Graduating exercises of the senior class of the Yuma county high school were held last Friday evening at the Tyo theatre.  Never before in the history of the school has commencement interested so many people.   The Tyo theatre with a seating capacity of nearly 700 was entirely inadequate.  As early as 7 o'clock several hundred persons were standing in the aisles unable to secure seats.  Never before has the Yuma county high school offered a finer class of young people to the world.  The graduates, 25 in number, were seated on the rostrum, as were also Professor Patton and the speaker of the evening, Bishop Mead, as well as several of the local clergy.  The stage was beautifully decorated and presented a gladsome sight.  The sweet girl graduates were attired in white and carried bouquets of American Beauty roses.  The young men of the class wore blue serge.  Each wore a single rose on the lapel of the coat.  The salutation was delivered by Roscoe Bullard, the class prophecy by Gertrude Holcomb, the class will by Eva Coston, and the valedictory by Chas. Jackson.  The address of the evening was delivered by Bishop Mead.  It was a characteristic Mead lecture, surcharged with wisdom, optimism and wholesome advice.  Professor Patton presented the class to Rev. Strubel, acting as a representative of the high school committee, who presented the diplomas.  Music was furnished by the high school orchestra.

  The Edmunds-Hedrick scholarship prizes were awarded to Miss Mildred Akey and Miss Mary Strubel.  A faculty scholarship prize was presented to Charley Jackson.

  The following graduates were awarded diplomas:  Edna Brown, Roscoe Bullard, Eva Coston, Pearl Daggett, Ralph Doling, Bruce Evans, Clarence Galbreath, Chas. Good, Earle Graham, Gertrude Holcomb, Chas. Jackson, Willa Klingner, Fred Lair, Mary Lasher, Amer Lehman, Bertha Long, Clifford Matheny, Inez Miller, Lyle Modrell, Victor Renzelman, Mildred Schaaf, Julia Shively, Cloyde Simons, George Taylor and William Webster.


Wray Rattler - May 25, 1922

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