Wray Graduates

Wray Rattler  June 30, 1911

Eighth Grade Commencement


  That was a nice company of people filled the Presbyterian church last Friday night to listen to the Commencement Program as presented by a portion of the Eighth Graders who passed the examination this spring and summer.  The program was a nicely arranged one, and was presented in a very creditable manner, and it elicited much praise from those who were fortunate in hearing it.  Following is a complete list of the Eighth Grade graduates of Yuma county:

Winnie Hadlock        Kittie Ingalls

Melda Devling        Kirk F. Patee

Jessie Coykendall    Lillie Willoughby

Mary Hutton        Grace F. Weaver

Myrtle Weaver        Chrystal Chrisman

Gean Gleaves        Lilas Gleaves

Helen Klansen        Gladys Leininger

Ralph Ingram        Ben Dickson

Minor Edman        Altta May Hensten

L. Faye Tripplett    Hazel Bullard

Clara Douglas        Ivy V. Brown

May Rice            Flora Rice

Eldred Clearenger    Vena Ford

Carl Hutchinson    Celeste Porter

Merle Pickett    Mayme Fisk

Goldie Belle Sheridan    Mary Jennings   

                                Clarence Wise

Florence Graham    Fred Barton

Barr Groves        Vilda Vaughn

Homer Smith        Ruth Coston

Dixon Edmunds        Paul Hix

Jack Good            Nellie Jones

Jessie Weaver        Ruth Lawrence

Florence Anderson    Ira Welt


(Winnifred Hadlock was 18 in the 1910 census - with parents James and Sarah Hadlock near Vernon.  James died in 1913, and his obituary said that one daughter was Mrs. Walter Nikkel. In June 1913 "A very pretty wedding occurred Wednesday, June the ninth at the home of Mr. and Mrs. James M. Hadlock near Vernon, when their daughter, Miss Winnie, was given in marriage to WSalter Nikkel, son of Mr. and Mrs. P.J. Nikkel, Rev. C.L. Harrington officating.

The bride wore a lovely cream voile dress and the bridegroom was dressed in navy blue.  The home was elaborately decorated with beautiful roses.

The bridal couple are well known in Yuma county having always resided here.

Miss Hadlock's sweet, cheerful disposition won the admiration of all who know her.  See (sic) was a teacher in the Vernon school last winter and the year before she taught in the south part of the county.  She and her husband are both accomplished musicians.

Mr. Nikkel has been a very successful teacher in the district school for a number of years.  He is \an industrious young gentleman, who is worthy of the praise he has won.

The friends and relatives present at the wedding were: Mr. and Mrs. Howard Yount, Mrs. and Mrs. J.M. Hadlock, Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Hadlock, Mrs. and Mrs. Geo. Hadlock, Rev. and Mrs. C.L. Harrington, Mr. and Mrs. Harman, Messrs. Ross Hadlock, Walter Sweeazy, Lincoln Wise, Gustave and Sam Nikkel and the Misses Elsie Sweazy, Elsie Dickson, Grace Wise, Ruth and Clara Zion.

Mr. and Mrs. Nikkel received many beautiful and useful presents.

They will make their home on the bridegroom's farm near Cope Colorado.

Their many friends wish them a long happy and prosperous life together."

They were in Joes in 1920 and 1930, and Winnie was widowed in 1940.

One listing said the Burlington Record had an obituary for Winnie Nikkel Gurss on April 28, 1976.)


Katherine M. Ingalls, age 15 in 1910, is with Charles E. and Bertha M. Ingalls near Idalia. with ten siblings. In 1920 she's married to Thomas Wilcoxen near Idalia, and has two children.  They have four kids in 1930, still near Idalia.  Katherine died in 1978 and is buried in Yuma County.


Devling has to be Melda Devlin - in 1918 she was teaching at Ramah, Colorado.  In 1944 she was teaching at Castle Rock, Colorado



Kirk has to be the Kirk Gilbert Patee, son of Arthur.  They were in Marshall County, Kansas in 1910, and back to Illinois in 1920, 1930 and 1940.  Kirk, born September 18, 1897, lived until 1999 !


Jessie married Emmitt Schultz and is buried in Moorefield, Frontier County, Nebraska.  In 1915 she was livin gin Wray, and her parents, the Guy Coykendalls's, spent a few days with her and then left for Belleville, Kansas.


Lily P. Willoughby in the 1910 census is daughter of Leonard and Hattie, living near Kirk.  She was 15, born in Nebraska..  In 1920 she was married to Ralph Zion, living near Vernon.  In 1930 they were near Kansas City, and in 1940 Lillie was divorced, living in Independence, Missouri.


In 1910 Mary Alice Hutton was 14, born in Kansas, living with Jeremiah and Ida Hutton near Kirk.  In 1920 she was married to Everett Rogers, living in Kit Carson County, with a six-month-old son Wathel L..  One web listing has Wathel Lawson Rogers.

In 1918 Everett Samuel Rogers of Stratton registered for WWI.  He said he was born July 8, 1893 in Saint Paul, Nebraska., a farmer, and single.  Everett died in Kern County, California February 2, 1986 - index has his mother's maiden name as Kinney.

In 1930 they're in Los Angeles, where Everett works on a walnut ranch. This move wasn't new - Everett's parents were in Anaheim in 1900.  Polk's 1930 directory has Everett and Mary at 9864 Olive Street. In 1940 they're in Pasadena, with Everett a laborer for a water company. Wathel is 20, an artist at a cartoon studio.



(Gean has to be Jean Gleaves, living with her parents near Kirk in 1910.  In 1920 the family had moved back to Iowa, and Jean was teaching in Jasper County.   In 1930 she was teaching in Cincinnati, Ohio, and was doing well enough to sail to France in 1931)


Lilas was 16 in 1910, so she was older than Jean.  They were probably cousins, as both families were around Kirk.  Lilas by 1920 had married Tyson McLean and they were living a little south of Kirk in Kit Carson County.  They were there in 1930 and 1940, too.  Lilas is buried in the Kirk cemetery.


Klansen must be Helena Klassen, age 14 in 1910, living near Joes.  She had married C. L. Heinrichs by 1920, and they were living near Kirk In 1930 and 1940 they were near Joes. Helen died in Fresno, California in 1977, and is buried in the Joes cemetery.


Gladys M. Leininger was 13 in 1910, living with her parents near Laird. In 1920 she was living with them in Wray, age 23, no occupation.  California Death Index has Gladys Marie Oakes -LEININGER) born February 6, 1897 in Iowa, dying November 10, 1982 in Los Angeles.  Mother's name Comfort, which matches the Wray census.






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