl Street Cheyenne Street.
1st Street First St - 1910 census
Arapahoe Street - 1920 map
2nd Street Bijou Street.
3rd Street Kiowa Street
4th Street Pawnee Street
5th Street Beaver Street
6th Street School Street
7th Street County Road
8th Street Pine Street
9th Street Ash Street
(Not to be confused with today's Ash Street)
10th Street Spruce Street
11st Street Maple Street
12th Street Willow Street
? Central Street
? Eagle Street
North - South Streets
From the east side of the 1930s town.
Today Previous Names
Hickory Street Harding Street
Grove Street Laird / Haigler Road
Filbert Street Oak Street
Elm Court ?
Elm Street Elm Street
Douglas Street Spring Street
Cedar Street Cedar Street
Birch Street Elk Street
Ash Street Antelope Street
Main Street Chief Street
Adams Street Republican Street
Blake Street Arickaree Street (1886)
Arapahoe Street (1905)
South Blake Street up the canyon to
the flats was the "Burlington Road"
Clay Street Coyote Street
Dexter Street Buffalo Street
Emerson Street Olive Street
Franklin Street Holden Street
Grant Street Hayes Street
Hale Street "P" Street
Jackson Street Jackson Street
King Street King Street
Lincoln Street Lincoln Street

The 1920 census lists 12 houses on "Central Street" but I haven't been able to connect Central with a modern street name. On the same page as Central the 1920 census lists several people on "Eagle Street" including Doctor and Mrs. Kitsmiller who lived at 327 E 3rd St. in 1930.

I could use your help in adding Central and Eagle to the listing.

If you have corrections to this listing please send an email message to mdmonk2@tx.rr.com, Subject: Wray Street Names

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