District 88

Teachers Appointment

July 18, 1910

Miss Florence Mace,

The Board of Directors of District #88, Yuma County, have appointed you to teach in our public school for the term of seven regular school months (or probably eight) beginning on the first Monday in Sept. (5th) 1910, at a salary of forty ($40.00) per month, payable monthly in warrants on the county treasurers as provided in sec 73 & sec .62 of the school law. The conditions of this appointment are that you will faithfully observe the rules and regulations of the school board for the government of public school of this district. That you will excercise due diligence in the preservation of school buildings,furniture,books,and other school property. That you will make promptly and correctly all reports of the school required by the County Superintendent.

Pres. Alex Shaw
Treas. C. H. Kinszey
Sec Mary E. Wilson

I hereby accept The appointment to teach in the public school of District No. 88 Yuma County on the conditions above stated.

Florence Mace

Contributed by Gwen Griggs.

1910-1911 Unity Union & Fairvale, District 88 Souvenir.

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