Mace-Cooley rogues

Colorado State Penitentiary mugshots and record extracts contributed by Gwen Griggs,

In 1880 Wapello County, Iowa,  "Marion" 25 and  Nancy Mace 23, have Relia, 8 and Lavora 3.

 In Wapello County, Iowa, Fanny Luellen Mace was born Sept 15, 1883 to James M. Mace and Nancy Ann Hurley Mace.

 In 1900 Harrison County, Missouri, Marion Mace born Jan 1853 and Nancy J. Feb 1867 have Andrew Nov 1883, Eli May 1889, Pearl Aug 1891, James M. Jan 1893,   Hulda Aug 1894, and Anna Jan 1898..  Hulda and Anna were born in Missouri, all the others in Iowa.

On the same census page are the Nicholas Kindred family, who moved to Yuma County about the same time.

In 1900 James T. Mace (has to be James Marion Mace's father) born Sep 1815 in Virginia and Martha M. Sep 1829 in Ohio, are in Lansing precinct.   James T. Mace had married Martha M. Stafford April 25, 1848 in Wells County, Indiana.

James T. Mace cash-claimed a quarter in 8, 5S 47W in 1891, and William F. Mace one just south of him in 1890.  William also timber-claimed a quarter in section 9 in 1900. 

"Heirs of James T. Mace" claimed 120 acres in Kit Carson County under homestead in 1906.

In 1893 a Mrs. Mary J. Mace married Francis A. Goff in Burlington.

In 1903 Minneapolis Martha M. (wid James) is living at 2507 E. Lake.

In 1906 Spokane Washington, Martha M. Mace (Wid James T.) lives at 403 Pittsburg.

The James Marion Mace (Eli's father) and George C. Cooley (Eli's brother-in-law) families settled northwest of Idalia in Yuma County in 1901.

1905 Armel items - "Eli Mace is working for Henry McKinney"



December 18, 1908 - Pueblo, Colorado Thanks to the Pueblo Library


In 1910 Idalia precinct Nancy Mace is 52, born in Indiana, with Pearl 20, James 18, Hulda 14, and Amy 12, all kids said they were born in Iowa.

In 1910 Nancy Mace, widow of James M. Mace, received title to 160 acres in sections 11, 12, and 14 of 3S 45W, and in her own name in 1914 another 320 acres in sections 10 and 11.


In 1914 - regarding the estate of Nancy J. Mace, Lovania Cooley, Andrew Mace, Fannie Bennett, Eli Mace, Pearl Hastings, James Mace, Huldah Mace Gavin, and Amy Mace were mentioned.

Eli was a participant in a 1914 Literary in the Dewey Ridge neighborhood.

1914 "Dr. Worth and Eli Mace took Amy Mace to McCook, Neb., Friday to be operated on for appendicitis."

In 1915 Yuma County paid F.B. Williams $5.05 "justice fees - State vs. Eli Mace"

James Mace, 22, married Myrtle McDanniel, 16, in Yuma September 25, 1915 - minister W. W. Howard of Mildred.

James F. Mace proved up on a quarter in 22, 5S 47W in 1915.

Amy Mace married George Riedesel September 10, 1920 in Kirk.  She had been a lodger in John A Riedesel's house in Idalia precinct in 1920, with his sons Albert 40 and George 31.  They're still in John's house in 1930 Idalia, with Nellie M. 7, but in 1940 are in Denver, with Nellie.  George is working for the WPA on the airport project, and Amie and Nellie have no occupation.  In 1948 Denver George is working for the UP Railroad, and they live at 728 28th.  One tree said Nellie married Jay Sheppard August 8, 1941,  had Carol, Charles, and George.   (Jay A. Sheppard - Nov 16, 1924-Feb 20, 1949 - is buried in Fairmount cemetery.)  The tree said that George died in Denver September 1975, and Amy died March 15, 1985 in Ector County Texas.

Eli Franklin Mace filed for homestead in 1916 for two quarters in 22, 3S 45W, witnesses Joseph Munz, Charles D. Shields, James W. Vogan, and Walter A. Zion.

Eli registered with an address of Wray, saying he was born in Ottumwa, Iowa.  This card was filed under "Prisoners", not the Yuma County registration.

  Robbery in 1916

February 10, 1917 - "attempted to commit suicide in the Morgan county jail at Fort Morgan on the eve of his departure for Canon City"

Eli Mace Eli Mace
#10150 - Jan 31, 1917, age 29
20-25 years for Robbery in Morgan County
Farmer, born Iowa
Discharged: Mar 17, 1929

In 1920 he's on the census at Canon City.

Marion Cooley Marion A. Cooley (Eli Mace's nephew)
#10151 - Jan 31, 1917, age 21
15-20 years for Robbery in Morgan County
Farmer, born Iowa
Next of kin: Father, Geo. Cooley, Fort Collins
Paroled: Nov 15, 1924

#11526 -

#17417 - May 3, 1933, age 37
8-12 years for Robbery in Yuma County
Laborer, born Iowa
Next of kin: Geo. Cooley, Red Feather Lakes
Paroled: Jul 19, 1936, Discharged Jul 19, 1938

#20515 - Jul 12, 1938, age 42
20-26 years for Robbery with a gun in Boulder County
Laborer, born Iowa
Next of kin: Sister, Mrs. Estelle Arend, Denver
Paroled: Feb 10, 1948

Andrew Mace Andrew Mace (Eli Mace's brother)
#10355 - Oct 20, 1917, age 30
2-3 years for Burglary with intent in Yuma County
Barber & Rancher, born Iowa
Next of kin: Brother, James Mace, Happyville
Paroled: Jul 27, 1919, Discharged: April 11, 1920

Roy Cooley Roy Cooley (Eli Mace's nephew)
#14574 - Jun 4, 1928, age 26
1 day to 1 year for Larceny in Larimer County
Steelworker, born Iowa
Next of kin: Father G.C. Cooley, Red Feather Lakes
Discharged: Dec 17, 1928

1932 Kansas - scan by Dallas Riedesel

In 1940 Eli is in Denver, living along, a laborer for the WPA.


  February 1897

Ada G. Mace claimed land in Kit Carson and Yuma south of Idalia in 1920.


Catherine Nola Gavin was born Feb 23, 1915 in Wayne County Iowa to Hugh Egen Gavin and Hulda Ann Mace.

Hulda Mace Gavin - mentioned in Nancy's estate - is in Denver in 1920, with husband Hugh Gavin, 28, born in Colorado.  They have Catherine 4, Iowa, and Frank 3, born in Missouri. 

Hugh, in 1900, was a resident of the State Industrial School in Jefferson County.  He had registered in  Kansas City, saying he was born in Denver August 8, 1890, and was an unemployed printer.  He had served four years as a Navy fireman.

In 1922 Denver Hugh E. Gavin (Huldah) is a janitor at the Hotel Newhouse, and they live at 1343 W. Nevada. 

In 1940 Bexar County, Texas Wilden L. Quarles, 28, a carpenter for the WPA, and Catherina 25, have Audrey Marie, ten months old.

Catherine Nola Quarles born Feb 23, 1915 in Iowa, died March 15, 1990 in Butte County California.  Father's name Gavin, mother's Mace.

Frank E. Gavin - 1916-Dec 5, 1938 - is buried in Fairmount Cemetery, Denver 119947567


Henrietta Raydene Martin was born Mar 4, 1920 in Union County Iowa to Henry Harrison Hastings and Ella Pearl Hastings...

Pearl Hasty, born April 1891, died September 18, 1990....

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