Laird Graduation

Wray Rattler  May 28, 1914

\Graduation exercises passed off last Tuesday evening according to schedule, making history of the closing event of the separation of the eighth grade of 1914 of the Laird district school.  Invocation was by Rev. Staley, each of the four graduates gave a recitation.  Prof Hay of Wray gave the address of the evening, offering some sensible suggestions, not too numerous nor overfilled with soberness; but just such a talk as fits the Laird parents and the public.  The address was evidently satisfactory, and at its close Buffer Roberts, president of the school board, presented diplomas to John Gideon Aspy, Elbert Miller, Averan Holcomb and Leola Jones.  The church was handsomely decorated, a chorus of girls in a medley was exceedingly enjoyable, and all passed off pleasantly with Prof Bertram as the guiding hand, which has broken the ice.



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