Original Yuma, Colorado
Street Names
from 1887 plat

Have you been confused by early Yuma Street names? The following table shows the names on a Wm Orum Nov 14, 1887 map of Yuma, Colorado that is in the holdings of the Yuma Museum and other names used until the 1920s when the town council "normalized the street names."

The 1887 map shows only the Original Town of Yuma with the First Addition. Early 1900s listing from a list published in West Yuma County Colorado ©1985.

A 1922 map of the town of Yuma can be found in our scans of the Standard Atlas of Yuma County Colorado.

Original Yuma Streets
1887 Plat & Later
East - West Streets
From the north side
1887 Name Early 1900s
Benson Avenue   Frost Street
Hoag Avenue   Pearl Street
Foch Avenue   May Street
Pershing Avenue   Erie Street
N. Railroad   Pate Street
First Avenue (Not named) Railway Street
Second Avenue Valley Street Balley Street
Third Avenue Virona Street Vernon Street
Fourth Avenue Vulcan Street Vulcan Street
Fifth Avenue Volga Street Volga Street
Sixth Avenue Vincent Street Vincent Street
Seventh Avenue   Victor Street
Eighth Avenue   Golden Rod
North - South Streets
From west to east
Elm Street   Elder Street
Date Street   First Avenue
Cedar Street Warwick Street Warwick Street
S. Birch Street Wesley Street Wesley Street
N. Birch Street   Yuma Avenue
Ash Street Warren Street Warren Street
Main Street Weld Street Weld Street
Albany Street Woolworth Street Wollworth Street
Buffalo Street Weed Street Weed Street
Columbus Street   Welton Street
Detroit Street   North Star

Donated by Arlene Glenn for the Yuma Museum.

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