Sunnyside School

District 20
About 1934
North of Wauneta, Yuma County Colorado

Sunnyside School

Children (left to right)
Anabel Widgery, Lee Sheridan, Dean Merrill, Ruby Widgery, Grace Merritt,
Sam Merrill, Gene Sheridan and Charlie Sheridan

Sam Merrill, Charlie Sheridan, Dean Merrill, Lee Sheridan and Jennie (Oman) Monk.
"Spical" teacher added by one of the boys. Photo given to Jennie Monk several years later.

Another photo - probably taken the same day

Lee Sheridan, Jennie Monk, ????,  ?????

Sam Merrill, Dean Merrill, Lee Sheridan, Grace Merritt

Another of that day's photos - looks like Grace Merritt, Anabel Widgery, Ruby Widgery, Jennie OMAN Monk

Probably taken near Wauneta about 1935 - the boy kneeling looks like Dean Merrill, his brother Sam behind his shoulder, and Sunnyside school teacher Jennie OMAN Monk.

Contributed for Jennie Monk by Marion D. Monk, January 2006.

Jennie wrote "I didn't realize the first copier I had was so important until a former pupil reminded me of the contraption I had that we made copies for a little newspaper "Sunnyside Breeze", 10 cents a year, came out monthly, and I decided to describe it for you modern e-mail fans that I don't understand.  Neither do I understand cell phones.

I had a ribbon called hectograph ribbon and I typed a copy of the newspaper on my typewriter.  A pan 12" x 14" made of steel, about 1" deep, held a gelatin-like substance that was pretty solid.  We kept it clean using a soft cloth and put the copy on and gently pulled it until the gelatin mass had the print on it.  Then the kids really liked to make copies one at a time from the form.  We could make about 30 copies and then we washed the print off as soon as we had made the copies.  It was then ready for the next month's paper. 

We sold subscriptions for ten cents a year and could mail the papers for one cent  in the 1930's.  Lots of papers were hand-delivered."

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