Idalia School


Photo and names provided by Jerry Wilcoxen. His sister (#7) believes this was taken in 1930, and the high school one in 1931.
1. Ralph Brinkhoff
2. Flora Bell Dukes 
3. Howard Elliott
4. Ron Ashliman
5. Ethel Carter
6. Wayne (Shorty) Wilcoxen
7. Lorene Wilcoxen
8. Kenneth Johnson
9. Ilene Dolff
10. Roby Vaughn
11. Harriett Piggman
12. Ray Brinkhoff
13. Mildred Kepley
14. Bob Garcia
15. Johnnie Lidke
16. Art Johnson
17. Dorothea Weddle
18. Grace Brinkhoff
19. Louise Carter
20. Morland (Molly) Wingfield, Teacher
21. Doris Johnson
22. Dwight Brinkhoff
23. Emily Vaughn

Idalia High School


Front Row
Franz Brenner
Fritz Brenner
Gordan Reed
Harold Helling
Clarence Brenner

2nd Row
George ?
Kenneth Lidke
Harold Langendoefer
Tiny ?
Ernest Langendoefer
Virgil Winfrey

3rd Row
Louise Hartman
Izola Weddle
Doris Ashliman
Leo Hoskins *
Dorothy Weddle
Lorene Wilcoxen
Louise Brenner

4th Row
Opal Winfrey
Nellie McCoy
Margaret Brenner
L. Winfrey
Irma ?
Eunice Thomas
Mable Winfrey

5th Row
Ewald Buckmiller
Felice Garcia
Everett Weddle
Ernest Moellenberg
Elden Elliott
Edward Pfeiler

* Leo Hoskins moved northwest of Eckley, teaching at Waverly High School, and then farmed the section north of Waverly. Jennie Monk remembers "he came up to Thomas when I was teaching there, courting the minister's daughter Julia Day."

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