Buffalo Grass Grade School - District # 23

The district was established in 1888, in 1925 had two schools - one in the south edge of section 28, 5N 46W and another in 13, 5N 47W.
In 1923 Muriel "Stensors" was the teacher at the Ford school, and Charles Good at the Buffalo Grass school.
(one Charles Good had been the postmaster at Vernon, Colorado in 1922, and -perhaps the same- graduated from Yuma County High School in 1922.)
In 1920 Muriel was 15, with parents Richard and Jenetta E. Stenson in Magee precinct, Yuma County.
In 1923 Muriel Evelina Stenson and Leo Dain Arnold got a marriage license in Wray. The Lone Star news items reported "Mr. James Arnold and Miss Muriel Stenson were married at the Plainview school house Saturday."
In 1924 Mr. and Mrs. Charles Arnold and Mrs. Ray McKinney motored to Greeley for a few days' visit with Mr. and Mrs. Leo Arnold and Genevieve Arnold.
1925 "Mrs. Muriel Arnold is spending a few days at the home of her uncle Noble McGuire."
In 1930 Yuma, Leo is a barber, 31, born in Iowa, Muriel E. 26 in Missouri, with Gene Dale 1. They're living on South Columbus street. In 1940 Leo is in the Agnews State Hospital in Redwood City, California. He died Feb 11, 1964 in Santa Clara County.

April 30, 1931 "Miss Havis Choat left for her home in Longmont Saturday. She has spent the winter at the Delous Crisp home and taught the Buffalo Grass school."
September 10, 1936

September 15, 1938

September 15, 1949
May 11, 1950
Also on May 11
November 9, 1950

Back row left to right : Janet Newbanks, Jeanette Lett, Alice Ellis, Vernon Harding, Tom Ellis, Dennis Schmidt, David Crossland, Parker Newbanks, Paul Crossland. Front row: Joyce Adamson, Karyn Schmidt, Lila Ellis, Larry Adamson, David Josh, Tim Schmidt, Janet Ann Newbanks thinks the two on the right with painted faces are Steven Salvador and Lauretta Salvador.
January 10, 1952

This was about 1955-1957. Robert and Dorothy Schmidt's daughter Karyn has sent this great snapshot.

Karyn wrote:
I remember the outhouses in back, north of the school. The front door was on the east side and went into a large hallway where we left our coats and the water container was there before you went into the big classroom. I remember a big stove in the center of the room and in the winter we could bring food wrapped in foil to cook on the stove for lunch. One time something (think it was a potato) got too hot and blew up all over the room. Funny I would remember that. I seem to remember that we had some really old style desks and some of the newer kinds. The chalkboard ran most of the way across the north end of the room. We always beat the chalkboard erasers on the step outside. The teacher's desk was by the board. When she had a lesson, all the kids for that lesson would be up front on a bench. The flagpole was south of the building. On the west was a merry-go-round, a big slide, a really big swing set, and teeter-totters. And a big open area covered with buffalo grass, of course, for us to play ball or whatever. By listening in on the older kids classes, I was ahead of the class in town. We went to Red Willow for scholastic and track meets. This is some of what I remember about the school. I will not be offended if someone would remember it different because I'm not totally sure I'm correct in my memory. "

May 8, 1958
May 29, 1958

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